The Day The Rain Came Down

I’ve begun work on my new game “The Day The Rain Came Down”. In it, you play as a boy, girl, in a sandpunk world called SandBall(i am very creative, i know) and the people who live there are called Sandmen(yes, because i want). Resources are scarse; water, food, metal, wood, etc. Everywhere has bandits and gangs and they all know Sipnor, a arena where every year twenty imprisoneds must fight to death and the last man standing will be free, this is called Festival of Fadog Hotaed, the God of the Atrocities of War. And guess what, you are imprisoned in Sipnor and you will have to fight for your freedom. Will you be victorious? Why? What did you do to be there?

i plan on updating every week.

I finished 1.29 chapters. Dont blame me, i have to write, read, translate, code, test, fix and take care of my lil sister.

You can play the demo here:


Sandball, the Known World, is a continental desert formed by 16 oficial cities-states called Dasceid ed Raadei, and others dozens of sand villages not registered. The Known World doesnt have much resources and the constant plundering dont help the poors, also doesn’t do the government in the capital, Lenisce, closing their eyes and pretending that the smallests Dasceid don’t exist. You was born in this world, a small Dasceid called Tate Vermurlh known by the sacred tree and the religious community of Hapmo followers. Hapmo Lordip Nocie is their god, maybe your god, and like they always say “May Hapmo rain in your life, because The Rain is sacred, purifys and makes life. The Rain brings a promise of good times to come and life to prevail”.
There is a place everyone know even in the smallest Dasceid, Sipnor, a prison-arena that every year at the end of the festival of Fadog Hotaed, the God of the Atrocities of War, in the Dasceid near the capital, Umoa, there the imprisoneds fight to death and the last man standing will be free, some join the Law Force in some Dasceid, others live like homeless until starving to death, but most can’t live in society and return to a gang.


You: an orphan that steals to survive or the son of the Mayor of the Dasceid that never meet hungry or misery? The son of the priests of Hapmo that prays everyday for Hapmo Lordib Nocie to rain in your life or the son of the priest of Fadog Hotaed that sheds blood everyday for his god?
Doesnt matter who you were, if you are good or bad, guilty or innocent you was send to Sipnor and will fight to death to see yourself free of the prison, or will you just escape, or try to make a riot and take control or destroy Sipnor? Your future is in your hands like sand, will you grab it and throw it at Destiny eyes or will you just let it runs down your fingers?
There are others character, but it would be a spoiler ;D


Do wet sandmen become mud? :wink:

Good luck on your project.


Haha, maybe, but rains are rare, so we will only know if their gods let it happen. THANKS. If you want to know more ask me, i didnt have write the story, but i have some things written about the world itself.

Sounds interesting but we’ll see

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Don’t worry, I notice the smol bois. Also, the concept sounds interesting, almost gladiator-like. My only worry is that it won’t have enough depth to the story. Is there anything more than just us trying to be the last one standing? Like, for example, could we overthrow whoever it is that controls Sipnor or escape? And once we do secure our life, will we have any aims afterwards or is that the end?

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THAAANKS for asking, i was eager to answer that. Yes, that is more than fight to death, i will try to put some backgrounds, and alternatives ways to escape Sipnor without having to fight, also, maybe, after out of Sipnor, would you like to be a gang leader? Political leader of any Dascei Ed Raaddei(city-state)? Take control of Sipnor, in a mischievous or honest(sort of) way? Just live your life? Be an adventurer and try to figure out what exists beyond the desert of Sandball?
I will try to do that, im still trying to make some sense in my writing and story without sound like “i want to write people fighting to death and pretending that i care for the whole world around”.
I will explain soon how is the life in Sandball, there is social classes and a political system a little bit different than MAD MAX.

Will the entire game be based in Sipnor and focus on our struggle to win at the arena? Or is that just a part of the story?

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Thanks for asking, i will try not to, i have found this world too much interesting to not tell it and just focus on Sipnor. Imagine a world that the people in there have survived without water, food and safety, strange beasts and phenomena killing your people and other people trying to steal the little you have is too much interesting to let it go just to show a bunch of murderers, thiefs and rapers killing themselves to get out of prison.
And may Hapmo, their god, rains in your life.

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