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Battle of Kharangia out now on patreon!


Nah, for the purposes of the series on 2K it’s assumed that Welles actually lived through the battle. If she died in your playthrough of Guns, she’s dead in Lords too.


Yep, to which Cataphrak said that the voters vote for the article topic so assume, for this case, that the choices allowed for this outcome.

It’s similar to Caius’ article describing him as a major; it accounts for certain player choices which don’t necessarily need to be canon.


And best not to forget that cata has mentioned that there’s gonna be a real awful bombshell in it.


I don’t think I realised the Earl of Crittenden’s a Cazarosta.


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On another note, I’m working on a new suggestion and voting system (as suggested by @cascat07) for the Patreon, so next month’s voting topic post might be a few hours.

Politics Thread

That was me!


@Cataphrak Did the evil cackling you made as you put in the latest posts on Patreon wake up your neighbors?


That would suck


Is there some random event to whether you have a son or daughter or both in the future or is it set to daughter only


Interesting stuff on Patreon.

@Cataphrak Exactly how is Crittenden’s mother (if I got the last names right) related to the Cazarostas?

I like how Welles views the capture of Januszkovil. Purely of logistical importance, yes ma’am.


You’ll have children after you had married at some point, however as the author had once mentioned: your first born child will always be a daughter.


Hmm and would you end up taking control of the daughter if/when your mc dies or will your mc be in it till the end because I’m not too sure about it


Who knows? Although some of us had that idea of having the players to play as the Dragoon MC’s daughter after the Dragoon Saga.


Ahh i see well either way it’s something to possibly look forward to although I would prefer to play as a male son/heir I have no issue’s if a female mc was to take over It would be something different


There’s no indication that the MC’s daughter will take over during the series. Any potential games as her would be in it’s own sequel series.


She was Leoniscourt’s aunt, so technically they’re first cousins.


Was Miguel safely ensconced aboard his flagship because he wanted to leave the conduct of the battle up to professional officers, and he felt his presence at HQ would be a distraction? Or does he just like playing at being a soldier without taking personal risks, and he was ready to set sail and abandon the army if things went south?


So Callum was his great-grandfather?