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I had reach the quest of the Final Scheme of Lady Katarina…
When she explains to me about the real objective of the mission, i chose " Let us end this together "… and was reward with this wonderful poem " It is a wonder what man is willing to do for the love of a woman " … , the poem and scene afterwards was just so sentimentaly phrased :-):grin:

And it is actually co-related to the topic of another thread " whether we act out of logic or feeling " :-):thinking:

I would say my MC is totally acting out of feeling since i agree to help Katarina from the beginning without asking too many question … although logically i think what she said is correct as well ? We need to sacrifice 2 persons with the aim of saving thousands by ending the war… i think it is presumably “more compassionate” than the ending of World War 2 ? Where 2 atomic bombs was required to end the war :-):thinking:

Anyway, i do hope i manage to spare Anna and Aleksandra later on …

Thinking about the promise to Katarina though, where i will stay with her till the very end gives me a Nostalgia… i hope there will be more story based on this " till the end" route with Katarina in future books… it is a very enigmatic and nostalgia feeling when thinking about what other promises i need to fulfill for Katarina :wink:


Which is why I dropped all other threads in my 2 year hiatus from the forums and now I’m just focusing on this one.

Because I wanna learn the minutiae of 18th century farming:upside_down_face:

Why not both? You can have emotion governed by logic :tipping_hand_man:t4:


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Lol… yeah i understand , problem is i also chose the option " I will do anything for you " , then Katarina said "Only for me ? Not for your superiors, not for your king ? , not for your country ? But for Me " … and i just nod :-):joy:

I have a feeling that … it is my heart that govern more than logic :-):sweat_smile:


I think an MC who romances Kat does act on emotions when around her. since he falls in love in a short period for a woman who he knows little about, fawns over her in a dinner with the king and some of the most Senior officers in RTA, then agrees to go on a secret mission he knows little about just for her


How different would the series be if Caz was baneless or baneblooded as opposed to baneless?

Also, imagine Cazarosta leaving for M’hidyossi and becoming a mercenary captain…


I agree whole heartedly … in addition it was also mentioned that MC couldn’t found a good match due to the war , and the first possibility of marrying a noble woman such as Katarina is like a dream comes true… MC also need to sustain his fallen house back to the former glory , so to continue a legacy of his house was also a factor… more ever Katarina’s house was also in similar decline as MC’s , so they do make a good match…:slight_smile:

Although during the dinner, i was defending countess Welles revolution cause with great effect, and taken the ride back with her … hence it was between Katarina and Welles , Katarina’s appeal is that she possess a Mystique and enigmatic charm :slight_smile:


Just for the record, Cazarosta is baneless. He’s just a noble-born baneless human. If he was born a baneless commoner, then who knows, he might have actually found a trade he could have excelled in instead of soldiering, whereas Cazarosta likely felt like he had no choice except the army as a deathborn; it’s the only “trade” that those of noble birth can practice.

Cazarosta being a baneblood is a more intriguing question. Since I’m convinced that Cazarosta’s sociopathy is largely due to his ostracization as a deathborn, I think he would be completely different if he was born baneblooded. He would be the heir of Leoniscourt and be brought up with courtly graces. If he was still so inclined to join the army, he likely would have been able to buy a commission to a much better regiment since the Cazarostas have a lot of power, instead of being stuck with the less prestigious Dragoons and being a thorn on Cunaris’ side. Who knows how the defense of the Tierran left flank would have gone without him? Katarina likely wouldn’t even exist cause Calvin might not have needed to remarry because his first wife would not have been executed. Without Katarina, who knows how different the SM would have been? Even if Caius retains some of his pragmatism, which seems to run in his family, it likely wouldn’t be as brutal as what we have to work with.

Needless to say, I think Cazarosta being born a baneblood would have changed quite a bit of the story, or at least the MC’s :upside_down_face:


@Cataphrak has already given a post explaining this. However, I do not know how to find it on the Guns thread, which is why I’ll entrust @Elfwine to once again relink it here


I usually lurk around a few other WIPs just because they interest me, but I don’t really post in them beyond a question or two. Infiniverse threads are probably for something like 90% of my total posts.


If Caz had been a baneblood, he would have taken under his father’s wing to learn the art and path of diplomacy, having many chances to go overseas and learn the ways in different courts, instead of being locked up and to learn only the arts of soldiering. Also if he was a baneblood, he wouldn’t be forced to be stuck with the MC and especially Elson, who would have kept on talking about his deathborn status. (From what I’ve know)


I actually believe that Elson would have fawned over a noble-born Caius, heir to Leoniscourt, if Caz still ended up joining the army.

@Iggles I think the sorta-historical, sorta-nonfictional basis of the Dragoon Saga gives its fandom a huge avenue of discussions and tangents that most other CoGs don’t have. We don’t just come up with “what if” scenarios when we speculate; we draw on how history has played out to an extent. That’s how we get into discussions on morality, tactics, technology, and the alcohol content of Inifiniverse booze :man_shrugging:t4:

On the other hand, there’s also enough fictional elements that make us go “what if the elves caused the change in human banecasting? What if the curtain of storms is at fault? What would happen if a dog eats a baneseal?”


Logically-emotional? Or Emotionally-logical?

Not necessarily. If a MC genuinely agrees with her logic and ruthlessness, while he may still love her and be acting out of that love, can still act out of logic. It just may be tempered with emotion. As I referenced before, this type of MC would be Emotionally-Logical.


I can see this quote two different ways.

  1. She’s saddened by the unnecessary death, but unwilling to express her emotions, so all we get is the frown as her words are tightly reigned and vulcan-like.

  2. She’s emotionally detached from the death itself and critiquing the results as one would a sports teams’s performance after the game.

It might even be a combination of the two, as she may well feel some very real sadness and regret, and still be too jaded to be seriously emotionally affected by it.

Kat displays much more emotion here. Human life does matter. it should not be wasted unless absolutely necessary. This causes me to conclude that she was likely keeping her emotions tightly reigned in the previous text blurb as per (1) (although there still may be a degree of jadedness there from previous life experiences, people are complex). Furthermore it gives us some idea of where her boundaries lie.

I’m certain it is.

Caz doesn’t hold grudges. As a sociopath he doesn’t form emotional attachments to people. He identifies obstacles, ascertains if those obstacles still have a role to play in the saints’ plans, and then removes them if they don’t. Alternately he may try to remove them first, and then if he fails, conclude that the saints still consider them necessary. I admit to being a bit sketchy on how Caz makes this determination.

As for Kat herself, while she may be mildly to moderately emotionally desensitized, she still has a heart, even if it is somewhat walled off. Above all she’s a pragmatist however. If it’s in her interest or in Tierra’s interest for her to reconcile with the MC, she will. If I were to pick three words to describe her they’d be: pragmatic, patriotic, and ruthless.

They grew up together, raised by the same doting father and persecuted by the same “harridan” of a mother (stepmother in Caz’s case). That forms deep bonds. It does not make you identical however. It’s also unclear if the bond is one-sided with Caz simply acting, or if the bond was able to form on his end as well because it formed very early in his life while he was still capable of such a thing. Cata has said that monsters like Caz are made, not born…

Caz would stop targetting the MC as soon as either the MC stopped being an obstacle or he somehow decided that it was the Saints’ will that the MC continue to live. If the MC is both dumb and reckless enough to telegraph to Caz that he’s going to do whatever it takes to destroy Caz then the MC deserves what he gets.

It’s not really about ruthlessness, it’s about being able to form emotional attachments. She can still form them, he can’t. She will not turn on anyone she cares about, he can potentially turn on anyone under the right circumstances.

If I recall correctly, Cata was a bit vaguish about what year it occurred. That makes it harder to nail down if Caz might have still been around to have a hand in it.

I have very mixed feelings about fairmath, but this is one case where I very much dislike it. It makes it impossible for a non-disgraced MC who doesn’t send his troops chasing off into an ambush to take advantage of the relationship building conversations with Kat during the trip. I’m going by memory here, but from what I recall, you just barely miss the relationship score cut-off because 60 -10% +10% = 58.

This seems a bit of a stretch. When has Kat condoned cruelty? And whether Caz’s darker actions also amount to cruelty is arguable. Commanders that attempt to maintain comic book levels of morality during war tend to get large numbers of their men killed. Anti-partisan warfare is an innately dirty, nasty business.

Not Katarina so much as @Cataphrak… War is brutal and ugly, and Cata is endeavoring to ensure we gain a first hand understanding of the difficult and even terrible decisions war can push upon us.

I can also see Kat asking for the MC’s help in preventing the elves from assassinating the King or some other important personage, or in preventing the elves from arming and funding revolutionaries. I think you have a very skewed view of the situation. You seem to think Kat=evil while Takara=good and Kian=good. The truth is far more complicated. Cassius may like you personally but he will still pick his country over yours every time and half the elves in his embassy are likely to be spies and assassins intent on wrecking Tierra’s internal stability.


My friend hooked me up with these games.i have been just reading around. I was told that 3rd part will come before xmas. But hg still doesn’t shows it. So it will not come till xmas.can someone please tell me if game was submitted or not? Would it take few more months? So i can stop coming on daily for news?


Depends on what your natural inclination is and which one you’ve had to learn over time. I’m personally the former.

@Xavierreed the third game, Lords of Infinity, won’t be released by Christmas. A work-in-progress (WiP) demo might be posted in the forums some time in the near future, but it will only be the first chapter. That will grow over the next…1-2 years?


There’s no way we could fully determine the exact date when the 3rd part will be starting to run, especially it is entirely up to the author. so tbh…



The 3rd part will not be finished before Christmas, but the first installment of the WiP (work in progress) for it may be up if we’re fortunate.


Do you suppose it will be in a blatant way, such as giving the MC a guard-of-honour position or something similar during an event where it is believed that someone will attempt to commit regicide? Or do you believe it will be in a more subtle way, such as using the MC as a source of information?


In other words,