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Seeing as the current Guns of Infinity discussion thread is nearing Discourse’s 10 000 post limit. I’ve started this new, unified discussion thread for all series discussion. This includes feedback and discussion for Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity, and speculation for Lords of Infinity, though that title will be getting a WIP thread of its own when I finish the first few chapters.

For the record, the links to the previous threads are below:
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Guns of Infinity Discussion (pt 2)

Also note that the series has both a TVTropes page, and a fan wiki, which could both use more love:
Infiniverse Wiki
TV Tropes Page

There is also a great deal of supplemental information available thanks to my supporters on Patreon, who fund my monthly setting column,A Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea.

Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)

Hello there…


Might as well get in on this with my still-work-in-progress FAQ. Regulars, feel free to add or edit.

Questions relating to the Infinity Series games

If you wish to see progress reports on the Infinity Series or other games made by @Cataphrak, please visit his blog, where he does regular updates on all of his games.

Q: When is (upcoming game) coming out?
A: We don’t know, more likely than not. CoG might give a release date, but even that is tenative.

Q: Can we do (action)/will (thing) be relevant/how useful will (thing) be/can we romance (character)/etc in (upcoming game)?
A: Until it comes out, we don’t really know what we can do in a given game. We have Cata’s statement on certain concepts, and we can speculate on whether or not those concepts will be there, but that is all it is: speculation.

Q: Are there any guides to helping maximize my character’s potential/get all the achievements?
A: There are a few floating around, but one of my favorites is the 100%/National Hero Guide by @muffy. Others have been posted, and a quick Google search will show them. The rule of thumb is that Aetorian MCs get the best personal stat boosts, paired with 18/25 year starts, Lanzerel as your sergeant, and prioritizing Intellect, then Charisma, then Soldiering. Discipline is very important for things like charges that are key to upping your Reputation, and Morale and Loyalty are both useful for making sure your soldiers don’t murder you in the middle of the night.

Q: How much does the MC’s barony make per year?
A: About 300 crowns, although it likely makes less due to our father slashing rent to retain tenants. The MC himself also has a 180 crown per year annuity for a Hero of Blogia, 12 crowns per month half-pay for a Major or 15 crowns per month half-pay for a Lieutenant-Colonel. That means, at the most ideal, the MC makes 660 per year.

Questions relating to the Infinite Sea setting

Before you ask any of these questions, please consult the Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea, an excellent set of articles made by @Cataphrak, published every month on Patreon, and later cross-posted to his blog.

Q: What is the Infinite Sea anyway?
A: The Infinite Sea is the known world on this side of the Curtain of Storms, a massive cyclone that spans the outermost edges of said known world. Many of the lands in the Infinite Sea are islands, making seafaring even more important in this world as compared to our own.

Q: What is the Bane?
A: The Bane is a magical force connected to life, which is present in all elves and in a small portion of humans, who are known as banebloods. While the uses of the Bane are versatile, ranging from healing wounds to rearranging structures to causing magical hellfire to spew forth, the actual use of the Bane is highly restricted in humans. First, they need to have the ability to banecast, which is a seperate talent from simply being born with baneblood. Next, they need to have the power necessary to cast their spell, denoted with a “caliber” with one being the weakest, and the strongest being nine, with tenth and higher calibers being theoretical but unconfirmed. Finally, they need to have a suitable target, with the effects being most pronounced on living or recently-alive material.

Q: How does nobility even work?
A: In most human societies, only banebloods are eligible to be nobility of any sort. In Kian, your ability to banecast is also linked in some way to your status in noble society, but often the only requirement to be a noble is to have the right blood, and title is seperate from any other qualities.

Q: What are the Northern Kingdoms?
A: The Northern Kingdoms are a group of minor nations, whose major uniting factors include all of them following the Mersdonian Rites of the Saints, who are semi-mythical, godlike banebloods – often, but not always, sworn to a Knightly Order of some kind – who have died in a way that is seen as worthy of making them a martyr. These Saints are the spiritual heads of Knightly Orders, and these Knightly Orders collectively make up a religious/political body known as the Convocation. Tierra is one of these Northern Kingdoms, along with others such as Mersdon and Callindria. Every Northern Kingdom, with the exception of Tierra and Mersdon, is currently a sattelite state of either Takara or Kian.

Q: What is Antar?
A: Antar is the second most populous country in the Eternal Sea, and tied with Kian as the largest. In the times of Old Calligia and the later Octovian Empire, it was responsible for colonizing many of the islands that would later be known as the Northern Kingdoms, and Octovia would set up Mersdon as the religious center of the then-newly founded religion of the Saints. Antar as we know it was founded by the Octovian Prince Eugen of Antagia and his allies, including Prince Ivan of Khorobirit. Antar was named after Antagia as a tribute to Eugen by Prince Ivan, and it was founded on the idea that the baneblooded nobility of Antar should be allowed to govern themselves. This has resulted in a League Congress with barely any real control over the Lords of Congress that make up its membership, a system of serfdom that is notable for the abuses that are heaped upon the serfs in question, and the steady decay and stagnation of Antar’s culture and technology, causing it to lose control of its vassals and its de facto status as a Great Power. The Antari Rites of Saint Worship also deviate from Mersdonian rites, in that it allows non-Knights to become Saints and also believes in an angelic figure known as the Mother of Ascension.

Q: What is M’Hidyossi?
A: M’Hidyossi was a large, widespread country that was governed by a carefully maintained balance of power between the Santamorid kings and the religious heads of the High Covenant, but is today a failed state split into several factions that have been in a state of civil war for centuries. Not much is known, except that it was the second-most prolific colonizer of the Northern Kingdoms alongside Old Calligia, and that its own state religion is distinct from Saint Worship.

Q: What is Takara?
A: Takara – along with its client state, Butea – is the only country in the world where the primary demographic consists of elven (or as elves calls themselves, “Falkisch”) people. Takara is currently something like a constitutional monarchy, with a representative republican government working alongside the figurehead head-of-state, the Emperors of the House of vam Paulus. They are noteworthy in that every elf is born as a “baneblood” and many of them are born with potent banecasting ability. They are also notable for the fact that they have a more egalitarian than many other countries, bearing the only known democracy thus far and allowing women to serve in the military. Like Kian, they are one of the two Great Powers currently extant in the Infinite Sea, and many of the Northern Kingdoms are their puppets.

Q: What is Kian?
A: Kian is the largest human country in terms of population, and roughly as large as Antar in terms of landmass. It is considered a trading giant, and a veritable wellspring of culture in terms of art and philosophy. It is governed in a semi-feudal fashion, with the Emperor directly controlling one province and the other seven being controlled by warlords whose provinces double as mobilization districts. Like Takara, Kian is one of the two extant Great Powers, and has indirect control over several Northern Kingdoms.

Miscellaneous questions

Q: Why do you keep talking about (insert non-sequiteur)
A: These threads make up a discussion that has spanned for roughly five years now. In this time, many, many memes and running gags have taken shape. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about and it isn’t covered in this FAQ, it’s probably a joke.

Q: I hate (character) very much.
A: That’s not a question, but alright. As long as you’re willing to actually give reasons and further discussion, we’re willing to listen.

Q: Can I make fanworks?
A: People have yet to stop me, so sure, go ahead.


If there is anything I can do to help regarding this thread, @Cataphrak, just let me know.


Someday, someome will see this comment before it drowns in the ocean of other replies.


So, with the war against the Antar over, I am guessing that Lords of Infinity are going to be more domestic in nature? A bit like Choice of Romance, perhaps. Though, we probably cannot have an affair with the King, as amusing as that would be. :wink:


@GenericGem As @Cataphrak mentioned in a different thread, Lords will be centered on taking the Cortes seat of your father OR dealing with your family’s homestead, each with different choices and story lines.


General Kenobi…


Pretty sure he said that’s just the first act. No telling what the second or third acts will entail.


Alright, I’ll try to start some sort of semi-interesting fan discussion here: If you could change one minor thing (not “We win Blogia”) in Sabres and/or Guns of Infinity, what would it be? Whether that is some stat check or a character meeting or whatever is up to you.

Personally I am always a bit bothered with how terrible the extra cash is in the starting choices for Sabres of Infinity. I understand that giving too much money would ruin the balance of Sabres, but that specific choice is just so awful. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe if it was an extra income a la Northerner (5 per month is something like 720 for the whole war, which is fairly significant) instead of a smaller lump sum…


At the end of GOI in the secret mission to capture Khorobirit’s wife you have to pass one of two checks. Either have 55 soldiering with baneruned armor or have 65 charisma and know Antari. I could capture her with the soldiering if i join Cazarosta during his partisan hunt which gives me the extra 5 points that i need but in doing so i can’t mentor Blaylock which i really wanted to do. Therefore i wished that charisma check was 60 instead of 65 in which case i would have been able to pass said check. I know i can’t have everything but come on! I just wanted those 5 points to be erased from existense damn it!


I’d probably like for the MC to be able to become brevet lieutenant in the beginning of Sabres, but I get it that would be overreaching and too power fantasy like.


Probably have one of the young, fit officers make a pass at the protagonist. :wink: I would have thought that one, just one, would have show a flicker of interest. A bit like what happens in Lords of Aswick. If any would have, I think it would have been Elson. Just seems to match his personality. Shame what happens to him, the poor dear.


Tierran culture is very reserved. It’s considered improper to express your emotions outwardly. That’s why if you ever take Cassius on a tour your character reflexively calms himself down so he could get his emotions under control before continuing.


Same case as if the MC choose to spend more time with Welles during the stay at Mhillanovil, Welles brings up the death of the MC’s father, the MC? He made his emotions to remain as calm as a steady flowing stream of water.


Carrecourt ascends to Sainthood.


I wanna be in the first 20 replies.


Sorry, not gonna happen (Dragula voice*)

*The Dracula in Hotel Transylvania


“Oh no, Carrecourt accidentally fell on his sword… Twice… What a tragedy.”


Hm, looking forward to Lords then. The political plot-line should be interesting. Sabres and Guns did such a great job highlighting the flaws in Tierran society, it should be fun to try to address these problems in the Cortez. While I believe you are technically fairly low ranked nobility, if you are a war hero, that should help your initial political clout a bit. Anyways, it is clear the Unified Kingdom is in for some rough times when Lords comes…