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I’m just going off of the historic Purchase System. Any rank up to Colonel was for sale to any officer who could afford it as long as the seller agreed to it. Horse Guards, or in the case of the game Grenadier Square, only monitored and controlled promotions above the rank of Colonel, which were not for sale. I don’t know if @Cataphrak is going to use the historic example as his guide, or follow the path you are suggesting.


There is some level of approval necessary to sell/buy a commission. Especially when it comes to the de facto field leadership position of the regiment.

Cazarosta will never receive a Lt. Colonel position unless every captain, major, lieutenant, cornet, and Baneblood old enough to hold a pistol is dead.


In this case they’re going to make an exception. Since Deathborn aren’t normally allowed to become officers, yet alone command an entire regiment.


Grenadier Square has the ultimate power and authority to decide matters in the commission of going to who, especially the person’s own bloodright, if you sell your Lt.-colonel’s commission, it will ultimately goes to someone like Garret or Renard.


So far, the series has been following the historical example of promotion. Time in grade, seniority, availability, and the seller’s willingness to sell. I haven’t seen any examples of Grenadier Square getting involved in the promotion system at all. That is why I was wondering if it will continue the same way, or if an exception will have to be made to the historic example due to Caz’s status. Right now, we’re all just speculating. I haven’t seen any definitive statement about the possibility of switching regiments or selling our commission to Caz. That’s why I asked.


But not in this case, one thing that is the key here is the person’s own bloodright. Because Deathborns are not, well… highly regarded by all. While it is the baneblood in this world and this case can only hold extremely senior ranks. It can already be considered as remarkable that Caz was able to rose to the rank of Major instead of just a captain.


It was remarkable that he even made it to Lieutenant.

IIRC, the action he performed to get that Lieutenant promotion in the first place would have earned any other officer a knighthood and a commission in the Grenadiers.


I agree with you on this. That’s why Caz is now the Regimental Quartermaster and not leading a squadron anymore. But seeing as how influential his father is, and how much sway he holds over Cunaris due to his controlling of so much of his debt, I don’t see it as being outside the realm of possibility that Caz could become the regiment’s Lt.Col. As you say, Grenadier Square may stop this. But again. His father is very influential and he is a war hero. So I say it can’t be ruled out.


Here’s your definitive answer: It isn’t possible. Cazarosta is Deathborn, which means he shouldn’t have been given a commission in the first place. Since then he has never purchased a commission since they cannot be sold to him. All of his promotions were merit based. Even if you could sell your commission to Baneless and Deathborn, your reputation would be annihilated and Cunaris would unilaterally decide to remove Caz from the regiment.


I agree. Like I said, I believe reasons and motives are very important, but not dillusions. Perhaps they can be one in the same. However, my MC is perfectly comfortable being “evil”. That’s how he keeps internal consistency. He knows what he does is wrong (at least by societies standards), but is perfectly fine with that. He doesn’t believe he deserves anything. More like, the world is a cruel place so why not adapt and enjoy it? I think this is a rather unique way to play it and I want to see how it turns out.

Thank you for replying though. Ive enjoyed talking with you and everyone else on the forum. Very stimulating conversations.

Here I will have to respectfully disagree. I think those are reasons or maybe motives, but not justifications. I may be defining the words differently though. I think of reasons as just why you did something, not why something is ok. Just my take on it.

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His father was just being nice(? Or something else?)just to make sure that Caz, the son of his wife who was accused of adultery to be raised properly as if he was his own child. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that his father is helping him to achieve even higher. He only gave Caz the basic needs while Caz do the rest for himself.


And switching regiments afterward likely wouldn’t be on the table, since who would accept the guy that sold his commission to a Deathborn? Clearly a bad judge of character, which isn’t a quality you want in someone that has to lead men into battle, after all.


Perhaps you are right. I asked the question cause I don’t know the answer. The only one who knows for sure is @Cataphrak. All we are doing is speculating. We don’t know if we can switch regiments. We don’t know what the results of the reform commission may be. We don’t even know if our regiment will continue to exist since @Cataphrak said he was toying with the idea of amalgamating regiments. Unless and until he responds, we can’t say anything is definitely one way or another.


Oh boy!! This could be getting worse!!


Well no, there are rules in the universe which our character follows. And there are things that we can make logical connections to.

For example: Cazarosta receiving all of his promotions required acts of valor so significant that if he were a Baneblood he’d be a well known war hero. We know this because of our own interactions with Cazarosta, and from seeing with our own eyes his actions. We aren’t told this, but from what we’ve seen in the universe it’s not hard to see this as fact.

(Note: If Caz was born a Baneblood the entire situation would be different anyway, as he wouldn’t even be in the regiment.)

You are making a claim that we should be able to sell our commission to Cazarosta because the series has ‘followed the historical example of promotion.’ However, this isn’t a historical game, and what the game might follow now isn’t always going to apply later. The universe of the Infinite Sea is significantly different from our own universe. One example is that in this universe birth status matters more. You get some low level magic powers when born, on top of the historical benefits of nobility. However, in our world Cazarosta probably would have been seen as a legitimate son, and not a bastard. That alone is a rather large change.

Another reason we can’t sell our commission to him is because our character understands some rules of his world. One of them being “selling Cazarosta the most important position in the regiment = bad for me.” It’s a similar reason why you can’t just sell your commission to one of your sergeants, or randomly murder a man in your squadron. There are rules your character, no matter how idealistic, ruthless, smart, or stupid, will follow.

And while you’re correct that we don’t know anything about the future of the game, we know the rules that have been established now. We don’t know if we can switch regiments, we don’t know how reform will work, and we don’t know if our regiment will exist in the future, but following the universe’s previous rules we can make educated assumptions about the universe. One being that you cannot, either because of the rules of society or because of the understanding of your character, sell your commission to Cazarosta.


A lot of Dragoon Saga fans seem to want Caz to be sidelined, disrespected and mistreated because of his baneless blood. I don’t get it! I’m really looking forward to my MC doing everything he can to support Caz in whatever way he can.

Honestly I think selling him the commission isn’t as important as being willing to speak up for him in public. As a respectable, experienced high-ranking officer and a baneblood lord we can shield him and assist him in his endeavours.

Longterm I’d really hope Caz gets the respect he’s earned as a veteran and true war hero. Anybody familiar with his situation - which includes the leadership of the Royal Dragoons - must know of his incredible talents, bravery and leadership skill. These are irrefutable facts and it should be interesting to see how these facts will survive when they encounter “but muh baneblood”-type arguments from civilian lords.

If gender roles in Tierran society are going to be changed, then changing the baneblood class system may be on the cards, too. Perhaps after another book or two we’ll see changes in Tierran society none of us thought possible or likely.

Also: Die Hard but set in Aetoria; best idea ever? Yippee ki-yay, my dear fellow. :gun::gun::gun:


If that be the will of the Saints… :wink:



That won’t change anyone’s opinion of him, it will only change their opinion of you.

They are also aware of his war crimes and his high casualty rate. And even if those weren’t issues they’re just going to find another reason to criticize him.


We don’t necessarily want him to be sidelined. But he is. And the only reason he’s even gotten as far as he has now is because Cunaris honors his debts, and Havenport is desperate for someone useful.

We’re not saying supporting him is a bad thing? We’re saying selling him our commission is something that will never happen. Because Cunaris would rather die than have not just a deathborn, but Caz specifically, as part of hus staff. And Havenport would only approve if everyone else in line for the commission was dead.

Not disagreeing with you there.

And his laser-targeted butchery. Even if Caz wasn’t a deathborn, Cunaris would rankle at the conduct he’s displayed, re: rules of engagement. He certainly doesn’t hesitate to call out the MC.


In any case I’ll be entering Lords with a great sense of optimism with regards to Caz’ future. Positivity!