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“The Luftwaffe can’t bomb us if we are within fifteen feet of their own men.”

That was the crux of Chuikov’s whole defensive scheme in Stalingrad.

  1. Hug the enemy.
  2. Lure the Panzers into narrow streets where we can hit them.
  3. Make the Germans feel as if they are living under the barrels of the Soviet soldiers.
  4. Hope that 3/10 soldiers coming down the Volga make it.
  5. If Vasilevesky doesn’t give me enough ammo roar until he gives me a week’s supply.
  6. Hope that you don’t actually all have to die in Stalingrad.


Changing the topic here but this is a subject I find interesting and want to hear all your opinions (but please be civil, not trying to start a war - pun intended).

As we are all history nerds and gaming geeks (I use those terms in a good way, as I believe I am those things too), how does everyone feel about the EA controversy with Battlefield V?


What controversy is that? I’ve been reduced to Android only gaming for the past few years so am kind of out of the loop. Le sigh.


They show a female character fighting, who also happens to have a period-accurate prosthesis. This was quickly morphed by the usual suspects into “Battlefield 5 is an SJW historical revisionist feminist propaganda piece.”

It’s irrational to me, but no more irrational than the rest of the Gamergate nonsense.


The crux of the issue is that a few angry misogynistic men feel insecure about how having female PCs in a game where female soldiers fought bravely alongside men and that this is threatening their tiny penises.


Don’t really see a problem beside some people not liking the cover and something about advance tech in the settling.


Is that still going on?

Then again, I really shouldn’t underestimate the anger of the “historical accuracy, but only as an excuse for no women/PoC in my vidya games” contingent, should I?


The thing is it will always go on because people feel that there’s this “War on Masculinity” and that vidya games are our only sanctuary where they can be misogynistic pigs and not be held accountable. Because the universe is conspiring against men blah blah blah.

Hard for me to get it because I don’t see the point of getting angry over something as trivial as women in a Battlefield game. Where the biggest historical study they do is looking up the name of the battle.


Brother. They took our jerbs and our historical accuracy…

Speaking of which. Peter Jackson has done stunning work for the Imperial War Museum. His team have restored and colorized 100 hours of original World War I footage. Information and trailer for the 90 minute documentary: They Shall Not Grow Old


Yeah, that’s more or less my thought on the matter. There is a point where I’m willing to go “the developers put a lot of effort into this, made a lot of concessions to authenticity, and I can accept that [not having group present[ is one of them.” but that is damn high standard, which is one I’m trying to attain for my work on Burden of Command.


“I cleave to historical accuracy as long as it suits my intentionally limited and hostile worldview” is hilarious, no matter what the inciting incident is.

This particular flavor of the above-cited issue is the most baffling to me. If you think no women fought in the Soviet Union, in the French Resistance, as partisans in Eastern Europe, etc, then you’re cherry-picking history. Plain and simple.


I mean, “women weren’t allowed to serve as US combat infantry in WW2” is a historically accurate statement, but that raises the question of why you would choose that bit of history to show how “authentic” you are as opposed to things like “infantry firefights usually took place at a range of 100-400 metres, and mostly consisted of laying down suppression in the vague direction of the enemy.”


Oh I forgot to mention, the cousin who supposedly died in the Bulge actually survived the Bulge and died later in Southern Germany. My dad looked him up in the US Military archives. So at least he didn’t die in the first week of service.

Of course it’s really hard to learn anything about cousin Robert who fought from Northern Africa-VE Day. Since he went to the grave without saying a word about it. I think the only thing he ever told my dad was when he (my father) said he was visiting Italy. “I got the grand tour of Italy, spent nearly two years trying to get from one end of the damned country to the other.”


The former portion is taking a standard that applies to the US milirary and applying it to everyone else. The US military also had segregated units like the Tuskeegee Airmen and 761st Tank Battalion, but you can look at the French Foreign Legion and see that segregation wasn’t evenly applied to every single professional military in the world.

The latter portion is only really acceptable if you aren’t intentionally touting authenticity. Y’know, like a Battlefield game, or Inglourious Basterds.


They counter that with “not as much as men” most of the times, from my experience.


And I’ve already pointed out elsewhere that the argument apparently doesn’t apply to the very specific “Hollywood” units that tend to get portrayed in games (the 101st Airborne is probably the biggest contender there.)

If we only portrayed the most common allied combatants in WW2 games, then WW2 games would pretty much be following the Red Army and the National Revolutionary Army (and assorted warlord allies) exclusively.


Oh yes, EA’s stock has dropped by 10% and the estimated revenue has hit an all time low with preorders falling flat. And when the CEO (I believe, don’t quote me though) came out and said, “either buy the game or dont, I don’t care” (paraphrasing), well… he was mysteriously let go and no one knows why. Regardless how you feel on the subject, this has been a business disaster all around.

On the actual controversy, however, please excuse my ignorance, but did women fight openly in the war alongside men? I know many fought, whether they cross dressed or not, so that’s not my question. I’m wondering if Battlefield V’s representation is accurate. (Probably not, but I want to hear other opinions.)


The business side of things is due to EA continuously being on the wrong side of the issue when it comes to the rights of the consumer, and getting bit in the ass for it. Countersuing several European gaming commissions because they’re forcing you to regulate the gambling in your games does not look good, no matter how big your company is. I wouldn’t be surprised if the controversy wasn’t helping, but it’s not the sole root of EA’s troubles.


In vast numbers, particularly in the Red Army and in Partisan forces from France to Manchuria. By the end of the war, the Germans were also taking just about anyone they could into the Volkssturm and the Japanese were planning to follow suit in the defence of the home islands.

There was also the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, which was an interesting story of its own: an all-female infantry regiment which was part of the Japanese-aligned Indian National Army. They came very close to fighting in combat, but the Burmese campaign ended before they traded more than a few shots.

Women also played a major role in non-combat roles, as administrators, medical staff, and in logistical work (like ferrying warplanes across the Atlantic). That work was vital, and in many cases brought them within artillery range of the enemy.


Part of the Soviet success in Stalingrad was that due to vast quantities of women stepping up. It freed a lot of fighting men from administrative duties, stretcher bearers, and radio operation. It also helped that they were willing and encouraged to fight for their homes.

They also dug the trenches, placed barbed wire, and manned AA batteries.

I’m sure it also helped when the Soviets passed along Hitler’s orders that all surviving women would be sent back to Germany to be prostituted out.