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Then prepare to be disappointed.


I’m not so sure! Plenty enough grumpy cunts in real life already, we don’t need to fill our fiction with them too, do we? Rather have an uplifting tale of how we can improve society and overcome the barriers that separate us, than a story of failures and marginalised, oppressed peoples.


This is not necessarily going to be one of those stories. One of the goals of this story is to demonstrate the struggle of being marginalized, and potentially oppressed (or at the very least, bullied around by powers greater than you.)


I agree! It’s the same with the gender roles in Tierran society, right? By having this uneven society presented to us, and then giving us the opportunity to change it for the better… that’s probably more interesting than simply having a perfect world right from the start.

With this in mind is why I still hold great hopes for Caz / the baneless going forward in the story. If we start at the bottom where things are terrible, the only way to go is up!


I really couldn’t see Caz climbing any higher at peacetime. He only advanced as far as he did by being Wulfram and Havenport’s pet deathborn and doing things far too disgraceful for a gentleman.

He got as far as he did by being useful to the powers that be and someone like Caz won’t have much use to powerful figures in a country at peace.


Look beyond Tierra. You have multiple Great Powers leering over the country, hoping to push it around and eventually use it for their own ends. It will likely feel like a struggle just to end this series without Tierra being puppeted, annexed, or destroyed. The first two games were spent trying to prevent that outcome, and the situation still looks rather grim.

You aren’t being marginalized by Tierran society, because you don’t get to play as a woman or a baneless.

Also, on another note:


  1. Cazarosta mentions a shortage of carbines and horses. Does that mean some of his men had to walk without weapons or mounts until the person in front of them died?
  2. Were the unofficial requirements for achieving higher command in the Grenadiers (Knighthood, Cortes title, etc.) lifted by the end of the war?


Thanks for making some great points! I guess it’ll be tough to balance social reforms with maintaining Tierran independence from foreign powers; might even be one of the main themes of the series as we move forward.

People are allowed to be upset about other people being marginalised. If I see some racism going down, I can still step in and complain, even if I’m not part of the ‘race’ receiving the abuse.


Oh yes, but that’s not the same as being the one who is actually getting marginalized.


I’d argue that it’s not that “burning people alive is evil” exists outside context as it does serve as an action which societies have to restrict if they want to exist beyond a very small size. I think it’s telling that in a lot of cases, the argument justifying the act of burning people alive is some kind of “they’re not in our societal in-group”.

It will be, but not through selling out. Note that a sale of commission does have to be approved by the Regimental Colonel (and Grenadier Square), so selling to Caz is more or less an impossibility.

Absolutely, especially if you have a Gryphon.

Grenadier Square is normally just a clearinghouse in that regard. They theoretically can withhold approval, but usually, it’s the Colonel who refuses purchases.

It means he had to buy them himself, for the most part.

Kind of? The Grenadiers are still a pretty socially stratified outfit, and Lefebvre only gets away with not having a title by the fact that his uncle’s a Marquess, but the limits aren’t as hard and fast.


Oh no.

Now I know there’s actually a serious threat of the Dragoons being disbanded.

I’ll die before I wear that Lancer uniform.


This! Dragoons! Dragoons! The King’s Dragoons!


after hours of the Discord regulars speculating on how Caz dealt with the supply shortages, like giving some men carbines and some sabers in makeshift pike and shot formations, ordering the dismounted to charge enemies on foot or using the weapon less as meat shields

“Oh yeah he’s filthy rich so he just bought them. That’s far more sane and reasonable than literally everything we came up with.”


It will surely be a TMST.

I think I’ll lose my legs for wearing that tight breeches.


Thank you for the reply. And Happy Birthday mate :balloon:


Hopefully, Garing (with the help of an MC with high intelligence) will create the Garing Gun and all the cavalry regiments will be disbanded.


That won’t disband them. Cavalry, especially Dragoons, will still have a place on the battle for a long time.

(Also I don’t think that weapon will be adopted for general issue.)


Now that will be the end of the whole army, you can’t really fight or even stand a good chance in a battle without cavalry.


There were horse cavalry units right up through World War 2, long after the invention of the machine gun, let alone a Dreyse style bolt action needle gun. I think the cavalry will be around for a while. We still need scouts after all.


What action did he perform to attain the Lieutenant rank? I’ve always been curious about that


We don’t know, though I think Cataphrak has hinted that he might tell us in the future.