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Not gonna lie, one of my head-canon endings is a bitter duel between friends to mutual death with Lord Cassius.

Death or it didn’t happen, bro. All or nothing :grin:

Same. I’ve reread that section dozens of times. Jk, I’ve reread the entire thing dozens of times. But yeah, picturing the MC literally fighting the odds with his forever-pal Caz is too dang perfect.


The successful counter-charge during the Forlorn Hope is probably one of my favorite sections in GoI. From the complete bafflement of the Antari as a bunch of beat-up Dragoons charge around 5X their number, to the fact that it’s probably one of the most unbelievable accomplishments of our Dragoon. I sincerely hope that if we ever get a nickname from the rankers, like how Wulfram was the Old Wolf, it’ll be the (affectionately) Mad Colonel.


Your PC might not be even in his sixties at the end of the game, judging by the pace so far (and depending on his age as of 613).


I really need to start tattooing “This is not a power fantasy” on peoples’ foreheads.


So we don’t get to be a Saint?


Can’t help it.we all have our own way to think. But i know you will deliver us the best. Somehow you will find a way to fullfil all aspects


Please do I think it would be pretty accurate ‘warning’


I don’t want to attack takaran.they seem to be very honest and good hearted. They are arrogant but they have earned the right to be.i am sure we would be too.

Elfwine that is what i am saying.i want to finish game as my mc not as his childs.this game as already created loyal legacy. That will stay


You know us Min-Maxers would just take it as a challenge. I’m eager to see how many of us are driven insane by the random event system in LoI.


The end of role-playing:


  1. eat dinner with your men and be a good lieutenant


  1. +4 soldiering


My realization was that I had no MCs from Cunaris or Wulfram. Even when I force myself to do them, I still mourn that beautiful +8 Charisma and +8 Intellect. Knowing Cata though, I’m eagerly awaiting the destruction of the Aetorian Dragoon’s estate due to an unusual localized natural disaster.


The mad colonel oooffffff pure gold


You don’t want to fraternise with the commoners. Much better to spend an evening with a baneblood.


+4 soldiering comes from a deathborn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cazarosta is also a minmaxer, that’s why being his friend gets you the best bonuses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Curses, I knew I should have brushed up on the League of Antar when I had the chance. I’d never have got my fantasy terminology mixed up with higher Int…


I’ve never thought of him like that. Good point!

Welcome to the min-maxing life hahaha


It’s kinda funny, because he indirectly gives the player a gameplay tip at the start of Sabres when talking about Elson:
Focus on what you are good at, don’t try to be good at everything.

But if you befriend Cazarosta, you can be good at everything. :rofl:

(Not entirely serious here, of course. You also have to be Aetorian. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Salt Coast 4 Lyfe.

Befriend sociopaths and be old, the true way of the min-maxer.


Kingdom is in huge debt and people are not willing to pay.What do you think about a tournament. It could invite Takaran and Kian soldiers too. This could serve as a moral booster for general public like Romans used in bad may make public trust government and pay some more taxes.some seats could be sold for expensive costs. It can also help people like Cazz who do not seem to be having much chances to progress after war.fame from winning tournament could also help to gain swordmaster or grandmaster seat.

I have spent most of stats on i need something to defeat or my mc will be chopping flies.

Maybe a private club of knights or something.where members challenge each other with bets of money or lands.

I know paul you can not change everything on every you said its not power fantasy. But i can try to search what i want