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@Cataphrak what would be the lowest intelligence for an MC to help with the budget?


My prediction is that the Aetorian MC will have lower costs to maintaining a Political Career but also less options in upgrading his Manor.

Also I believe that he will be the most able to mix politics and Manor improvements simple becausr he is like 5 to 6 days away from his house.


So the precedence to become Lieutenant General. You have to be a dick because they’re the only ones that are colonels of active regiments which is insanely expensive. For us to become a brigadier general is not as hard because it’s an appointment that we can get as a lieutenant colonel we could be considered a candidate. Even the money we make in the Ransom is a drop in the bucket in raising a regiment and then maintaining it. If you want to rise higher we would have to work on reforming the military. But honestly that is I won’t say secondary but our top priorities is dealing with this financial crisis clearing our debt Landing a suitable wife a producing an heir.

But yes the Army reforms can allow us to rise higher than we would normally be able to in the traditional system

And the final source of information we have is the fanbase has been treating the different threads as libraries and we piece together a lot of information from that. Which is by far the hardest but some of the most interesting kernels are there.


So you believe working on your state is vetter way to progress then military? That is what you mean right? I think marriage could go big way but i still feel military is most powerful way. I definitely hope there will be war.otherwise it won’t be much fun to me.what use is power if i can not spent it


What is the Takaran version of the regimental system? I remember Casius saying that the actions of Darius raised them to nobility which would mean he was at least a general of brigade before he even had a title? Could we not try and adopt this system to become colonel/general? Or is it to reliant on bane casting or something?


Depends on what you mean by “better”. The estate will likely help with your income in the long run whereas going to Aetoria will help you gain political influence at a cost.

While the military has been the MC’s main way of “moving up” in the series, there’s simply a general lack of foreigners to fight in open warfare at the moment. There will almost certainly be more wars in the future but for now, we get to choose how the MC develops between his estate or politics. One can argue that going into politics could potentially be more helpful to his military career if he becomes a part of the army commission.

@RTABarry the Takaran system, as far as we know, focuses on individual merit instead of the purchase of commissions (based on how even Cassius had to go to a school instead of just buying a position). It was briefly mentioned in Guns that attendees to Welles’ parlor discussed changes to the regimental system such as ending commissions. If you wanna play the radical, that could be an option.


You kidding brother this will most intense game in the series yet. Are power at the institutional level is very small right now. The war all it has for us has possible improve are rep gave give us network of connection we would not have otherwise and regardless a decent amount to but load of booty. All thing we use for our estate or poltical career.


Hey so it’d be pretty cool that if you supported hunter to sainthood, you could have a shot at knight grandmaster of the order of Saint Hunter. Or possibly, you could compete with Cazarosta to become knight swordmaster of another order.


We do but it just would be hard and I think Paul said he planing the sainthood to be long sub plot which means it could span football games we may not see until War or Masters.


Buddy first of all sorry if it’s answered somewhere and I’m too dumb to know. Can you tell me how many games will be in the series? War or Masters is a game name in the series? Please educate me on the subject.


So goes like this

sabre of infinity
guns of infinity
Lords of infinity
wars of infinity
masters of infinity

As we know right now they should all last around six or seven years. So by the end of series 36 to 38 maybe even 40 will go by it all depend on how much Paul plays with the time.


Also keep in mind that as the games progresses, time passes, and the MC gets older, their will be stat degradations. A 14 year old will obviously fair best against these and on the opposite end a 30 year old will fair worst. A 14 year old will be about late 50s early 60s I believe. But a 30 year old will more than likely be in his 70s. Pretty big difference especially considering the life expectancy of the time period.

@Cataphrak that makes me wonder, will we (the audience) see our MC die of old age (or other means, canonically), be an old man, or will it be determinent by the end of it all?


Yes, the time depends on the book. I believe Lords will span a longer amount of time than the others, considering that the time in that is measured in Seasons. 1 turn = 1 season.

Does Banecasting reduce Takarans’ lives?


Fast forward to a wrinkled, balding, and ailing MC overlooking his army as Councilor Militant

“Alright! It’s time that we show these Antari the fruits of our training!”

“My Lord, what-”

“We will make Khorobirit regret ever crossing swords with sixth troop, third squadron Dragoons!”

“Sir, we are facing the Taka-”

“We will beat them just like we did over the River Kharan and rendezvous with Major Hunter’s unit!”

“Lord Grandmaster, Saint Hun-”

“Lanzerel! Bring me my rune gun!”




Lanzeral by that time (if he survived) will be in his 80s already, and he should be long retired from his military service.


More likely than not, he’d be dead (cause sgtkill comes knocking pretty much every penultimate chapter of the series), which just adds to the tragedy of the Senile Councilor Militant


I honestly wonder if we do die in the series have have to play as our daughter who be in her late teens or early twenties.


I don’t think he was saying it would definitely happen, but I remember Cata saying something along the lines of, “That certainly is a possibility”, when someone said that they wanted their bedridden MC wishing well to their daughter who is now a Dragoon officer and going to fight in some conflict or another as an ending scene.


In case y’all have been obsessively checking Patreon like me, this month’s articles are up.


Interesting. Is the new patreon article the first example of a potentially dead character coming back to life in patreon content?