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Do we know who will be the other people that are contributing to the sainthood of Enrique. Or will we have the ability to influence who decides to join the cause. Since it will essentially come down to a vote do y’all think that our military influence perhaps even being able to bring in a large amount of seekers from our previous command (I know a long shot and not a power fantasy but a guy can dream). However with adding our influence to Hartigan and relying heavily on our reputation as a hero of the war with Antar would Hartigan have a good shot at becoming the grandmaster?


I wouldn’t be surprised that if the MC manages to get enough influence to have a shot at becoming the Grand-Master then one of them (or maybe both) would offer the position of Knight-Swordmaster if you retire the claim and support them.

They would probably point out that mantaining a Knightly Order costs too much, and unless he is married to Katarina or Welles (or maybe capture lady Aleksandra) it would be out his means.


If he is married to Kat then he will also inherit the Grandmaster position of the Order of Saint Talbot so there’s that. People have speculated about what that would look like if the MC was a Grandmaster of both Orders.


Iirc you cannot be a member of both. I’m not sure what happens if there are no eligible people to take over the position, but you can only be in one order.



The average Tierra look most North African with the one closer to their colonial root paler or darker. Since the MC come from ancient line and been intermarried quite view times no matter where they are from they could pale as Polish or darker Moroccan or Algerian.


I should think that Hartigan has one of the best shots at becoming Grandmaster. What was Lefebvre to Hunter? Just a subordinate and one that was sneaking behind Hunter’s back at that. Hunter could even have potentially reported Lefebvre’s skullduggery to Grenadier Square. Meanwhile Hartigan comes across as Hunter’s best friend. I would think that anyone who knew Hunter personally (as the MC potentially does) would take that into consideration.

If he has a chance at it, my MC would gun for Grandmaster himself, otherwise he’s supporting Hartigan.


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Someone Hunter worked closely with for several years, who was with Hunter in the last stand which led to Hunter’s martyrdom. They probably even became friends if you didn’t report him. There is a scene where Lefebvre swears to avenge Hunter’s death.

And the partisan hunts aren’t exactly common knowledge. I doubt Hunter advertised the fact that one of his own subordinates was using his own men to commit war crimes.

It’s like how Renard decides to keep what happened at Januszkovil quiet, because he doesn’t want to disgrace the Dragoons.


One could argue that Lefebvre’s hatred of the MC if his activities are reported could also be due to the wedge the MC drove between their friendship.


I assume that if he marries her before the Order of Saint Enrique is founded then he can’t join it, and if he marries her afterwards then Cazarosta keeps the seat until a son is born and knighted, unless he dies before that, then I guess someone else gets the position temporarily.


Which Cazarosta are you talking about? Because Caius can’t be the grandmaster of saint Talbot order.


So imagine all dress like Jane UK mix skin tone range from mostly Nothern Africa looking to some very paper pale and dark outline their nobility are emotional repress but have the Honor system of Habsburg. Let that sink in.


I know, I just forgot the name of his father, should have been more especific.


Calvin d’al Cazarosta is his name.


Diplomatic espionage is his game.


Raising a bastard is his shame.


The good of Tierra is his aim.

But who will guard his guttering flame?

Also, on @Erin 's question on Thunderer: I believe there are some scenes it’s really nice to have a horse fierce enough to fight alongside you as far as not getting hurt/dying, but I’d have to check to be sure. It might be more descriptive.


MC d’al MC’ll marry the dame
But will he ever be the same?

Also, going partisan hunting with Caz leads to some flavor text depending on your horse: I know Faith supposedly gets a bit under the weather through the forced march in the middle of winter while Thunderer plows through it all


That would be the part when you choose Lanzeral as your sergeant and having at least 40 in discipline when you served under Hunter and your first skirmish battle over the bridge.


Not just there, though. There’s a horseskill check at a few later battles, I think.

You don’t necessarily need Thunderer, just a better horse than Faith.