The Discovering : Book One

Yeah just something like:
*sm_init discovering | 6

The save system only works through Dashingdon but really helps for testing. Theres no official save system so most wips will use this one.

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Well it doesn’t work for me- ^^’ It’s saying that-

Yeah, it only works when hosted on Dashingdon. The save system, doesn’t work without the hosting service. Just upload the one with the code and remember to take it out while you work on it.

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It’s done- but it doesn’t work neither-

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You remembered to go into edit and check the box? What’s happening when you try to run it?

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Here what I have in Dashingdon-

I had to search for this, because I couldn’t figure it out lol. Maybe this can help?

Wait, it might just be the space between the and discovering, remove the space and see if it still works.

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Thank you ! It’s all good for me ! It’s working ^^


Well, what do you mean normal hair ? I mean- brown straight short hair it’s normal hair-

Hello there everyone !

Just a little explanation about my situation !
Like you may know (OR not at all) I start creating the game in…2021 beginning ? Yes, you will ask me “Why is it not longer then ?” Well, because I was trying to learn how it was working, in the same time attending to school.

And right now, I’m in an internship so I only have my week end AND I like also to play video games and do nothing while watching videos- Yes, I have a life like everyone X) I also have to explain that, yes, I have all the story in my head BUT in a gross way- not a detailed way- Like I have to do in game ^^

I hope that explain some things-


I have a question you all ! How do we put the name you type in a sentence ?

Hi @Suzuno_TheNekoGirl . I played your game. :slightly_smiling_face: So far, it goes smoothly.

Imho, you should ask a native English speaker to proofread your text. It sounds way too ‘foreign’ even to me.

To add the name in a sentence, you have to create a variable and use it with the $ command.

I recommend you to look at the different tutorials in this forum and take a look at the choicescript wiki here

I hope I have been helpful. Keep writing, your story will be awesome.


Thank you for the link ! I managed to understand how it worked !

Also, for the corrections, I don’t know anyone who can help me with it around me, so I’m trying to correct it by myself but I don’t find enough corrections by myself.

You have been helpful, thank you ! If you find anything, I will gratefully take it !

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Also, everyone, for the available version on Dashingdon, I was at 262 lines, now I am at 289. I mean in coding, not in lines of text.

Would you like me to release it now or at 300 or 350 ?

Also I still didn’t find a solution for the save command…


Release at 300 please.

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I have a lot of things that are NOT stucking me in the fact to write, BUT in the fact to make it really a game, I have a few. Because for now, there is not a lot of things where you can see it’s your own character in the game.


First of all, you know there is stats in my game. But the 2 choices already set in games, I mean the ones that are really text and not for a description of your character, have to help with the personnality of your character. But how ? I mean, I want to add or undo stat, by exemple if you choose to stay still instead of moving (Not in game) you will be more cautious ? Do you see what I mean ? I want to know how do I put more or less stats (numbers) in the game ?


Yes, I still need help with that. I don’t find anything that I understand and that I can actually use to put a save system in game. I mean, it’s still better to keep your character details done and to come back at some REAL choices, right ?


Do I have to put a lot of scenes, or do I write everything in the same scene ? I mean, do I use different scenes for different chapter ?


@Suzuno_TheNekoGirl found this: Uncaught Error: SaveMod: Unable to *sm_save before *sm_init

This seems interesting ill wait till there’s more.

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I have it too, but I don’t get it, that’s why I asked for help in my previous message ^^

And thanks ! I’m slow but I’m doing my best !

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@Suzuno_TheNekoGirl a interesting start though short my interest is piqued keep it up and look forward to seeing what comes next.

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Thank you so much ! I hope you will keep following my game ^^