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The Cazarosta romance option has been revealed. Whether or not you will have any context you can talk to Caius about your feelings is unknown.

Five books planned.


There will be three male ROs, but one will be unrequited (meaning they don’t feel the same way.)

It has been speculated by fans that Cazarosta is asexual and/or aromantic. It has also been speculated that either he or Cassius might be the unrequited option. We don’t know anything for sure.

Cataphrak promised a Cazarosta romance, which implies only one, and it turned out he was referring to Katarina.

Five books.


That uh…

That would certainly be an interesting conversation.


Oh look @poison_mara, someone to talk about Cazarosta with. Personally, I do not believe he will be the bisexual/gay romance. And yes, Cataphrak is still making five books.

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Speaking about romance and certain other related issues, what does everybody think about the contraversy over “Baby it’s Cold Outside”?


I just looked up what this controversy is about, and I can’t really understand it.

Looking at the lyrics now, there was is only one line I can see that can be interpreted in that way, and I don’t even think that was the intention of whoever wrote the song.


5 books is awesome. I thought it’s just gonna to be 3 books and was wondering how the author will cram the ros and plot altogether in the 3rd one. I don’t want to end. Waiting for the books to come out on the other hand is torturous :sweat_smile:

Well Kat is not the Cazarosta I want :worried:. It’s either that Cazarosta or gtfo every ro for me. Guess my MC will spend his whole life as a bachelor :cry: He has a brother and sister at least to continue his family line.


It does sound kind of creepy. (personal opinion)

It can also be kind of ridiculous-cute sweet,

but it can certainly sound creepy without those cues.


See, his words, not mine. He originally wanted to start his series with Lords, Sabres and Guns merely are prologues to his MAIN story, which starts with Lords. There’s a reason why he’s said there’s two parts in Lords. The first part is fun stuff. The second one, we’re assuming it’s not.


I’ve heard the argument that it doesnt matter what those phrases meant in the 1940’s, the only thing that matters is what those words means to a modern, more enlightened audience.


My MC is really obessed with him :joy:. For 12 years and still ongoing. There’s no other way.

Edit- oops I thought you’re talking about my MC


Yeah, I just watched this video of it:

And yeah, I now agree that it is a bit creepy, actually hearing the lyrics and seeing people act it out.

But at the same time I’m still not sure that the controversy is justified, or that it can be connected directly to rape. The implication seems to just be that he wants to convince her to stay, and she wants to stay but is concerned about her reputation (all her reasons for leaving are about what other people will think). No actual rape occurs - maybe it could qualify as harassment, but she doesn’t actually seem weirded out by it.


Sabres and Guns are prologues? :flushed: main dish not coming up yet? I thought I’ve seen bad stuff(war crimes and pointless deaths) :laughing: This’s going to be fun


I think it’s pretty damned justified. There is a firmly entrenched culture that “No.” means something other than “No.” that is generations overdue to be blown to bits.

Do I think this is a rape song? No, I just think it sounds unsettling without it being obviously playful - it can be sung that way (I linked what I think is pretty adorable).

I’m not going to stop people from listening to it - my mom likes this song after all - but I do think it should be discussed and not have the ways it can sound creepy be dismissed too quickly.


This is where context is important. This is actually quite feminist. That was written when it was considered not appropriate and completely out of line for a woman to stay alone at a mans house if they were not married. In this song she’s the voice of society and he’s helping her make excuses so she can stay and have fun with him because screw society’s views on this. She wants to stay but is scared of what people would stay, he says I’ll take the blame and make the excuses.


Keep in mind, this is how I’m categorising them, just like how I could categorise Sabres and Guns as Act 1, Lords and War as Act 2 and Masters as Act 3 of a play. In any event, the main theme of this series, aside from our rise to prominence, is shaping the future of this island of 6 million.


Well I’ve never heard that argument but it does go to show how the pendulum of popular culture swings


I don’t think attacking this specific song is the way to go about that, though. If you want to teach people consent, start with the schools. The idea of consent was quite thoroughly hammered into my head back in high school.

And if people still don’t get it despite specifically being educated about it, then I’m not sure what else can be done. Some people are just scum, period, and no amount of education, outrage, or laws will change that.

You yourself admitted that the song can be adorable when actually put into its proper context. If you put it in the wrong context, then yes it can be creepy, but it was never meant to be put in that context in the first place.

But at the same time we also shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly either.

It’s one thing to say: “this can actually be really creepy in the wrong context,” and a completely different thing to say: “this promotes rape culture!”