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To tie this all in into the Infiniverse, @Cataphrak or anyone else who can answer, what is the Tierran view on consent? Do they understand the concept of consent and how it can be revoked at any time, and how alcohol can impair the ability to give consent? And how seriously are crimes such as marital rape or domestic violence punished under Tierran law?


I don’t know the exact specifics, but based on past discussions…

  1. No.
  2. Almost certainly no.
  3. I don’t think that’s even acknowledged as a crime.

In answer to a creepy post of mine.

Also, this is probably relevant to what to expect in general on anything to do with this topic, which is to say “Oh God, how is this even remotely acceptable?” is probably accurate.


Oh yeah, from what we know of them by the end of GoI, I’d definitely take Welles over Garret. Assume that Garret is the CD for the following

I’d be very surprised though if Garret’s actual personality matches the role that she plays as an officer. Her and Welles’ conversation at 2K makes it seem more likely that she is playing up womanizer and other shady behaviors to distract from the fact she’s a woman. Sort of like someone copping out to a misdemeanor to satisfy an investigator’s suspicions, when in reality they are guilty of a felony. While some officers, like Caz, may dislike her and believe her to be disreputable, that has the advantage of making sure most other officers don’t want to closely associate with her. As a result, it’s unlikey that any fellow officers would blunder into finding out her secret.

In short, I think we’ve certainly seen the mask that Garret has worn while they were undercover, but I don’t think it is 100% representative of who they are as a person.


I believe it was actually mentioned that Cazarosta has an ulterior motive for shit-talking Garret.

(I don’t think it was revealed what the motive was, but I remember there being plenty of speculation over it.)

(Also it’s still somewhat funny that the guy who slaughters peasants for a living looks down upon someone for smoking and womanizing.)


Unless it was hidden, there would absolutely be a scandal. Her “value” as a potential bride would drop, though depending on how that scandal is handled, it may end up being less of a big deal than one might expect.

Note that “female dominated careers” tend to be the ones which are generally the ones most connected to “traditionally feminine” gender roles like childcare and domestic work, and in general tend to be less prestigious than male counterparts (“cooks” tend to be female, “chefs” tend to be male). You can see the phenomenon in (sort of) real-time with the progression of computer programming from a low-prestige, low-paying female-dominated job to a high-prestige, high-paying male dominated one.

Unpaid agricultural labour was an “african-american dominated career” in the Antebellum South, but that doesn’t mean black people had anything like institutional power.

The same goes for things like domestic abuse and child custody cases: “women are good at unpaid emotional labour and are too physically and mentally weak to be abusive” doesn’t exactly translate to “women have a lot of institutional power”. They’re the tradeoffs which they were allowed by a male-dominated society as token recompense for being second-class citizens.

Bad enough in the standards of a more gender-equal society that Takarans will specifically use it as examples of why Tierrans aren’t really civilized.


After witnessing the invulnerability effect of the Bane Armour, Princess Anna took a shot at me directly which took no effect, the storming of Kharangia where it was written the armour repel multiple attack , i am wondering how powerful is the Bane Armour and what it take to penetrate such armour :-):thinking:

No wonder the Church Hussars are such formidable with their full gear on , can anyone even defeat a person with Bane Armour and weapon one on one ?

I also read that the Bane sword of mine just cut through a pole arms and cut the attacker into two pieces during the siege of Kharangia

Could the Tierrain Kingdom assemble a full squadron of Knights of the Red ? :slight_smile:


There’s plenty of potential scenes where you DO die while wearing your armour. Usually any volley of more than a few rounds or a baneruned weapon can usually punch through your armour.


That’s really interesting, I was not even remotely aware that he had any ulterior motives. I just thought he thought bad of him because Garret’s “vices” go over poorly because Caz is a religious zealot.

“I may burn down shacks full of innocent women and children, but at least I do not sully my body with opium and loose women!”
-Cazarosta, probably


It makes a lot of sense given his values.

Awfully disturbing, isn’t it?


Banehardened armor is the strongest metal in the Infiniverse (at least as far as we’ve seen), but it’s not invulnerable. A Baneruned weapon (such as a knight’s longsword or a Hussar’s lance) can pierce it, as can a close range musket or pistol shot, and it obviously can’t stop cannonballs either. Beyond that, gaps will always exist in any suit of armor and can be exploited to kill the wearer if they aren’t careful.

As for Baneruned weapons, they’re generally able to cut through or pierce just about anything other than another Baneruned weapon.

And Tierra could probably assemble a full squadron of knights, but only just, and it would mean removing hundreds of (often high ranking) officers from their commands and throwing them headfirst into the center of the fighting.


Alternatively, just get the convention to declare Tierra’s enemies Pariah among Nations and get every single Knight of Red helping you cause you’re lazy


It usually does.

He wouldn’t be so defensive. He’d be more matter-of-fact, as if it wasn’t even an argument to be made (which of course makes him even scarier).


I’m reminded of a saying by Tyrion from Game of Thrones. I’m probably butchering it but it was something along lines of, “Give me the priests that drink and chase women, it’s the ones who truly believe in the Gods that scare me.”


And there also many male dominated careers which are even less prestigious than the female dominated ones. Janitors, taxi drivers, sewer cleaners…

Okay, but traditionally female dominated jobs aren’t anywhere near on that level.

No, but plenty of women have still been able to cheat the system and use it to their advantage. It may not have started as a means to give women institutional power, but it has become that over time, and many men have suffered because of it.

But women aren’t second-class citizens any more. And if we want to create a truly equal society, we need to address the areas where women do have a clear advantage. It doesn’t get talked about nearly enough, in my opinion, and when it is talked about, the only way to get people to care is to paint it as a women’s issue rather than a men’s one.

To me that doesn’t feel like: “we want equality.” It feels like a movement claims to want equality but is only concerned about one side. It seems callous and borderline inconsiderate to look at an area of society that hurts men more than anyone else, and to say: “we need to stop this because women are affected!” (and that is if it gets talked about at all.)

A cannon, a musket blast at point blank range, a baneruned weapon, a fall down a really steep hill…


Fanatics are scary people, even if we ignore questions on if Cazarosta is specifically evil or not. It’s like finding out someone gave a sword life.

The fact that he wouldn’t understand how that makes him sound eerie is probably the part where it goes from “I’m not necessarily troubled by fanaticism for a good cause.” to “Fanatics are scary, no matter what cause they fight for.”


I’ve heard someone say something along these lines before. How’d it go… “claymores in the hands of eternity”? No, that’s not it…


Cutlasses in the fists of Immensity.


No… Zweihanders in the Clutches of Absurdity?


Espadas en las manos de Eternidad

(Google translate it if you don’t speak Spanish)


Which doesn’t change the fact that most high-prestige careers (including those of political and military leadership) are coded male.

Given that housework and childcaring are both generally unpaid labour and coded female, the difference is only really a matter of scale.

And plenty of men (likely more) have also been able to cheat the system and use it to their advantage. The fact that the system ultimately does not work because people will seek power using the tools made available to them isn’t quite as foolproof an argument in favour of the system as you might think.

Given that it’s feminists, and not MRAs who end up being the ones talking about the corrosive side-effects of traditional masculinity and how those side effects lead to things like male suicide rates and domestic abuse, I’mma call bullshit on this.

If there’s anyone who’s only concerned about one side, it’s the guys who see our traditional domination of professional and public spheres being challenged and acting very, very insecure about it all.