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Hey guys, especially @Elfwine, considering that Cataphark has said that we will have an ‘opposite’ relationship with our siblings depending on our relationship with our parents, which do you think is more ideal to have at the beginning of Lords, a good, bad or somewhere in the middle relationship with our siblings ?

Personally, considering I’ve always defaulted to good relationships with my parents, I’ve already put myself in a jam (which is all the more reasons I have to reconcile with them).


I’m sort of torn. I’m playing a PC with only a sister, which changes the potential ways good/bad can work out a bit.


I’m a bit of a sucker for family drama in stories, so I’m eager to see their reactions to an MC who is the apple of their parent’s eye when we return.


The king chose Lefebvre only because of the wetwork the job required.


idk if this a dumb question but what does the mc look like exactly ?


Speaking of havenport, he may favor you if you were at frolorn hope(thus providing him a suitable baneblooded choice other than his brother) and if you spoke to him before k2. Being the king’s bodyguard automatically disqualifies him due to the time commitment.


The King chose Lefebvre because the assignment was so vitally important that it merited sending the troops he trusted most, the King’s own Grenadier Guards, of which Lefebvre was the commander.


My point about the time commitment still stands. At best, Lefebvre stands to become knight swordmaster of the order of Saint Joshua.


Pretty much “whatever you want” within the human species - Cataphrak is specifically leaving it up to the individual players what their individual character looks like.


Lefebvre isn’t personally watching the King all of the time, he’s the commander of 1st battalon. He has men under him to handle that. And if the king orders him to do something else, like attack Khorobirit’s legendary impregnable fortress, he does that something else.


Okay so all you folks going on about MCs greatness. Please see this post I made as a way of warning.
You can thank me later

And as for family dynamics MC returns to. I would love to receive a cold welcome with him being the apple of the parents eyes. But what I would appreciate greatly is that we would still get an opportunity to rebuild that relationship. From the ashes if it must. And I think the chances for it are fair


Judging by all the other relationships in the series, it might be a very bad idea to start by alienating someone, but it’s always possible to try to make amends.

Not counting things like “My commanding officer is a monster.”, it generally seems to be possible to some degree.


As @Cataphrak said when I asked this;

So, we are going to have fun butting heads.


Alienating happens when we choose to have loving father & mother in Guns right?

So what I would definitely choose MC to say something to the effect to one or both siblings
“Look, I know me being in Antar & doing my duty to the crown & King has caused you a lot of grief. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here to help you deal with it then. But I’m here now & am determined to right the wrongs that may have happened in my absence”

Set Idealism: 150

At the very least one useful advice advanced to me by @Bryce_Kaldwin & @unoriginal_username was that don’t invest 2000 crowns in Garings project. Reduce that amount to some where in the vicinity of 600 to 800 crowns. That way you could send in half the income back home. Which ultimately is bound to save you a lot of grief once your MC returns home. Considering MC not sending home income to save for investment is gonna have to answer for that action as well to his siblings. That atleast is one less issue to iron out in Lords


At this point, I’m willing to let Lefebvre have the title of grandmaster and have him deal with the Hunter haters. Heck, he’s probably much better equipped and connected to do so anyway.

The MC can potentially be much younger than Lefebvre. No harm in waiting for the next election after he does all the ground work :man_shrugging:t4:


@princeraoden I hate to break it to you but “this is not a power fantasy.” Sure our MC has been able to rise fairly fast and been able to prove himself over these past few years of war, but so has a lot of other officers as well. Past that, everything our MC has at this point (wealth, connections, influence, rank) is because he and he alone (apart from the 800 crown from dear old daddy) built it. And wealth, connections, influence, and rank quickly won is wealth, connections, influence, and rank quickly lost. Other officers and banebloods have the good fortune of all the previously listed items being handed to them from their parents and they then build upon that as well, just as Lefevbre has done. Our MC has not.

Also, yes the King did depend on Lefevbre doing the wet work, but he also needed Lefevbre to storm the keep because that is what the Grenadier Guards are trained for. Close quarters combat and fortress attacks. With the mission being so critical, the King really didn’t have a choice in who he picked based off the military necessity of the combat that was needed. Lefevbre just so happened to fit the bill for being so ruthless as well. I wonder what would’ve happened if Hunter was still commanding. Anyway, the MC is only asked because Katarina trusts you, and because they need cavalry to hold the yard. That’s it. No special favor from the King. The only reason Miguel even notices you is because outstanding service time and time again, but that is just to prove the MC is no ordinary baron. We still have a long way to go of holding any concrete power.

All that to say, the biggest take away I’ve learned with this game - as well as real life, because Cata has tried to be very realistic for a stronger moral of the story - is that everything is corrupt, everyone is self serving, nothing is fair, and nothing is perfect. Granted, our MC and ourselves in real life can do many a great thing no matter where we come from if we have the necessary skills and willingness to apply those skills, but even then there is a cost and every single person must prioritise what is most important to them. The Sainthood of Sir Hunter is very much the same. We might be able to become Knight-Grandmaster but it will come with a disproportionate amount of work, time, and conniving more than likely.

Next time you think about doing something in this game, think not about all the ways it could go right but rather all the challenges you will face and adversity you will have to overcome - all with negative effects more than likely - in order to make it go right and even then it might not go the way you wanted. Trade offs my friend. One thing Cata does very well because in the end it doesn’t even matter*.

*Song lyrics just to be funny.

On my MC’s family, I have - or had - Lord Tywin as my father and a dead mother from the start so I’ve pretty much gone the Tyrion Lannister route for parents. Hopefully my siblings relationships will be better though. I don’t have siblings in real life and my parents are wonderful so I’ve gone the complete opposite route just to see what the experience is.


I believe that Cataphrak stated that the whether your relationship with your parents the worse your relationship with your siblings will be.


Knighted MCs would have to leave the Order of Saint Joshua, yes? Let’s hope that the King won’t get mad at us for that… if we somehow become Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Enrique, of course.

This is not a power fantasy, so maybe we could settle having a good relationship with our fellow “Hunter for Sainthood” supporters? Surely, those connections (and the influence) would be useful? It’s not power, yes, but still.

On a related note, perhaps this would be the opportunity for Disgraced MCs and non-Knight MCs to become knighted, yes? Knight-Companion of the Order of Saint Enrique?


Considering how the MC personally knew and served under Hunter, how celebrated Hunter’s maneuver was, and how the Dowager Viscountess personally asked the MC, I doubt Miguel would mind.

Also, I don’t think disgraced MCs get the letter from Viscountess Wolfswood. Lastly, I believe the founding members of an order, since they vote for the grandmaster, would technically be knight captains at least?


Ok guys, a discussion on the discord has made me realise something about horses. I don’t think we’ve ever said what horses we have at the end of Guns (for your ‘canon’ walkthrough), so I’ve decided to make a poll just out of curiosity

  • Your requisitioned horse
  • Faith
  • Bulwark
  • Thunderer
  • Oakum
  • Nightdancer
  • Hatchet
  • Scimitar
  • Whalloper
  • Jackrum

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Edit: now I realise some of you may have tried the other horses and sadly I didn’t do my poll as such that you can pick multiple. So, you can, if you want, state if you used other horses as well.