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There’s a discord?


Thunderer or Faith, definitely. Voted Faith though.

The requisitioned horse is actually not bad, and getting to name it (he/she?) yourself is nice.


What is Nightdancer? I don’t think I’ve never even heard of that one.


She’s a silver dapple grey pony fo the MC if you lost your first horse in Sabres during the reserve mission at the outpost.


I was doing some of the walkthroughs for Sabres (throwback I know) and was wondering what the exact benefits of buying Thunderer was, especially because I’m playing through “National Hero” route. What exact benefits does thunderer give versus faith?

Edit: I have low soldiering due to boosting int and charisma, what are the stat checks for that?

  1. Extra reputation.
  2. If you have enough soldiering, your charge across the bridge does even more damage.
  3. If you’re just too late to secure the barges, but still have a good amount of soldiering, you are able to secure them anyway through a feat of suicidal heroism.

Also, I’m sure it’s more fun to imagine your MC charging into battle on a massive black stallion instead of a smallish unimpressive mare.


We’re going to reset the game 800 times for the ‘perfect’ run only to find out Cata has a ‘random’ event hardcoded to activate if all the MC’s stats are above 50.


Somewhere, Jjcb awakes in a cold sweat.


People were talking about the possibility of studding Thunderer in Lords too, weren’t they?


I knew that nightmare wouldn’t be the scariest part of my day. :cold_sweat:


I’m all for dynamic stuff, it’s fun, it’s interesting and you only have yourself to blame if you screw up.


I haven’t heard of several of those horses.


Well, No. 4 to No. 8 are only available if you lost your first choice horse during the Calvary reserve duty (choosing to retreat with the lancers but have low intellect). The last two are available if you failed during the mission to capture the barge (with honestly your house dying). I just realised I failed to include the house the disgraced MC is given, Forester. If possible I’ll see if I can include it in the poll.


So is thunderer the best horse or are some of the other ones better.


Iirc, all non-Knights don’t get it. But I recall Cataphrak saying that Disgraced MCs can support Hunter’s Sainthood; they (MC) just have to do so in Lords, as opposed to Guns.

It all depends on how much they contributed, right? So, among the supporters, it stands to reason that the baneblood who most contributed gets Grandmaster, the next gets Swordmaster, the next handful get Captain, and so on until they all get some position in the Order, should they choose to become part of it.


The problem is that support comes in different forms, not just monetary, which is why I think the Grandmaster will be chosen by the other supporters.

Edit: just double-checked the article. The Grandmaster is indeed elected by the other supporters.


Hmm yeah 100% agree with this and is why I’m keeping my expectations low I ask the can we questions rather than continue with the I hope we can become blah blah and blah this series gives and takes I believe it’s about being sort of being in the middle of it all and maybe having a medium interaction in major events sort of like a fly on the wall haha well said though :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually really like the idea of either becoming the sword master of the order or a very influential knight captain and instead support Hartigan for the grand master position who I personally like a lot. I’m not super knowledgeable about how powerful Lefbreves family is but I imagine Hartigans is also a fairly well renowned house.


Hartigan is a wealthy Viscount. He is on favourable terms with House Elson and House Hunter, and probably has other influential friends and relatives as well. He is a Lieutenant-colonel of one of the less shitty line infantry regiments.

Lefebvre’s uncle is a Marquis. His family is well-connected, wielding significant influence, and they were also presumably wealthy enough that their head of house could afford to get his nephew a knighthood and a Grenadier commission. He is a Lieutenant-colonel of one of the best regiments in all of Tierra.


Rather we should say that it’s the elite instead of referring as one of the best in Tierra.