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or at the very least, start with terrible soldiering and end SoI better than most officers


I, for one, look forward to dying in my own excrement as a disgrace at age 66.


The saddest event is going to be when our runeguns break and we all become incompetent soldiers instantaneously.


One has to wonder if inviting soldiers who not only come from Tierra’s main debtors but also hate each other would be wise…

Something something sheep inviting wolves to dinner?

“My shotgun broke and now I can’t control my Takaran warhorse!”


The first rule of Knight Fight Club is: You do not talk about Knight Fight Club


I meant to say participants in tournament. I did not say bring an army. Was it that hard to understand or you just picking on me bro

Edit spelling


Aye aye captain


I’m saying inviting any number of soldiers from 2 superpowers that hate each other could very quickly spiral into a diplomatic disaster


That’s definitely going to happen.1 day they will hit each other. We better be ready to pick a side. Because as US general said war is not about who is right but who is “left”.

Edit - paul has said kian has huge hatred for them and i remember reading somewhere that it will be a disaster having both representatives in same room. But still it is bound to happen.

I always assume the worse.i am happy for anything good .


Loved this scene back when I was pure and was reading sabres for the first time

“Who’re we?” the NCOs bellow in unison.

“The first to fight!” comes the automatic reply, made a solid mass of sound by a thousand voices. It is a response drilled into every single Dragoon since their first day.

“Who’re we?”

“The last to leave!” the shouted response comes even louder.

“Who’re we?”

“The first a-horse!”

“Who’re we?”

“The last a-bed!”

“Who’re we?” You can feel the air course with anticipation as men and officers tremble with enthusiasm.

“Royal Dragoons!”

“Who’re we?”

“Royal Dragoons!”

“Who’re we?!” the Sergeants scream, their voices hoarse with exertion.

"Dragoons! Dragoons! The King’s Dragoons!


Yea amazing one. You should listen to The warrior song. Its similar a little bit. I love listening to it in gym




The forlorn hope came pretty close. But i think everyone knows my view
of that. :sweat_smile:

Though you really cemented it with the forced losses if you participate in 2nd kharangia.
Not being a power fantasy isnt the same as removing agency and triumph from the reader, and i think you walk that line pretty well. More so when you start including the random events from Foraker!

As a proud Cunarian main (and secondary) i would be interested in seeing how many play Aetorian. I’m guessing it’s a pretty high percentage. Same with Forlorn Hope not Forlorn Hope (800 crowns worth of promotion AND a buttload of rep? Who could say no)


I don’t think the Forlorn Hope is a power fantasy. Once again, your success is due as much to your MC’s heroism as it is to the Antari’s incompetence.


You striving into certain death in a suicide mission and surviving to get honored and medaled out of your mind for some loss of health? When i did it the first time i felt pretty empowered in a heroic story kind of way.

Not saying it is unrealistic or out of style (people DID do this stuff).


There are like half a dozen ways to get yourself killed, you lose most of your men, and you have to be rescued at the last second. Most people get killed on their first try.




I think it flew over his head.

But do you remember the pain of trying to do it without a checkpoint function? Having to replay all the other chapters when you died.

Those were the days.


misclicks at talking to Caz in the epilogue

“Guess it’s time to replay the entire book.”


Personally, I really enjoy the counter-charge and heroic moments for two reasons.

  1. They are difficult. As has been mentioned, to survive the FH, not lose tons of men, and minimize losses at 2K is incredibly difficult unless you know exactly what to do, either through repetition or instruction, or you have built an MC with 60+ in every stat. For example, I really enjoy the fact that your squadron proves to be extremely well-conducted during the sack because I invested so much time and effort into bettering the men under my command.

  2. The highs are spaced out and contrast with long low periods. We aren’t bouncing from moment to moment of smiting Church Hussars and personally wailing on Khorobirit as the entirety of Tierra watches on, there are several chapters where all we do is paperwork. The highs of SoI and GoI feel that much better because the games spend an appropriate amount of time building to them.

Essentially, if you are able to become a well-regarded hero, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment because it was not easy to do so.