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Katarina might feel differently about expressing remorse in general. She’s clearly not good at apologies.

She might prefer not to talk about it here and now, for example - whereas on the dock it’s you, Caius, and her maids.

She might have an exaggerated impression of that if she shows it she’ll be taken as a “delicate woman” either based on reason or not wanting to take chances.

She might hate Khorobirit so bitterly that in the heat of the moment she’s thinking “Good, the (noun)'s line is dead.” and it overcame any other feeling about this.

It might be more than one of those things or something else entirely.

People and emotions are weird, not necessarily reasonable things.

Or she could be genuinely completely remorseless. I’m just saying I don’t know, not that I have a firm theory on what she’s thinking and feeling inside.


She certainly seems the type of “necessary equals good”.


Yes, but there’s still no kenemy stat - such as Cazarosta’s cenemy stat - for Kat.


Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none. certainly seems like it would resonate with her.


Honestly, I don’t understand why there needed to be a seperate Caz relationship stat and a cenemy stat. Why couldn’t a Caz relationship of below 10 or 15 be the equivalent of Cenemy 1 and a relationship of 5 or below be the equivalent of cenemy 2? I dont see a seperate need for two sepearate stats regarding Caz.


It shows that - unlike Katarina, imo - if you say or do one particular thing that sets you against him - at least in his mind - then he will reciprocate that feeling or action totally and take it to the next extreme.

While a low relationship just means he doesn’t particularly like or respect the MC. That stat is there because he is a sociopath and his brain doesn’t work the same as normal humans - even ones so ruthless as Kat.


Well… The ends justify the means , a good outcome excuses any wrongs committed to attain it ? :-):thinking:


So given that Kat and Caz function differently, wouldnt it stand to reason that we don’t need a kenemy stat, just a low relationship score with her, to show that she wants to hurt us?


Possibly. But I don’t think so because what one must remember is that these numbers only generally show a person’s opinion of our MC. If there is a low relationship with Kat - or anyone else - that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to kill you, but it does mean that she doesn’t respect you and wouldn’t weep at your death - making murdering you easier. I mean, I assume your not a sociopath, so I ask you: do you have anyone that you really don’t like, hate even? If you do, does that mean you necessarily want to kill them? For Caz it does. For Kat it doesn’t, but it’d make it easier if it was ever necessary to off our MC.

That’s how I make sense of the stats. Does that make sense?


Yep, I won’t say it’s not interesting considering that’s one of the very few times that the mandatory Cazarosta mask of apathy actually drops. That’s probably the most vulernable Katarina has been, emotionally, in years.

Yep, I’m really excited to see what a Caz who’s either on bad terms or enemies with an MC does in LoI. If he has his buddy as the Lt. Colonel he probably feels at least a little secure in his position. But if every officer above the rank of Lieutenant, sans Hawkins, either hates or dislikes him (I’m assuming deathborn stigma here for most of them), he may get desperate. We haven’t really seen how Cazarosta acts when he thinks he’s cornered, only when he thinks he’s been wronged.


I think it’s more “War doesn’t decide who is right, but who is left.” than “it’s acceptable to further a good cause with a few questionable acts”.


Less than 3000 more comments and we get Lords Thread and demo introduction.



The demo is connected to this thread reaching 10k posts?


I think that was just a joke that cata wrote on Twitter



To an extent I agree and I think we’re going to see very interesting scenarios where high-relationship Caz’s get cenemy activated and go ham on the MC even though they’re best buds.

Utilitarianism + Nationalism = Victory!


Chances are, I’ll have the prologue finished and ready for feedback when it’s time for a new thread.


I swear, you should put 100 dollars in a jar every time this fandom goes over the limit again. Use it as a trust fund for your game.


Do I have permission to brag?


I decided to do a purely min-max focused build: I chose the options that would give me boosts, regardless of self-contradictory character motivations (for example, Sir Arturo tells Lord Cassius that excluding women from the army is pointless and self-defeating, but later argues against introducing women officers during wartime). This is pretty much a standard 18 year old Aetorian build, but Sir Arturo is on good terms with everyone, with a high reputation and exceptional unit stats.

Personal relationships (65 or higher means that person is represented as a friend or associate at the beginning of Lords):
Cazarosta: 77
Elson: 70
Cunaris: 65
Katarina: 65
Havenport: 60
Holt: 61
Lewes: 5 (this is on a different scale; 5 is high)
Welles: 65
Royal: 33 (max in Guns is 39)

Sir Arturo is on neutral terms with Lefebvre and Carrecort (who’s likely dead, since he kept his command), and Keane is grateful to him. Lord Renard and Sandoral look up to him, and he captured Princess Anna. He invested 2000 crowns with Garing, and I gave him both a sister and a brother, so his debt is 16195 and he needs to pay 1994 in interest. If you’re willing to have your relationship with Welles be only 59, you could spend your free time in Mhillanovil differently, perhaps learning Antari instead or further mentoring Lord Renard.

Lady Katarina comments that she would have preferred Princess Anna to be captured if Lefebvre kills her, but that option boosts the MC’s relationship with Katarina (+%10) even though the MC doesn’t really do anything therr, and capturing Princess Anna or convincing her to surrender doesn’t boost the MC’s relationship with Katarina. Is that an oversight?


It’s basically a Dragoon Saga fandom tradition to keep defying CoG’s forum thread limits, especially when a new game is in the works :tipping_hand_man:t4:

Oh, ye olden days when there were no post limits and finding anything in the megathread was impossible…


Even now the task of trying to stay updated can be daunting.

“Oh, you went a week without checking the forums? Well there’s about a few dozens posts in the other threads you follow and a little over 500 in the Infiniverse one. Was there a new update, or was there a debate over 18th century farming methods? Have fun finding out!”