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Oh yes, absolutely! A strong personal sense of morality is very important, I think, no matter a person’s views on divinity. But if you believe in a divine power, though, it seems a given that a person would have quite different views on morality, as their god(s) are infinitely aware of that person’s every hidden thought and action.

If I was to steal a chocolate bar then my only concern, as a godless heathen, would be being caught. I can define my own code of justice, ethics and morality and act accordingly in concert with society. But for a religious person doing the same they’ve just put themselves one step closer to eternal damnation and torture. That’s serious shit!

This is how we find Caz: entirely enthralled with a greater divine morality. For better or worse, he is far more concerned with the ethics of the gods than those of the people on his earth. He clearly experiences a very large disconnect between the two concepts, to the point that he’s basically a religious warrior, fighting purely and wholeheartedly in the name of his gods. :superhero:

Thinking on this, we’ve never had choices to define our MC’s views on the Saints, have we? Will be interesting going forward in the series to see how tangible the presence of the Saints becomes, particularly with reference to Caz’s potential futures.


I think our MC is atheist or agnostic at best… He only ever goes to the chapels to check on Cazarosta…
Well if I could define my MCs religion, I’d definitely be a devout worshiper of St. Octavia’s bouncing tits :grin:


But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the MC cannot be a religious one…


Will we get to see more of the religion in Lords @Cataphrak?


More likely to be a page for the soldier’s guide in the future I would assume…


I think that’s what the Knightly Orders page was for.

I’m personally more interested in the religions of Takara, Kian’Zi, and M’hidyos.


So far we know that Takara doesn’t have a state religion, but most likely to be having the same religion as the Buteans does among the Takarans. Kian’ze had the Court of Heaven, probably something a bit similar to the Asian religious beliefs(?).


Yes, and M’hidyos’s religion is apparently the closest thing the Infinite Sea has to Christianity, but we know far less about these religions than we do about the Saints.


I thought it was the Mersdonian and Antari religion that is close to Christianity?


Here’s the relevant post.


Not in the principle of utility if the consequences outweigh the bad of act itself. So killing a to end a great war.


The term “necessary evil” exists specifically to describe evil actions committed for the greater good.


Happy Birthday boo boo!!!


Brother odd an introduction to ethics class and take some theology courses. Personally I’m very surprised actually how much of ancient Greek philosophy goes well with Christianity


Remember that Christianity came after societies like Egypt and Greece had already been at their peak, so it would only be natural that Christian teachings draw inspiration from those societies.


@Cataphrak I was wondering if it is going to be possible to switch to another regiment, perhaps the Experimentals if they are stood-up as a regular regiment. If so, can we sell our Lieutenant-Colonel commission to Caz, since it seems to be the only way he’ll ever attain that rank?


Grenadier Square will never let us do that.


@Cataphrak will our decorations have any effect on Lords? I was wondering if MC has a specific decoration, it will be much easier to join a club or something like that.


I don’t think they can stop us. It’s our commission. I had a playthrough where Cunaris didn’t particularly like me, but still had to let me buy Keane’s commission cause I had the money, the time in grade, and the position was open.


Yes they can.

Yes, because you’re a Baneblood and the only other option is someone they will never sell it to under any circumstance.