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I factor emotions into my logic rather than acting upon my emotions logically so I’m the latter. Either way is fine, just different.


To reply “Not right now it isn’t!”

Just finishing the scene.


Agreed. I think the Dragoon Saga has done a pretty good job in providing examples of characters who lean “too far” one way or another, such as Lefebvre and Elson. It’s better to have a bit of a middle-way approach when it comes to decision making, I think. Ideally, it would be…


The King has Lefebvre and the Grenadiers to play bodyguards, so it probably wouldn’t be that. Something more subtle is certainly possible, especially if the Grenadiers are too carefully watched, and RTI needs someone under the radar but still of some status to handle a dangerous but potentially delicate situation.


Something like a diplomatic escort, you mean?


For my main MC, that mission was already a “reconnaissance” assignment of sorts. "Befriend Cassius honestly, for sure, but keep in mind that his nation has its own agenda. Learn more about him and about them since those might come in handy in the future.

Also, Cassius gives you free whiskey so there’s that."


That’s certainly possible. There are a lot of possibilities here. For example, you could be playing arm candy to Kat at a ball where a Takaran embassy official is passing on a magical item to a human pawn to get them past the Grenadier Guards. It would be up to you two to intercept the bearer before it can be used.


I thought that was brandy instead of whiskey?


Free alcohol is still free alcohol. I do wonder how a close friendship with Cassius may help or hurt us later on. People perceiving the MC as Takara-aligned, when in reality they just like hanging out with Cassius because of the booze.


I know that feeling.:joy:


Theoretically, that increase should only happen if the MC tries to talk Princess Anna down.


Does Tierra have an equivalent of Christmas?


I’d like to know about potential holidays in the Infiniverse as well.


Wulfram: “Hmm… this Joe d’al Rancho seems a most cunning and shrewd individual. What moves him? Advancement in rank? Clearing his family debt? Political influence? Fame? The man is an enigma, I must think on this…”



“Major, I must commend you for convincing Princess Anna to cease her resistance. Have you any requests fro RTI this moment as recompense?”

(hide_reuse) #“Yeah. Can I get my share of the ransom paid in potato wine?”

*set health %-30
*set liver %-50


I wonder what kind of cocktails exist in the Infiniverse? Like a White Antari? A Tannersburg?

Forget politics and economics in LoI, just point the MC and Cassius towards the nearest tavern with decent food, cheap booze, and good Tassenwerd. That’d be a can’t miss sidequest.


You do realize he’d probably leave you having to pay the bill. :grinning:


Cassius vam Holt?
He’d probably drop a twenty richstaler note on the bar and tell the barman to keep the change.

Lord Cassius is many things, but he is not a cad.


Khorobirit’s Pride

  • potato wine chilled in Antar’s frozen northlands
  • A literal dash of bear’s blood (Harlech: “That’ll put some hair on your chest!”)
  • (secretly) Ice cubes laced with arsenic. Taking too long to fight this bear is very bad for your health.


Now that’s an interesting discovery, and not just in regards to who pays the bar bill.

I take it that “twenty richstaler” is functionally “I could calculate the exchange rate and how much I owe you, but I have money to burn.”, too.