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That’s a good two or three crown. “I’d like to buy that shelf and everything on it” money at least.


That would be a good way to make your tenants like you more - give everyone free drink and food for a day and pay the taverns however much it costs.


Cassius: “And now I have to decide which to drink first! Why is life so difficult?”

Dragoon Officer: ::trying very hard not to mutter about ‘elf problems’ (as the Infinite Sea equivalent to an obvious phrase).::

Cassius: “!lastname, you like wine, right? Which wine should we drink first?”

I’m not sure what it says that he manages to convey more about what Takara is like by that attitude (what you said, not what I just made up) than if he actually sat down and tried to explain Takaran culture, norms, and how being filthy stinking rich is relative.

Except this part - he has the luxury of being able to behave however he damned well wants when not in Takara. Time to be terrified.


He has the luxury to behave however he damned well wants when in Takara, assuming his dad isn’t watching.


How powerful is Cassius’ father?


Cassius’ dad was the colonel of the Imperial Life Guards, and currently he holds the position as the “Minister of Barbarian Affairs”.


I suppose there’s that. But that seems even more obvious in a minor barbarian kingdom like Tierra.


Let me use an American analogy:

Imagine someone who was born into one of the First Families of Virginia or one of the old Boston Brahmin families. Say he can trace descent from George Washington or Robert E. Lee, or both (entirely possible, since Lee married into Washington’s in-laws). Say he joins the Marine Corps as an officer, rises to the rank of Major General - one of the youngest in his generation - commands 1st MarDiv for a significant period of time, retires, becomes an ambassador, successfully “defuses” a flashpoint in some third-world country, is elected to the Senate, and becomes Secretary of State and Senate Majority Leader.

That’s basically where Maximilian vam Holt is right now.


Who are his constituents and his political base?


I’m not American but I get the gist of it (I think).

He’s descended from an old and distinguished lineage, is the commanding officer of the Takaran royal guards, and us the minister for foreign affairs?


The people of the Holt river basin, of course. That’s been their traditional holding, and the family’s pretty popular because of all the money they’ve diverted into its infrastructure and businesses, either through charitable works, or good old fashioned pork-barrel spending.

Pretty much.


Sounds like a future president.

Or Emperor.

Or as the Romans would say with disdain: King.


How corrupt is the Richsenaat?


Damn…and someone like Cassius(no offence, I quite like the carefree and generous pointy eared takaran bastard) is his son. I don’t think they would get along well. Does Cassius have any siblings?

Probably to the point that they would have to pay taxes on bribes or something like that or so I hope for Tierra’s sake.


He has a sister iirc


I do believe he mentioned a sister who has to go to the Takaran Infantry Officer school soon.


So basically he’s Andrew Jackson???


“Besides, this way, Cassius’ (in the Graav’s opinion) far more able sister becomes heir, and that’s not too bad of a consolation.”

This mentions her.


Are any plays possibly made about the MC? I know it could vary depending on reputation and other things, but is it possible?


The most likely event converted to a play, the one that really stands out, would be the FH.

For a supporting role, maybe the defense of the Tierran left in Blogia.