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Hunter got about two thousand crown, which seems like a lot by the standards of the MC’s circumstances, but is kind of a drop in the bucket for the Hunters of Wolfswood.

The problem is that the Dowager Viscountess doesn’t have control over any of those funds, Wulfram does.


@Cataphrak So as far as getting a sense of Wolfswood and families of such riches (paraphrased) “You didn’t have enough money to buy a lieutenant colonelcy when we last spoke.” more like “Hey, you got the new car you were talking about buying the other day” as far as how big a deal it is?


Not quite. Eight thousand crown is still a lot of ready cash for Hunter. It’d probably take him a few years worth of net income to amass that kind of money for discretionary spending. Under normal circumstances, he probably would have had to mortgage some of his estate to afford it.

Hartigan’s trying not to directly ask “Did you sell something to afford that commission?” because then he’d be officially stepping over the line from an acceptable topic (promotion) into an unacceptable one (financial difficulty).



I might be misreading here, but Hunter seems like he should be taken as someone who is very secure in his position in general as far as his attitude. Not just this conversation, but what we see of how he behaves.

Not the real top of society,but high placed enough and successful individually enough that the unwritten rules of society can be bent by his opinions if he doesn’t do anything obviously egregious in doing so.

It’s making me more than a little jealous as I start thinking about it.


What will Wulfrum do with it? Excuse my ignorance, but I thought ransoms went through Grenadier Square and then to directly to the officer, like it did with us.

Hunter was the :goat:. He had so much going for him. Knight of the red, lieutenant-colonel of grenadier guards, heir to a relatively wealthy viscount, politically influential and decently well liked, bane caster of the 9th calibre, and more.

Now his house will die out. Such a waste.

A reasonable feeling. I feel it about most all other characters in this story in some way. Except Carrecourt.

F**k Carrecourt.


The ransom went through, and it was duly put into Hunter’s accounts.

The problem is that when Hunter died with no legal heir, that money (along with the rest of his estate and assets) enters sort of a legal limbo under the trust of the Duke of Wulfram. He’s not supposed to spend it so much as keep it for whoever ends up being the next Viscount of Wolfswood.


Which would be? If it’s too spoilery then don’t say. Not trying to pry. I like surprises… mostly.


I was curious about this, given Prince Khorobirit’s willingness to pay an exorbitant ransom to get his daughter back after his wife is killed and his forces are routed.

Marrying a son or daughter of the defeated Royal family into that of the victorious Royal family could potentially be used to reinforce the victor’s dominance, secure obedience from the defeated, and legitimise the peace in the eyes of Church, State and people.

The League is similarly hard pressed as the victorious Tierran forces keep campaigning, initially ignoring the League’s attempts to end hostilities and secure peace.

But yeah, Takara would politely advise King Miguel that such a proposal wouldn’t be beneficial for Tierra.


Tierra may have emerged the victor, but Antar was still far, far away from being a truly defeated nation; Tierra was not dominant, and Antar was not in a position to be made obedient.

Basically, the UK was in no position to impose terms on the League, as can be seen with the very light terms the war ended on.


I was thinking more on the line that if Tierrans kidnapped/accidentally captured lady Alkesandra & refused to ransom her back as a way of ensuring that reparations come through,
Then would it not serve as a sort of rallying cry for the rest of League of Antar that “Oh fuck they are kidnapping baneblooded children now. Our families could be next. Let’s unite & deal with these barbarians”

proceeds to assemble an army quarter of million strong. Marches on Tierrans


lanzerel for smash?


I am very sorry and I swear that @Elfwine put me up to it entirely. He used threats of physical violence and certain incriminating photos in his possession to blackmail me.

Edit: @Elfwine has advised me that you may very well be actually mad and understandably so and jokes probably won’t help my case, so speaking seriously I’m very sorry.


I am, especially beacue you get to actually act like an outlaw in this one instead of a goody sheriff. And I heard that they been developing it for 8 years so it has to be good.


I didn’t intend to cause any offense or discomfort, so my apologies for any I caused as well…


I did the Disgraced Hero playthrough. Hating Garret is well and truly justified. But not much was said about Palliser though, I still know nothing about him except that he was a General of Brigade at 2K


Palliser is the Lt.-colonel of the WRL, second in command to Warburton’s flamboyant Houseguards. The MC can be the same age as to him, but the biggest difference is that he is a significant hero of 2K, and someone said that he had earned himself a victory title as a Viscount or something like that.


At Blogia he was the only Squadron Commander in the Lancers to survive the charge against the Hussars, and was knighted and promoted to Major (I think.) At some point he then bought a promotion to Lieutenant-colonel. As a reward for leading the cavalry brigade at 2K, he will be made a Viscount of Kharangia (this is just a victory title, though; it comes with no actual holdings, and Kharangia still belongs to the Antari, but it does grant him a seat in the Cortes.) His family holds no other titles or lands.

He’s also really popular, because unlike the other important commanders (such as Castermaine and Havenport), he isn’t actually tied to any political factions, which means it’s safe to say you like him without people assuming that you’re pushing an agenda.


Wow. How do you know all this? Is there like a deluxe edition of the game somewhere or what


Nah, you just merely missed the part of the bigger picture. You can always find the details in previous posts.


Palliser is also very idealistic and, I don’t know for sure but I’d assume, merciful. Play a cynical character that goes to 2K, in Havenport’s tent - before the battle - see what your character says about him. I believe it’s something along the lines of “Then there is Palliser, that glory thirsty fool.”

Pretty funny.