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Yeah, Bulwark or other geldings would be sufficient enough, they’re just lack the physical impression to that of a stallion.

The author I remember had mentioned it as a yes, but you’ll need good quality pastures for animals to graze on like the plains of Cunaris as well as the money for the cost, on top of that, the MC will be needing good quality mares to breed with Thunderer/Scimitar.


I wonder if we can breed the MC’s horses?


The other geldings could in the future lack the ability to become a stud. Which will probably make a decent amount of cash for yourself.

Edit- Or at least not as much money as breeding a stallion like thunderer


I was about to say, that’s definitely a potential plus for the Cunarian MCs as an alternate industry to get into

Watch that MC start the Fernandescourt Derby (pronounces dah-bee of course cause fancy folks and whatnot)


It might be possible for the other regional MC to do the same, but the method instead will be having Thunderer as a rental stud I guess.


Reading through sabers again I remembered when I finally had the right stats to not have my men duck out on me before bologia. That has got to be one of my favorite parts in the whole series when one of your men stand up and gives a speech. I’m especially fond of the loyalty speech he gives :joy:


Hello fellows, I wanted to ask you guys, is it possible in the army to get your regiment changed?(In the story it isn’t I know). Because once when the MC returned from a scouting mission he was told by Duke of Wulfram that they will grant him a promotion in any regiment of their choosing after the war. And just before 2K Duke of Cunaris was so sad because of his transfer to infantry. And the MC was saying the commands would not be so different and stuff. Question being, training is different for every regiment right? Like Grenadier Guards being the elite force. So was that offer just to piss off our dear cunaris or was it a genuine possibility.?


The real reason why Cunaris was transferred to command an infantry brigade while holding the status as commander-in-chief of the King’s cavalry corps, is due to he’s handicapped which makes it near impossible for him to ride at the gallop at the head of the cavalry. Besides that, there was no one else who is senior enough than Cunaris to be as general-of-brigade to command one more brigade in 2K.

That was “after the victory at Blogia”, and most likely to be the Cuirassiers.


One could probably switch to a different regiment if he has the money needed to do so, though in that case Wulfram seems to have offered to pay for the commission.

As for Cunaris, he is still the colonel-owner of the Dragoons at 2K, he was simply transferred to the command of a combined brigade of foot and cavalry instead of commanding all of the King’s cavalry.


Does using the bane reduce Takaran’s lifespans?


So in short that is possible in that world. But we went through all that training for dragoons. Yeah I think in world where one purchases jobs and promotions it’s certainly possible to be head of junior officers which have very different training than you.


Tierran Officers.
Trained officers.

Pick one.

It’s noteworthy that Cunaris bothered giving his new officers a few weeks of instruction before the Dragoons went off to Antar, it’s not normal.

So that makes transferring between regiments even easier, money permitting.


Major Reyes effectively switched to “a different regiment with different training” when he transferred to the Experimentals; they certainly weren’t trained as typical line infrantry. Also, keep in mind that the Dragoons have grown much more popular and fashionable after Blogia, the siege of Kharangia, and the latter part of the war. The commissions for the regiment have undoubtedly risen in prestige and price, probably second only to the Lancers among the cavalry regiments


I think before the war it went Cuirassiers>Lancers>Dragoons but now it goes Lancers > Dragoons > Cuirassiers.


Our regiment was transferred to the right flank for boosting the troop strength, seeing the fact that we’re still mainly trained as the role of mounted infantry, so that we could reinforce the other regiments more easier than a whole battalion of infantry.

Another reason for that is due to the long friendship between Cunaris and Havenport, Havenport here I believe was hoping to give Cunaris a brigade of better quality to command seeing the fact that his trust to Cunaris by giving him the field command over his ancestor’s regiment (although the fact is that it was down to less than 600 men in 2 battalions.) He however, also know that Cunaris, for all of his experience in the field was best at and confident at commanding cavalry. In which he transferred our regiment alongside with him to the right flank was to give him some ease to his nerves as he has never commanded infantry in his entire career. The dragoons was to ease his mind for commanding the infantry in which I would say.


I’d agree with that conclusion and add that the dramatic symmetry between the Hussars using their lances to destroy the cuirassiers at Blogia and the Lancers using their lances to rout Khorobirit’s army at 2K makes for some compelling pro-Lancer propaganda

@Murdockchan agreed. No doubt giving Cunaris his own regiment to command as well as Havenport’s own Highlanders was a means to ease the blow of him losing the rest of the cavalry


@Cataphrak Hunter’s sainting and the possible formation of a new knightly order aside, is it possible for the MC to get promoted inside of the Order of St. Joshua to either Knight-Commander or Knight-Captain for heroic actions in Guns or later in Lords? It’s been some years and several battles since they were knighted post-Blogia and became a Knight-Companion.

Also, do the Cunarian nobility still control the Order of St Jeremie in addition to Cunaris’s direct control of the Order of St. Jerome? Who is its Grandmaster?


The Findlays of Cunaris are the Grandmasters of the order of Saint Jerome. The order of Saint Jeremie belongs to another one.


It is, though I’m not spoiling the circumstances of that just yet.

Funny you should mention that, because the figure in question might actually end up something of a major player later on.


I used “Cunaris” as shorthand for the Duke of Cunaris, ie. Johannes d’al Findlay. Perhaps that wasn’t clear since I also referenced the “Cunarian nobility” in the same sentence. I don’t know if the Findlay family ever controlled the Order of St. Jeremie too, I just recall Cata as having said that it was controlled by the Cunarian nobility at the time of the Unification Wars.