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Will the self-contained cartridge be able to be modified onto cannons? Would bolt-action guns be able to be baneruned?


We are suppose to wait to discuss the Patreon article until it’s been released in the Soldiers Guide right? Because if not I have some questions.


I think so, yes.


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…really bro I will happy if my MC can die of old age in his bed. War is ugly scary and the worst thing we do to each other. And who know we can be playing as the daughter maybe.


I’m not sure how using a daughter to progress is at all like being a pimp, depending on what “using” and “progress” involve.


I would prefer to die in battle but if I can make it too old age that’s good enough for me


Bro first thing a warrior will not be so helpless someone changing his underwear and cleaning his ass in bed because he is too old and maybe sick. 2nd dying in battle might get you Saint hood


Yes, becoming a Saint of the Red would be quite a good ending for the series.


Bro i think we all joined this game being some kind of warrior or like that. A glorious way.only good thing you can do with your daughter or sister is get them married to best person you or she thinks or leave enough behind that they can do what they want.

But a powerful man like our mc getting his daughter married will be quite a big political thing. Any such marriage will be having huge political gains (ties) i am too old to fight then i do not want to fight as my daughter. I rather play the same game again and call it like 1 of best classic games of my time. Rather then stretching it too much.


Becoming a Saint of the Red would requires you to make a last stand in a battle and be killed, similar to what Hunter did as well as Saint Talbot did at Montjoy.


I’m not entirely sure I understand what the problem is?

Not wanting to go through politics, especially politics of a gender-unequal society?


Our MC is anything but powerful. Yes, they have a reputation as a good officer, but they wield almost no concrete power.

Not necessarily make a last stand. It could be anything truly heroic, if I recall correctly. If Cunaris had died during the Death-Ride he would probably have been made a Saint.


That is why i rather die in battle bro. I am pledging my support to hunter too.maybe i am wrong but that is how i think.i wanted to progress with soldiering and intelligence but i die so i had to go with soldiering and charisma. That point hurts me.when we will be holding huge armies we will need intelligence.

Btw i know i might have come around looking like an arrogant person in post back there. But it is what i idea how to sweet talk


If you charge at the Antari after taking the cannon for the FH, there’s a brief line on how that action was straight out of the tales of saints.

In a way, we kinda missed one chance for martyrdom already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It will be at least 20 years before daughter could get married. In 20 years mc will be 1 of most powerful member in society.


If you don’t mess up. Cataphrak will likely create many ways to commit political and social suicide.

Hopefully we can do the same at a Takaran fortress.


barrylyndon +1.


Elfwine i know we must face politics. I just want to finish game with mc rather then taking it to his grand childs.paul could move his magic stick and our mc will not grow old so fast lol


I’m not sure if post-facto Sainthood for Knights of the Red is a thing (like how Saints of the Green often don’t actually die in the pursuit of knowledge) but if it is, that would definitely count.