The Demon Wars (Interest check)

I hope to start working on the official game tomorrow and a demo before summer but anybody interested in being a beta tester should look in the comments for a notification soon but do not post in the comments your email I will give you mine and don’t get your hopes up.

Important information in post 11 all credits for anything that I might"ve pulled from any games in this forum go to their rightful owners

IMPORTANT!!! regarding beta-testing I will be hosting an open demo but a closed beta-test for beta testers I will need around 5 or 10 testers to look over the majority of the game before it is released to the demo version but I will still except advice and help from people playing the demo but if you want to beta-test when I’m ready I will say so in the comments and then contact me at the email I will give you in the post if you have closed beta-tested any games send me the name of the game if you openly beta tested any games it will still counts i will send you a email if I pick you with a hyperlink and further rules and instructions.

Every hour I’m getting new ideas so I’m going to put the important ones here.

Okay so I looked at some old notes after I was told there wasn’t much information

So it revolves around a war were the Empire (One of the main civilizations in the game.) discovers a large underground cavern full strange powerful creatures that were previously undiscovered and are called Demons because they instantly attacked the exploration with few survivors barely managing to seal the tunnel group and the demons started tunneling out of the cavern.

So in the game you will have a around a year to prepare your small village of mixed races to defend yourselves.

If there are any features or characters or races, classes, events backgrounds, skills, abilities, and spells you would want in the game I will try to and them in the game.

Oh and if you want the option to make your character a race other than human please say the races name and what you would like them to look like or be good at. Also demons are just creatures that are really powerful and evil but their is an original demon race but in the game they are rarer and more powerful sub-race known as daemonds that are kind of like “super bosses.” The other “bosses” are the demon lords.

I’ve figured out the magic types I’m going to use
Soulmanncing my own version of one of the races specialties in the new ultima game
Hell magic A dark a twisted magic invented by the daemonds that corrupts the user to the point of their soul beaning utterly destroyed only to be used in the most dire of circumstances requires a high evil morality stat
Light magic things like healing and protection and knowledge spells
Dark magic a lesser version of hell magic that does not corrupt the soul as much
Necromancy one of the weapons used by the few reaming mages in the grand academy of magic for their last stand raises the dead
Shadow magic just a category of loosely connected stealth spells can be used to teleport to the shadow diminsion
Alchemy art of brewing potions and occasionally making a new material
Dark Alchemy used by anyone that wants to bond an animal or sacred treasure to them forcibly
Elemental magic used to manipulate the elements
Nature magic the ability to manipulate the wild environment and summon and control wild beasts and monsters.
Divine magic used by angels to give themselves god-like powers contains spells requires a high good morality

But the magic system like most other systems on the game are really ambitious and I’m going to need a lot of help


Sounds good but without knowing the plot line it could be anything, anyway if you want to write it go ahead :love_you_gesture:

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To be fair the game could be about being an accountant and I’d still be interested. So long as it’s not gender locked.

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Can you become a demon yourself?

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Is there going to be ros?

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Sounds interesting but seems like it will be a short game


Has some potential! :grinning:

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I’m actually planning on it beaning pretty long

I have some ideas for the game but my intro is already big enough


Latter on in the game their might be a choice to become a “demon.” Also you can use a morality system to trigger a series of side quests and rituals to transform into a demon and it will probably end up beaning an achievement to alternatively in the same ways become an angel which will also be an achievement.

I’m also planning on added an other race that directly opposes the demons in power but on the good side beaning Angels.

An other big part of the game will be mass combat and anti-siege there might be some small time offensive operations but I might change my mind. But the largest part of the game will be one on one combat or small group on one combat.

For combat you will be able to hire mages, knights, soldiers, thieves, assassins, barbarians, rangers, beat masters, guardians, and demon hunters.

For peace purposes you will be able to hire merchants, farmers, builders, blacksmiths, engineers, diplomats and so on.

the game is very open to change right know and probably for a month or until the demo comes out so if you want anything to be in the game if I like it it will probably be featured in the game but only while it is still in the in the open stages. So the plot has a lot of open space right now but only for a week and there is still a lot of writing that has to be done so if you want anything added please speak up soon.

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Will there be elves?

Are there be any other kingdom?

Is the world medieval or it has more advanced technology like guns?


yes a lot of small ones and a few big empires. But you will not interact with them a lot in this game.

The world is mostly medieval but there will be some black powder guns in early game and in late game things like cannons and gattling guns to be used by your army in whole. But you will be able to use black powder guns and hand cannons.

Oh it seems pretty cool. You said there is Hell magic that is a more powerful dark magic that can corrupt you. Will there be a light magic version of it too (maybe divine magic?) Cause if angels are equal to demons there should have powerful magic too.
It could require you to have a good alignment (like 100% good stat) and a strong connection to the gods (and maybe to be an angel too) and use light as a weapon to purify demons, have rays from the sky hit all enemies, revive people and other powerful spells. The drawback would be that it will cost a lot of energy so you couldn’t use it a lot and it will make you tired and unable to cast anything for a while (the stronger your faith the more energy you’ll have)

Anything thats magic, yes. Lol
Maybe add a half-demon/human like race? (Race is better at casting certain spells than others)
And cough romance cough

I am going to add it in the game I just forgot to put it in the intro

I"m already adding ros in

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