The Day After Ever After: A Cinderella Story (WIP updated 9/10/21 with a new 7,000 word chapter, total words over 75k!)

Actually, largesse is just a word for charity or generosity on the part of nobles or other upper crust folks. The currency is plain old gold coins. And yeah, it was supposed to be kind +1, but was just in there as kind 1, so it set the stat to 1. I have fixed it on my end and it’ll reflect in the next update.

Her saying Of course and talking about early being the best time to eat was her remembering how it was when she had to serve her family. I changed it so it is hopefully a bit more transparent, that will show on the next update too.

I don’t have quite a stat for that exactly. To some extent kindness impacts how commoners favor you and couth favors how nobles see you. Duty is also a factor. I’m still not sure about the stats for this game, if I have them dialed in. I do have a hidden stat for if you are inspiring them to revolution. though.


Well, I learn something new every day.

Oh, that was clear! It’s just that he says roughly “we already ate anyways; breakfast is served at this time” and then she immediately says “oh yeah I understand you probably already ate” which was a no duh situation since he specifically said not two seconds ago that they did. Her first sentence was what was weird. The rest of it made perfect sense.


Oh, I may have looked at the wrong path for that breakfast thing. I’ll give it another check.


I finally figured out what I want to call the tone of this story. Princess Bride-ish. Not that I can pretend to write at that level, but that’s the goal. Sometimes it is really appropriate to the time and setting, and others it is deliberately anachronistic in a cheeky fashion.

Also, apparently this is my four-year old’s favorite movie. We watched it for the first time a couple weeks ago and she loves it, especially the ROUS. It is a bit disconcerting to see a small child cackle at the sight of large rats biting Cary Elwes, but she’s having fun. Even if the fact that this scene greatly disconcerted her older sister may be part of the appeal for her.


This is a high likelyhood.

Test her with The Three Stooges and other heavy slapstick … if she cackles in glee… well she seems to have my sister’s sense of humor, which still unsettles and/or surprises me every once in a while. lol


I love The Princess Bride! It’s truly a timeless movie…

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Update is, well, up. Was important to me to get an update out today, since it is the anniversary of me uploading my last WIP, League of Lunacy. It is the only story I have ever gone far enough with to have a WIP thread but still abandoned before finishing, and I fully intend to keep it that way. Hope you like taking things step by step in this 16,000 word new chapter!


RIP League of Lunacy. This is an excellent wip as well of course, but still. We never forget the loved ones we lost along the way. :broken_heart:


I still hope it will happen someday. From a character standpoint, literally none of them that I have created for anything are as favored by me as Wilstaff and Bennett. It was terrific to write for him again in that story for a bit. But the mechanics just knocked me flat. I am more of a writer than a game dev. Even a language as relatively simple as CS can get very complex, and LoL was going to be fairly ambitious. To do it right I will either need to get better at the more intricate elements or pair up with a reliable coder who can help me make it happen. However, since it was also a relatively unpopular WIP even before falling into dormancy, it would be hard for me to justify devoting too much time to it that could be better served with things like The Grandparenting Simulator or (hopefully) more Day After Ever After stories if this one turns out to be a success.


I really liked how you brought Cinderella’s family into the story, and how you explored the change in their characters and interactions once she married the prince. It makes sense that the stepmother would use her connection to Cinderella to obtain the king’s favor, and I liked how there’s multiple ways for Cinderella and the prince to respond, with both forgiveness and revenge having its pros and cons.

By the way, I am really starting to think that the mention of the kingdom’s accounting department in chapter one was really just foreshadowing for Cinderella becoming the kingdom’s crime boss who will one day be caught by the accountants (much like Al Capone) thanks to a certain revenge path and narration/labels you used for this chapter. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not that Don Cinderella now has access to guns thanks to the Duke and Mortimer. :joy:


“Sirs and mistresses, I am Mortimerr, the Duke’s adjutant, and I represent the Duke, who bids you good day and would like to discuss a matter of some importance regarding the security of the kingdom.”
“Mortimerr” should be “Mortimer”.

*label baddinnah
The king looks about ready to hit the roof at this point, and you are concerned that the purpling of his skin may be the harbinger of some kind of fit or apoplexy.
Add a line of space after the baddinnah label, as otherwise this paragraph becomes part of the previous paragraph where the MC doubles down on their rage.

Edward You collapse into bed, completely drained by the day’s (and night’s) events.
Remove “Edward”.

Looking forward to chapter five! :relaxed:

(Also I loved League of Lunacy and its characters, so if you ever do decide to return to it, I’ll be looking forward to that too!)


Thanks for the typo catches, @expectedoperator ! I honestly don’t remember the labels in question, but I never actually thought about a true crimelord path. It was all about the option to take over the throne, defend it, or tear down the monarchy itself. I kinda like the crime boss angle, but I don’t know if there will be space here. Maybe I should save that notion for a later Day After story. Mermaid gangster, perhaps…

And thanks, I’m hopeful LoL will happen one day. But I don’t anticipate that day will be any time in the next couple years at least. This will probably take me most or all of 2021, and after this I am almost 100% certain will either be the next one of these or Grandparenting Simulator.

@Beth Yeah, he’s pretty flighty. One has to wonder what exactly is the reason he’s on the prowl now and not still married to the prince’s mother. And that is a good reminder I need to work on some subroutines finally. Haven’t had any yet. Relationship checks at the end of each chapter for the king and your spouse. If you get to a critical level, you get one warning. If you pick the right choice (it won’t be hard to figure out which) you get a one-time rep boost and now know to mind yourself. If you choose wrong or it happens a second time…

That being said, Roddie is a curmudgeon. I start his rel meter at 15, but I think it needs to be 20 like the spouse. If keeping him happy is necessary to surviving, at least early on, I don’t want to make it too hard on players to do so.


Have plans changed on not having any gay romance routes? I’ll just play the Princess if not

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Hi! No, nothing has changed yet. If anything does I will let y’all know. I do intend to introduce the next love interests in the upcoming chapter.


I don’t think there’s much space or need to have a true crime boss path either because of the overlapping themes – Cinderella can already be Don Cinderella in spirit as she takes over the throne, and the prince can team up with criminals as he works to tear down the monarchy.

Now I’m wondering if a mermaid gangster would still use the phrase “sleeping with the fishes” after they killed someone.


There’s a publication blurb right there.


Whew, the king really irked me in this most recent update!! Fawning over the stepmother and completely ignoring MC’s feelings/warnings about her :triumph: I’ll have to replay and see if it’s different if MC & king actually get along lol. Also, the king apparently having some kind of romantic interest in MC’s stepmother is ew. The king is ew. I’m either destroying the monarchy or finding a way to put my husband on the throne asap. Lol

Oh, there was a minor error I found. When meeting the stepmother, I chose the stall option, then when I went to meet her and the king was there, it said something like “I’m glad I didn’t decide to dally” even though I 10000% decided to dally lol

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Does the King have any positive qualities? So far he’s dismissed all my opinions, declared he’d choose a woman he barely knows over his own flesh an blood.

Regicide seems very tempting :upside_down_face:


Yeah, it should be very different if you have high approval with the king. And I will definitely check out that path and see what happened.

@FauxCoeur I knew I wanted him to be a jerk, but I think he has become even more of one than I expected. I may need to lower the meter for his kingly approval to make it more doable.


Having the horrid step-mother scheduled to be executed is the most satisfying thing I’ve experienced thus far. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Permanently removing her from any chance of attaining the throne was an absolute necessity once I played through and witnessed how infatuated “Roddie” was with her the first time. Neither the kingdom, nor Princess Elanora will ever suffer that self-serving, manipulative twit being named Queen Consort, lmao.


Better to attend a funeral than a wedding, after all.