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H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y.


It reminds me of a story from the beginning of World War II (Not entirely true, just Nazi propaganda), where a colonel of Polish cavalry, the name is Kazimierz , tried to charge against the panzers.


If you sit with him at dinner, Elson basically hints that a relative pulled strings to fast-track his promotion.


Dragoons are one of the most common unit types in a modern army. They just ride APCs instead of horses.


Cazarosta confirmed as Batman. You thought his superpower was his ruthlessness, but he was actually just rich enough to get the best troops and equipment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Heheh… Nah I know that, I was actually asking about Cazarosta


Now that I think about it, Cazarosta’s family is one hell of a family. Their daughter is a RTI’s agent, their bastard son is a talented officer and a hero of Blogia. Damn, their father must be quite proud of them even if he doesn’t show it.


I know that, just they still attained the role and title as “cavalry”. But in reality they’re armoured units.


No they are Calvary. I know this I’m in one. We just evolve the pass horse. Armored is tanks brother


Though to be fair, didn’t your armoured officers wear spurs until like, the 80s?


I’m new to the army so I’m just discovering this now. I’m used to all the homoeroticism and cult worship of the Marine Corps


Only for ceremonial functions. Spurs along with a Cavalry Stetson. U.S. Cavalry Regiments still wear them for ceremonial functions. But they have to be earned, either through a Spur Ride or through combat while serving in or attached to a Cavalry Regiment.

@Rogar What’s your MOS? I was a 19D.


Where you just wear enlisted marines who haven’t deployed on your feet, right?

Wait, what do you mean that’s not what you mean by “boots”?

So it only applies to historical cavalry regiments, or do “armored” regiments get that privilege too?


Armored regiments get the privilege too, as long as they are Armored Cavalry Regiments. Regular armored regiments don’t.

I guess the key takeaway is that you have to have Cavalry in your name. That pretty much sums it up.


In the British Army every armoured regiment bar the Royal Tank Regiment is a cavalry regiment, though the “armoured” part stretches from MBTs like the Challenger 2 right down to a Jackal AFV which is basically an open top personnel carrier. And all of the regiments still retain their traditions, bar the actual riding of horses, which only the Household Cavalry do now. But I suppose the British Army is, like was said the other day, a Frankenstein’s monster of amalgamations and traditions.
And then basically every infantry regiment has the function of the dragoons of old, even more so than the Light Dragoons.


The British armoured tradition is historically contiguous with its cavalry tradition. At some point (I think in the late 20s/early 30s) the cavalry started swapping out horses for vehicles and kept going on as before.

When the Americans were trying to put together an armoured force, the infantry, artillery, and cavalry all fought over jurisdiction, until they just gave up and made it a separate organisation.


You can view American cavalry regiments that have turned in their Abrams and Bradleys for the Stryker as being Dragoons as well. They ride into combat, then dismount the vehicles and fight on foot.

Don’t forget the tank destroyers. Nobody knew what to do with them either, so they also ended up being their own organisation. Which, I might add, almost never fought according to the doctrine that was written for it, cause the doctrine didn’t fit with the reality on the ground.


As long as we all remember that we are talking about mounted Infantry and not dismounted cavalry. I won’t let anyone imply that i was a cavalryman all along.


You wish you were though. We got the cool hats and the spurs :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, turns out “force enemy armour to attack your tank destroyers” doesn’t work so great when you’re the one required to constantly advance.