The Day After Ever After: A Cinderella Story (WIP updated 9/10/21 with a new 7,000 word chapter, total words over 75k!)

Ooaah so you are that person!
A bit OOT here, your game is the first HG game I’ve played! Since I discover yours, I then looking more about CoG/HG stuffs until I found this forum.
Alright, gotta go to play the demo

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I am, and I’m glad I was your gateway drug! This isn’t very similar to The Parenting Simulator, but if this one isn’t up your alley, know that I do have plans for a Grandparenting Simulator as either my fourth or fifth entry. I don’t know yet if it will be a standalone release or paid DLC on Parenting, although my inclination is the latter. It won’t likely be as long, so a standalone release might not be necessary.

And to my Day After folks: this story is not dead, even if these posts probably saved it from being locked. Y’all want less updates of a meatier sort, and that’s what’s happening. I have about 15,000 words in on the next chapter, and hopefully it will be done and up in the next couple weeks. It’s a day off where you get to pick what to do, and the branching has been insane. I really regret this decision, but too late now. You can commence to romancing Ingmar for the princess or Lady Emmalyn for the prince, and if I am particularly masochistic I might still introduce a new RO apiece to meet but nothing more than that yet. You can also hang with King Roderick, spend time with your spouse, or even follow Pat the butler around, as one does.


…now I’m wondering if following butlers around actually is a thing :joy:


It’s about to be. And it could unlock the secrets of the universe! Or just get you slightly less ignored by an old dude that likes things clean.


Would be nice to have a LGBTQ twist to it BUT only if the player wants it.


The new chapter is up at long last! It took almost three months, but on the plus side it is enormous at just over 25,000 words. Hope y’all like it!


1) There’s a bug during speech,
In our MC’S speech I chose all the options with the intimidation stat and after speech when mc talk to the spouse they say that it was all over the place instead of the response in which they say that the speech was intimidating.

2)There’s also a bug during clothing choices:-

#“I will wear nothing but my undergarments.
*set couth -3
*set duty +1
*set starkers 1
*set honest +1

I think it should -1 duty considering we are going in our undergarments in the Cortes.

#I take the true throne!
    *set bigseat 1
    *set duty +2
    *set ameter -1
    $!{aname} maintains ${ahis} composure for the most part, although ${ahe} does flop down with an audible sigh when taking a seat in the lesser chair.

I think that in this choice ameter -1 should only be applicable if MC is Cindrella and she takes the true throne, because the Prince was obviously expecting to sit there considering he is prince and he was born to sit there.
And should not be applied when MC is Prince and he takes the throne, because Cinderella was a maid before becoming princess so she is obviously not expecting to sit on the true throne, obviously she will be nervous because she has been princess for only 17 days.


Thanks, that is terrific feedback! I’ve already split off the response to the throne moment based on whether you are prince or princess and removed the ameter penalty for the former. I have also changed the duty stat alteration for the undergarments bit. As for the speech, I don’t know why that would have happened offhand; I know these stats are also impacted by events before the speech. I did go ahead and increase the Intimidate offered by the root out corruption line by 1 to hopefully make it a more feasible speech path. Hopefully it’s not an issue with the subroutine. My understanding of these things is really limited.



Speech bug

It’s still there.
I honestly don’t know what is the problem in the code is it looks alright to me but the problem is still there.
It’s only happening with the intimidation stat,I chose precisely those options which increases intimidation by looking at the codes and still the result was this:-

waggles an outstretched hand up and down. “Honestly, it was a bit all over the place. I couldn’t tell what your main focus was, since the tone jumped around a bit.”

It’s not happening with any other stats, when I chose them they were showing their respective responses from the spouse after the speech.

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I wonder if it has to do with how Intimidate is the default option for the subroutine. It feels too coincidental for that not to be the case. I’ll have to take a look at it after work.


This was a great chapter – right when I was done, I replayed it for the paths I hadn’t chosen! I really liked all the character development revealed in this chapter, like how Pat spends his time or Lady Emmalyn’s past. I’m also curious as to what the thief had stolen, and who her source was that told her about it. Overall, though, I think I enjoyed the contest between Cinderella and the prince the most – I am now rooting for the kitchen cook to enact her revenge. I suspect Cinderella will find her meals completely butter-less from now on.

A few things

A slim but wicked-looking knife is in her trembling hand. and she waves it at both of you.
The period after “hand” should be a comma.

“Caught by a royal. I have to say, didn’t see that coming.” Although it seems a trifle anticlimactic after all that excitement, you continue with your shopping.
Perhaps the “Although it seems a trifle…” line and the rest of the sentences should be its own paragraph.

I would not try to win his affections from you.
Add a quotation mark at the end.

If you visit Ingmar at SCARE’s headquarters and choose the I take a moment to meet some of the people here. option, it leads into the section where Ingmar is imprisoned.

If you try to name the orphanage after Lady Emmalyn as Cinderella, there is only the No, I was just yanking your chain. option available which forces the player to choose someone else.

Instead you pluck a random “Well, all that oddness aside, how will anyone ever be able to get silver so tarnished back to its shiny self?”
Add a comma after “random”.

I will do the most subversive thing a royal can do in this place: an honest day’s work.
Perhaps this section should change if the MC is Cinderella, since she would probably have a different attitude than it having appeal for being different than her average day or having her fill of pauper life.

Looking forward to chapter seven and talking to the fairy godmother! :relaxed:


Much appreciated! The fixes for those things should be in there now. I should have known with a chapter that size I would have had one or two paths where I didn’t finish things out all the way.


It seems the saves are broken (can’t save).


Sorry, I have to remove the save feature every time I run Quicktest. Must have forgot to put it back before uploading. I will fix that tonight.


So I am currently writing way too many words for subroutines. Aside from romance, this game will also have another first for me: premature end/death states. Fairly avoidable, and with a one-time redo option of sorts. So tell me: if you were to flee with your royal spouse in this game and happened to have a bit of ill-gotten gains that allowed you to start a small business in another country, what would you want that business to be? Best and/or most popular answer gets included.


Depend on how much crime and the severity of the crimes that have been committed in order to gain those loots. If it is just normal embedment then I suppose a bakery or cafe would be suitable for Cinderella. If it is hard crimes then - If she is in control of musket testing, she could make mercenary company -, maid business that involving info trading.

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It’s a sack of gold and a jeweled scepter from a historical exhibit. So, stuff people would miss but not enough to prompt them to pursue you across the world to find it. Not taken through violence, just normal subterfuge.


My MC has already seen how an arquebus works so my MC would have copied Mortimer’s design and would have started selling arquebus in the another country by buying a small land, hiring workers and starting a factory.

After a couple of centuries when the company started by my MC would have become one of the most powerful arms manufacturing companies like Stark industries then if a great cataclysmic war would have started in the fantasy fairy realm, a great superhero team of extraordinary individuals would have been formed to save the world and my MC’s descendant would have been part of it and when one of the superpowered heroes would have asked what is my MC’s descendent’s power is?
My MC’s descendent would have said:-

tenor (1)

All bullshit aside,

a bakery would be nice.


Maybe a tailor shop or maybe a pet shop of some sort?

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I don’t know that this would fit for this part of the game. But I kinda like this idea as a potential element of an actual ending. Long before fanfiction was an officially recognized thing, I would entertain myself during a particularly awful summer job thinking up possible continuations for Final Fantasy Tactics. One involved the royalty of Ivalice unlocking the secrets of the magic-infused guns found during the sidequests and start shipping them out to other kingdoms. This could go along those lines.

After the very public success of using your arquebusiers to overthrow the kingdom (not much of a spoiler that that will be an option later), other nations would be interested in them. Turning your homeland into a burgeoning factory state creating modern weapons and reaping the rewards of a world bathed in blood. This feels like a possible ending that could be interesting. Can you use things created for evil purpose to improve your country, and if you do, does that make you a hero, a villain or both?