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One of the import-only bonuses will be bringing your old warhorse back from Antar, assuming you bought one instead of requisitioning one. Even one of the lower tier mounts is still a cut above the saddle and coach horses an estate like yours has.

I think that might be an overestimate of individual Western European governments in particular, and the political cultures of those individual countries in general. I’m not sure that the Syrian Civil War and its associated migrant “crisis” have created a rise in far-right sentiment as it has exposed those people who always had it, and were simply able to reconcile it with ostensibly “conventional” political views because their governments never implemented that “effective action and effective policy” you’re talking about.

Like in the US, I have a sneaking suspicion that these aren’t people who changed their minds, so much as they are representatives of long-term cleavages within civil society.

One of the first “upgrades” to can make to your house literally involves replacing the broken windows.


For the small price of like 500 crowns because with these taxes glass must be expensive as fuck.




Thus supercharging the extreme right and the political parties dedicated to them who had, at least in Western Europe, often been only marginal actors before that, on par with the surviving Communist parties on the left. The worst thing is that the more conservative parties are now also moving starkly to the right because of it.
As for economic and the more “cultural” side social policy (drug decriminalization and legalisation, lgbtq issues, etc) that is where misses Merkel ostrich politics have really held back not only Germany, but the EU as a whole. Portugal’s socialist government, despite opposition from Frau Kanzler was one of the more effective in tackling the effects of the crisis while tiny Iceland was the country to ever attempt to prosecute some of its facilitators. And (increasing, in spite of the reasonable to booming economies across the EU at present) economic discontent is the other main component feeding the political fringes, although unlike the current social discontent it has been somewhat beneficial to the left too. Still, overall it was the extreme right-wing, not the left who came out of the latest series of crisis supercharged.

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This is going to be my ancient family Castle Mansion… Hope Katarina loves it :slight_smile:
It got such beautiful view in the Capital city :-):sweat_smile:

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The problem is that the centre and centre-right can’t offer viable solutions to the problems their own establishment caused (mostly back in the 80s), the far-right are offering the prospect of easy solutions, and the vast majority of the people who remembered how disastrously that worked out last time are dead.

Meanwhile the left establishment’s been trained by decades of a centrist orthodoxy to believe that people don’t actually want drastic, sweeping solutions, which leads to them toning down their own policy (see: Obama on public healthcare) out of fear that they might make themselves unelectable - with the only alternative on the left being groups which seem to be all too happy to either become Strasserists in all but name, or happily cape for the same kind of deranged conspiracy theories (“everything I disagree with is CIA propaganda, yes, including your lived experiences”) that discredited them back in the 40s.


Miguel has quite a ways to go before he gets to that level.

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I think the fact that we think it necessary to brand these movements as “far right” is trying to place them on a political spectrum that we know and deal with. All of these parties and movements are widely different in economic, social, environment and foreign policy. The only thing really combining them are their anti-muslim policies. As such they should be engaged as racist parties, and not as something existing as borderline fascist or ultra-conservative.

And it is the normalisation of racism that has led to their rise. Unhelpfully fueled by poor integration attempts, overly active capitalist exploitation of cheap labor to maximize profits, and unfortunately by the socialists themselves.

The previous decades of anti-internationalist rhetoric by Socialist parties throughout Europe has really come back to bite them in the ass. Years and years of badmouthing eastern european workers, or southern european laziness in production, or migrant workers from northern africa, just made it easier for these new racist movements and parties to hijack the worker voting base.

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Suddenly it stopped raining in the Salt Coast.

The experience was surreal then everything smelt of how a very dirty harbor smells.

Then it started raining again.


That’s an interesting perspective, and one that I’ve heard before. The context might be different in COntinental Europe, but it feels like that in North America, people who want to “lean in” to racist policy do so by making common cause with existing racist groups, which are almost invariably far right (in may cases actual Neo-Nazi splinter groups). So while the parties themselves may not brand themselves as “far-right”, enough of their constituency is to make them beholden to far-right policy.


Discipline: 99.3%


It’s difficult for me to say, but I will say it anyway. I really hope (perhaps in vain, but even so) people like our own @P_Tigras might be indicators that this may be about to change, as despite our often stark differences it appears we at least agree on most of the facts and a (small) common core of policies. Which at least seems to be more than those actually in power at the moment seem able to agree on. Probably, certainly for the centre-right, because the current establishment has far too much tied up with the benefits of the problems they caused, helped cause or facilitated back in the 80’s and 90’s.


Just to let everyone know, I’m not going to be participating in the beta (I would personally prefer to play through the finished product as a complete experience.) So after this thread closes I probably won’t turn up again until Lords is officially released.

It’s been fun participating in the discussions and sharing memes with you all. See you all again in however long the game takes to come out.


This thread has served its purpose, Lords has arrived at last.

Here’s an epilogue of sorts, to all of you who’ve been waiting alongside me.

It’s written in the perspective of every player, tried to make it somewhat generic for that.

Onto Lords.

Your hiatus is about to end, and it would likely be best if you were awake when it did.

It is but the work of a few moments to proceed onto the forum and up into the threads, yet your short passage seems to stretch into an eternity, the beat of your excited heart against your chest slowing as you take your last steps upon Guns soil.

You make your way to the new thread just in time to see the first bug being reported. There you remain as your hype is blown away by the marvels of Cataphrak’s writing. There you remain for hours yet as you watch the still-standing thread of Guns fading into obscurity, as you watch the place which you fought upon and argued upon for so long falling away in the excitement of newness.

Finally, as the emotion begins to dim and your choices begin to seem repetitive, you head to post-making. You must congratulate Cataphrak and start reporting errors yourself. You must check that your fellow posters aren’t being overly optimistic and that the discussions are fulfilling.

Meanwhile, the story continues on, carrying you towards the embrace of the encroaching, uncertain darkness.

And to Lords.

See if you can find on what it’s based. :stuck_out_tongue:



Check before the following text is reversed:

From the corner of your eye, the Grenadier fixes you with a hard look as he sets the sword before his King. You and Lieutenant colonel Lefebvre have a history, and it is not an altogether pleasant one. He still owes you a great number of explanations.


That was brilliant! Here is a another epilogue for this thread:

You take a deep, shuddering breath as your fingers close around the wooden grip of the pistol… Nope, that the wrong one.

As you look down again at the loaded pistol in your hands, your body animates with the fire of contempt… That’s not the right one either, hold on…

You emerge into the new thread with a head full of thoughts, pulling your mind in half a dozen different directions. You will need to have your website history altered, first of all. You have no doubt that there will be a great deal of thoughts for the posts of the new thread, not to mention the demo game of that new thread to begin with. New players and fans will need to be discovered.
There would, of course, also be the business of demanding of the new game and a guide for a complete walkthrough, and the debating of real-life politics besides.
_ _
You take a deep breath, for those tasks would only be the beginning of your labours.

After all, there is still a beta test to run.


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