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@Cataphrak, how wealthy are the baneless like Garing? Just wondering so I can design my GOP tax plan of giving everyone but the “middle” class a real tax cut.


Garing’s gross liquid income is probably lower than the MC’s, and taxes eat into a lot of that. However, he doesn’t have to meet the same expectations that the MC does, so he can make do with a suite of rooms over GG&T’s headquarters in Aetoria, and a similar apartment in their main gunworks in Tannersburg.

His real wealth lies in the fact that he’s a junior partner in GG&T, which is probably worth a couple hundred thousand crown at least.


So is the second series going to be when all the capable baneless get together and go, “Oh wait, we’re smarter and more capable than those banebloods.”

Grabs pitchfork and torches.


Why would they do that? The fact that some capable baneless can live as well or better than many banebloods is clearly proof that if a baneless has the exceptional inherited wealth and privilege ability to raise himself up, then he will be rewarded for it.

The insidious thing about societal pressure valves is that it divides those who benefit from them against those who don’t, even if they’re technically in the same marginalised group.


It might be said as a devil’s advocate that the safety valves in Tierra do seem to give the baneless at least some basic claim on “we’re people, with rights and property and the ability to have opinions” that isn’t remotely “nothing” - even the ones that don’t exactly benefit from “you can achieve success if you ‘earn’ it”.

As aristocracy-dominated systems go, that’s a something that may be worth further investment by the banebloods in for the sake of not making it sound entirely token.

“Better than Antar” isn’t really a high bar to clear, and a fair number of baneless are coming home aware of that.

…actually, a question that rears its ugly head.

@Cataphrak Given that Grenadier Square is almost competent by early modern standards, how many soldiers specifically are going home with a grudge against the government (as in, a grudge from the war itself)?

It seems like some number are going to regard peacetime as very “At least in the army…” when jobs get scarce.


A lot of them.

“I spent twelve years at war overseas, and I didn’t even get a fucking t-shirt.”


And loot got sold and spent already for the vast majority.

The “Plan? What plan?” of demobilization is not, in any way, going to make this worse.

All players should ignore all rumors to the contrary. :grinning:


Not even the campaign ribbon?


Why do I now have a nagging feeling that the first/only action we may see in Lords is taking a squadron of Dragoons to run a bunch of homeless war veterans out of Aetoria for demanding pensions?


The Tierran Revolution is upon us. Viva la Revolution!!!


Your MC’s name wouldn’t be Sir Douglas d’al MacArthur, would it?


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As long as the GDP is rising faster than our debt as a percentage of GDP, we’re fiiiiine!

I don’t think that argument will convince a lot of people though…

Slight derail but: Did the GOP lower the taxes for the “lower” classes too, or is this an Americanism where everyone is the middle class? :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately no, and I doubt he will ever become the Tierran Caesar. On the subject on pensions though, I do vaguely recall that it will be an important issue of Cortes politics. I’d imagine staking your career on soldier pensions will simultaneously boost any future unit loyalty to 100% while completely destroying the Tierran economy.


Tierra’s GDP is contracting.

You uh… you can panic now.

By Republican standards, “middle class” is struggling to pay off your third yacht.


Pretty sure if we did, that’s an invitation for Takara and Kian to “assist” us.


The reason I asked is because you pretty accurately described what MacArthur did to the Bonus Army in 1932. I would never want to be MacArthur myself. I’m more of a George Marshall sort of guy myself.


The more detail we get about the home front and Lords, the more I’m awaiting the Tierran Civil War. I mean honestly, the keg is damn full enough already, how much more powder could possibly fit in there?!

I know, that was more or less what I was referencing. Agree with the preference, MacArthur was… interesting, but I vastly favor Eisenhower over him. I like Ike!


@Cataphrak innocently whistling as he pours some more hidden spoilers powder that occur in Lords just to make the Keg even more explosive.

I’m more curious to what will be the fuse and what will be the matchstick that lights it.


I am hoping king survives. Because no matter what kind of revolution wins or maybe his family sits in his place. That will be just another power struggle. People trying to please who sits on top.even if leader is won by votes.more politics more benefits people will ask for support.half of rulers time will be spent pleasing supporters. It is better to stick with king.