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Pallsier was made general-of-brigade despite being a lieutenant colonel, not a full colonel. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the infantry brigades at Second Kharangia are commanded by senior lieutenant colonels.


Well, Palliser’s a first.(one that we know) Considering the fact that Cunaris is handicapped and have to be put back on the defensive line.


Yes, I believe that Palliser was the first Lieutenant-Colonel do command a brigade. Dies that mean there were no colonels fit for battle in the Lancers, Cuirassiers, or Line Horse? We know Cunaris was/is disabled and cannot ride a horse, bit surely he isn’t the only Colonel of Horse in the entire RTA.


They have the colonel, but he’s currently stuck behind a desk inside RTI HQ.

They have one, but he had backed the peace factions and wanted to disband his father’s regiment.

We don’t know, but might have been killed at Blogia or other engagements.


Pallisier is the field commander of the Lancers. Wiltshire (rank unknown) commands(?) the 3rd of Horse, but we don’t know about the 1st, 2nd, or 4th. The Cuirassiers have all of two very understrength (if not too much worse than the average squadron strength for the regiments of Horse) squadrons present, so they probably don’t have anyone above a Major at Kharangia.

At Blogia, there were only four brigades needing commanders, that’s not the same thing as it being a requirement that a general-of-brigade be a colonel.

Edited: Do we actually have any information saying Wulfram wanted to disband the Cuirassiers? I know it’s been discussed by the fans, but there’s a considerable difference between “half-hearted at best about recruiting them up to strength” and “actually intending to disband them entirely”.

It might be the time of night that I’m typing this, but I don’t recall Cataphrak saying Wulfram intends to disband the regiment as just not throw more men to get killed in King Miguel’s war.


Might be the Lt.-colonel or Major, when he was first mentioned he was a Lieutenant or something.

maybe you’re right about that…


Well, here’s something I’d forgotten Cataphrak had posted on Wiltshire:

So he may be junior to Pallisier, it might be a matter of Havenport’s assessment of the two, or…we’ll probably see some greater detail when we know more on Second Kharangia.


I managed to glitch my character to Know Antari 3 do the secret mission pay the debt off and have like 30K in money in the end with both a brother and sister while keeping my lieutenants alive.

Hue Hue Hue.


Did you kill Lady Aleksandra? Because if I want to achieve that perfect gameplay, I had no option but to mod my own game file.


Wait how do you mod game files?

I just waited Cataphrak to update the game to glitch it.

Also what is your perfect playthrough so I can give you advice.


How did you glitch it


I just use 7Zipper on my laptop to open the game file and change the number on both txt.file and json.file.

Well my perfect playthrough would be doing the Secret Mission and capture Princess Anna. I don’t find it worthy to make an enemy of a duke’s heir to pay my debt. Or use my modded game file to max out all stat, relationship, and money.


What advice so you need then capturing Anna isn’t that difficult if you put your mind to it.


Yeah but it’s just a difficult decision everytime I face it. My debt cleared out with the enmity of Renard or a 4000 crown but unsure if my debt could be cleared out in Lords. After all, if I’m aiming for estate management in Lords, the debt will be quite the pain for my wallet.


It’ll be more of a pain if you choose to get into politics. At least with estate management, the money you choose to give up will go towards increasing your income.


Wait, how? I thought the politics path will be heavily reliant on our relation and connection.


You’ll need to pay to maintain an expensive townhouse if you want to impress anyone. You’ll need to entertain guests, bribe people, wear fancy clothes, attend all the finest parties…


Even for an Aetorian MC? Isn’t their manor located there?


No, your manor is located on your barony, which is a few days away from the city itself (six days actually, IIRC.)


Some say it’s about four days instead… but point is, your Barony is at a distance between the capital/ ducal capital.