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Got it. It’ll be interesting to find out.


I wonder how the other Northern Kingdoms look upon a diplomat who has a Deathborn son that he still obviously supports for and provides for.


I don’t know about outside Tierra, but inside Tierra:

“He’s an old man, been through far too much suffering for three lives, yet devotes so much of himself to the welfare of the crown. Allow him his eccentricities, and let us hope he dies before the inevitable betrayal.”

Judging by this, Renard’s opinion of a PC saying he’s friends with Caius (asked Cataphrak somewhere else in the thread), and Cunaris’s relatively mild response to a PC speaking well of him - probably “pity”.


When Lords comes out, will it be its own app or only be held within the hosted games app?


All new games are going to come out on omnibuses, no exceptions, for the App Store. This has been done so as to prevent more and more apps overflowing (this is what the COG staff said when notified by Apple). Only Google Play allows you to play as its own app.


On the subject of overall advancements the MC can make, has there been anything said on the extent of how much our estate may benefit over the course of the series? For comparison, we know that in terms of peerage the MC could eventually become an Earl, while militarily they can become the Lieutenant-General of the RTA. Has anything been said if we may be able to be successful enough with our estate to create a newly forming city or reach national recognition in some way?

Even if it’s as something as trivial as, “Ezinbrooke pizza is way better than Aetoria pizza. Aetoria’s is just soup with extra steps!”


Heresy! Everybody knows that Aetorian pizza is the only genuine pizza in Tierra! Aetoria has 600 years of pizzamaking history, starting from the first Callindrian immigrants! Aetoria also has Tierra’s finest well water, one which gives our dough its distinct taste. Your Ezinbrooke “pizza” is nothing more than a cheap travesty which more resembles trashy Kentaui haggis than it does genuine Aetorian pizza, sirah!


Totally random, but are there any kind of sports in Tierra? I just imagine my MC playing a mean game of tennis.


If you send Blaylock to look for Keane as he is having his breakdown, Blaylock will mention that Keane is in no state to lead even “a football team.” I assume that Cataprak is talking about association football (aka soccer) here.


Since we can’t take everything I’m going to go for a centralized Logistics with updated weapon systems. and hopefully we can package in some form of a general staff


I suspect that the current position House Cazarosta is in of having no male heirs isn’t that unique. There but for the grace of the Saints could be any other noble house. As a result I expect the Cortes to reject such a seizure unless the Cortes themselves feel more threatened by the match than by the setting of a dangerous precedent that could be used against any of its members in the future.

Sounds like Cata was trolling us there. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility, but I expect the Cortes to feel very much threatened by that union. Warburton is already the richest house in all of Tierra. The last thing the rest of the Cortes want is for the gap between Warburton and everyone else (aside from the king) to grow bigger.

I’m not convinced Cata was serious about Emile and Kat. I’m not rejecting the possibility, but neither am I convinced.


I wonder if “the head of House Cazarosta” - in lieu of a husband as part of how Tierra handles husband-and-wife - means Katarina, as opposed to reverting to the crown.

Or if it just goes into abeyance (no legal head means the agreement doesn’t apply, but it’s not canceled).


I suspect it would be in abeyance as long as Kat lives, until either she died, her husband became a Cazarosta, or the Cazarosta titles were rolled together under her husband’s House by the Cortes.


That would probably be the least controversial way to handle it. Doesn’t threaten anyone’s privileges, but it’s not the king’s fault that House Cazarosta can’t collect.

Although its income is probably less significant for the kingdom than it is for the earls and dukes.


I believe Calvin and Kat both have great incentive to get her marriage taken care of before he passes on. He has a great deal of influence he can bring to bear on both the the King and the Cortes. He also has the option of adopting her husband.


That seems unlikely…


“You are headed for home, then?”

You shake your head. “Aetoria first. I have business before the Cortes,” you reply.

She frowns. “How happy it would make me to join you,” she says ruefully. “Alas, I have obligations which await me at my own family’s seat.”

In another version:

“I am for my family’s seat, urgent business demands my presence.”

I don’t think the MC will have a chance to meet Calvin, since he first goes to Aetoria for his investiture (and to get a feel for what the Aetoria path is like), and then visits his estate. Maybe a Salt Coast MC could make a (significant) detour to Leoniscourt on the way to visiting his estate, but neither Cazarosta nor Lady Katariana have invited you to visit there, and showing up uninvited seems like something which is simply not done.


What if I have my MC show up with a full marching band?



As someone who has known quite a few terminally ill people, dying isn’t always quick. Sometimes people can linger for a few years as they slowly circle the drain. The one good thing about that sort of situation is that it allows plenty of time to get ones’s affairs in order and to give everyone who cares a chance to say their goodbyes, and if needed, opportunity to reconcile and end the relationship on positive terms.

While he was putting the finishing touches on Guns, Cata said that he hadn’t decided yet, but depending on the MC’s decisions it’s possible they may meet Calvin before he passes.


Choice reliant on the relationship between Kat, Caz, or, simply, the choice to go to Leoniscourt? Has he specified?


My Grand Plan:

  1. Form Caius + Katarina + MC tag team whirlwind of death (Welles as coach).

  2. Be friendly with Cunaris, wielding him as a political hammer whilst acting as his cat’s paw.

  3. Bring the above to bear (grr) on the foes of the Royalist Faction; unite Tierra fiercely under the banner of Miguel.

  4. Ally with Takara and sail into the glorious infinite sunset.

What’s yours?