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I sense heresy here. But it does beg the question, WHO would be the puppet…Emile, Evan ? Dare I say Havenport :scream:??? ( I jest with this one)


Emile and Evan are possibilities as I believe Isobel would reflexively oppose any power that assassinated her brother, although my gut feeling is that Emile is the likelier of the two. Of course the elves might also attempt to “bring enlightened democracy” at the point of their guns. This is all pure speculation of course.


This is like 2 crowns right? (Judging by the conversion ratio in the Welles report on the money funnelled into RTA.)

Never mind, didn’t see this.


No need to worry … with Lady Katarina and the Royal Intelligence, no harm will go to the King …

MC will again can choose to stand by her :slight_smile:


Remember that Emile probably has more connections within RTI than Miguel does after spending the better part of the DYW working in their headquarters. I’m not saying that the RTI will abandon Miguel in droves, but they are not without their sympathies towards at least one of the pretenders.


Supposedly Emile is just a low level paper shuffler at RTI, but I’m not certain I believe that. And supposedly Barithorne is in charge of RTI as he’s both the Aetoria station chief and RTI’s representative to the Cortes, but I’m doubtful that he’s actually the person at the top. Things are way too murky for me to guess at this point who has the most support within RTI.


If I had to take a middle ground guess, Warburton might have more personal connections, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into “support for him taking the crown”, especially in the context of “from Miguel”.

Not quite the same thing thing, but while a fair number of people for example sympathized with Richard Duke of York’s feelings about the government, that didn’t mean they backed him taking the crown from Henry VI. And Henry was not a successful in war king.


I think the reason Warburton is “assigned” to RTI is because they are in fact biggest loyalist group in the Tierran society or peerage. This intentional because Miguel want to surround him with minimal amount of followers.

That is not to say he doesn’t have followers butI would also say that he probably realizes that his interests might coincide with the Wulframites than Miguel after the war.


What does RTI stand for


Royal tierran intelligence


I think it is Royal Tierran Intelligence


I thought it was something along those lines- thank you!


@cascat07, personally at this point I see us being more of an auxiliary force for either Kian or Takara. Since I believe we will have to pick a side for survival eventually. If you are more inclined to tell Takara where to shove it, I believe the cavalry school will be more beneficial and vice versa.


Is it possible to convince Princess Anna to surrender ?

I figure it requires high charisma and fluent Antari Language to do that …

Since Lady Aleksandra ran away, there should be civil war after 10 years… unless we somehow manage to capture her in Book 3… i suspect we could capture Aleksandra if we stay behind to lead our Dragoon instead of protecting Katarina to the search mission …


You are aware the war ends in Guns? In any event, there’s two ways to capture Anna; you must high soldiering, 65 without armour, 55 with, or high charisma to convince her. I forget the exact amount but learning Antari does lower the check. Level 3 Antari lowers it to the absolute limit of 65. If anyone knows the correct amount of charisma for a MC who has not learned Antari or either has reached Level 1 and 2, please kindly share to @Eric_knight.

You are correct, you can capture Aleksandra. Just…the risks are far more severe than the reward.


Haha… yeah i understand the War had ended, but Katarina told me there may finally be peace, but with Aleksandra’s hatred to us … the peace will not be guarantee in future , so i figure 10 years will be the time she grown up around 24 years old, perfect time to revenge :slight_smile:

So i am just guessing if there are further sequel than Book 3, an older MC vs a young Aleksandra will be interesting … and if we are married , a final adventure with Kararina or Ellie will be sentimental …

And since Ellie’s goal is to promote ladies to war duty , she might be a general by then ??


Frankly, Antar will be the least of our pressing worries. Yes, Khorobirit and his family will remember the actions of RTI, the Grenadiers and us, if we attended the secret mission, and they may cultivate plans to plot our demise. But chances are we’ll be dealing with Takara and Kian a lot more than them. Besides, Khorobirit shall be too busy trying to rebuild his status after 2K.


Eh, long term Antar is still likely to remain a threat to Tierran security, but I wouldn’t worry as much about it. By the time they are either unified behind a common cause or a singular ruler, the circumstance will favor Tierra. I’m operating under a few assumptions for the following, but I believe they are reasonable ones.

Firstly, Tierra will have found a way to reduce the need for Antari grain imports, either through mechanization of agriculture, new trading partners, etc., it is an issue I expect to be resolved in LoI. Second, Antar still will have virtually no navy which may contest Tierran dominance at sea. Even if Antar is unified into an empire, they’d be able to theoretically outproduce us, but would lack veteran captains, an experienced admiralty, and the benefits that the RTN has accumulated over the years that an entirely fresh navy would not have. Finally, either the Infantry school or Cavalry school reforms have been implemented by the ARC, hopefully also addressing the officer shortage, and the RTA is far more ready for a protracted conflict than it was at the start of the DYW.

Thus it is unlikely that Tierra will need to invade Antar, unlikely Antar will be able to have an expeditionary force reach Tierra, and unlikely Antar will have easy success in a offensive ground campaign, were they able to land forces in significant numbers. Antar remains a threat by the end of GoI, but by the time the truce expires I’d expect us to be in a far better position, strategically, than them for Antar to be an existential threat.


And, he’ll have to first plan for the grand campaign of unifying the whole of Antar under one’s leadership and creating a modernised army and navy first if he is to set his plans for conquering us.


I’m not sure if I missed this reading the story or that but did it state what concessions were made to Tierra by Antar such as did Tierra gain more land or did the Antari have to pay tribute etc when Tierra won the war?