The Day After Ever After: A Cinderella Story (WIP updated 6/17/22 with a new 38,000+ word chapter, total words are now over 170,000!)

How often do you type “Hutt” that autocorrect has started expecting it?

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I came here to kick Hutt and eat Rancor burgers, and I’m all out of Rancor…

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“Kick My Hutt”, now that would be a cool T-shirt.

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My five-year old daughter loves Jabba so much that the plush of him I got her last year remains one of her favorite toys. As is the one she got a few months later of Salacious Crumb. So yeah, I type Hutt a lot. I guess I forgot that normal people probably don’t.


processing the fact that somebody made a plush Jabba the Hutt



Complete with lolling tongue and drool at the corner of his mouth. Here’s a listing showing an identical one to hers.

@LiliArch @Havenstone I would buy that shirt. Without question. Although it might be even better with Kiss.


I’m here just to say that the “I want a pony” option cracked me up. The whole game made me chuckle or smile but this option really gave me a laugh

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Thanks! I don’t go as chaotic and crazy on choices as I did in Nuclear Powered Toaster, having learned my lesson with how much that one polarized readers with its options tied to the Insanity stat to go streaking or have staring contests with spaceships. But every now and then I do want something silly in there, like the pony or the egg during the speech.

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Okay, now I have to achieve this.


It’s from my first story, Nuclear Powered Toaster. And fortunately, you can see that bit in the free part if you would rather not buy the whole thing. Just make sure to play as Alexi, not Fiorella. And make insane choices as much as possible if you want to do the unthinkable and win the staring contest. Unlocks an achievement.

I’ve actually bought that some time ago. Shocking, I know.

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Ah, you’re the one!

I’m glad this is get updated

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I (after a few attempts since I kept being so good that the revolution just straight-up never happened) finally managed to overthrow Rodrick. Yay!

1 thing to note, since I replayed multiple times I noticed that Cinderella (who I play as) and the prince pretty much never end up happy? Despite the stats menu stating that they’re still in love and the fact that I always choose to go on dates with the prince. I think this might be a coding issue.


It could very well be. Any help you guys can give me to ferret out these spots is appreciated. Chapter 10 was as snarled and tangled as a plate of spaghetti and odds are good some spots ran on because of a lack of proper gotos, or I might have overcorrected earlier when people found the no love interest thing wasn’t working right.