The Day After Ever After: A Cinderella Story (WIP, 16,700 word update added 4/1/21!)

This is a bit short to really enjoy but this looks nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Should be an option though :laughing:


Oh man, a fainting option. I’m so, so tempted to do it. I see it as a minus to duty and a big one to Couth (losing consciousness is so gauche).

@Hero4Fun I had a personal goal to get it up before the end of the year (made it!), plus it was at a good stopping point. It is almost 2,000 words longer on my end, and I intend to do another public update as soon as I finish the speech. I just began writing the speech itself, but there was another little scene beforehand with your spouse getting ready that I already finished.

And because I forgot to mention it:

@jank I have never done Easter eggs for stuff put into the custom namer, but I suppose that could be a potential achievement. Those won’t be added for a long time. I’m superstitious that way. Plus, it gives me motivation to keep going, since writing achievements is quite literally my favorite part of writing one of these games. I could do it all day. The only reason I even limit it to 50 is because of my old-school Xbox roots, where 50 achievements worth 1,000 points was always the norm.


So putting “Alexi” or “Fiorella” into the TPS input of a custom name (rather than picking it as an option) doesn’t get you “Seems Familiar”? Huh. I did not know that.

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I have to admit, I never once even considered something as bizarre as somebody manually typing in one of the names that was already available as a choice.


One could always fat-finger it and not wish to restart the game.

But you’re right; it is an edge case.


I love the story idea and it looks very interesting so far cant wait for future updates! I rmb playing the parenting simulator and it was very entertaining so I cant wait to see your writing in a romance !

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Interesting concept! Quick comment about the intended tone/style of the game—it seems pretty playful/humorous? I really like that! Kinda gives me Shrek-like vibes? Subverting the expectations of the genre. I think you should really play that up. Right now, for me, it was a little jarring because the language is so unlike what I would expect (very colloquial and modern).

Maybe some world building where we can get a glimpse of how different this setting is from the traditional fairy-tale/semi-realistic fantasy world would help? Not to be Shrek-obsessed (I swear I’m not), but there are a ton of great genre-subversive examples (Farquaad with his online-dating-esque magic mirror comes to mind!) that reveal the setting to be less “fairy tale” and more “humor with a fairy tale skin.”

It’s early days yet in any case, and I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

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@NihaN Thanks, hopefully this one will appeal as much as Parenting did!

@sviyagin Yeah, I have a really hard time writing anything serious. I get bored and tune myself out. Toaster, my first, was very much a comedic farce (though it was often accused of being too juvenile in its humor, not without some merit) and while Parenting tried to tug at the heartstrings at times, I still tried to infuse most of it with a dry wit. Lighthearted is kinda my watchword. And perhaps an overt Shrek reference is called for. Surely somewhere in here I can work in some lyrics from Smash Mouth’s “All Star”…

Also, I hope you’ll enjoy the fairy godmother. Might be right up your alley.


Oh no, you have no idea what encouraging my comedic side in this particular moment has done, right as I was writing the first segment of the speech. I have had an idea, it’s almost certainly a terrible one, and I am definitely going to do it. When this goes live, just know that that choice, (which some of you will recognize from a certain show) for how to start your speech was born in this moment.


How fun to be the catalyst for terrible ideas! I look forward to living in infamy :grin:


The first update has been posted, almost doubling the size of the story! As always, please let me know of any issues, questions or suggestions, and thanks for reading!


I really enjoyed chapter two, and loved the exchanges between K-rod and a chaotic Cinderella – his insult before the speech only make it funnier when he approves of Cinderella’s egg offering to the crowd. I wasn’t expecting for that option to go so well, but I liked that it also revealed Cinderella’s life before her marriage in comparison to the prince’s at the beginning of the chapter. I just noticed that the prince mentions Pat in chapter one, which emphasizes his absence in chapter two. Now I’m curious to meet this loyal steward!

I also enjoyed trying out the other options to see what would happen. If I had a complaint, though, it’s that the prince’s response to the speech sometimes felt disconnected from the narration if you make a speech that ends in a completely different tone from the way it starts. You have to choose certain options for him to note it jumped around, otherwise he’ll react like it was completely motivating even if you end it by intimidating the crowd.


“You are full of surprises, aren’t you, Edward?”
Replace “Edward” (the Prince’s name) with Cinderella’s name.

“And now, to say a few words, your princess, Edward!”
Replace “Edward” (the Prince’s name) with Cinderella’s name.

We have been married for 23 days.
The number of days doesn’t seem to change for chapter two.

Looking forward to chapter three! :relaxed:


It’s all about which of the four stats you had the highest of, intimidate, motivate, entertain and inspire. Whichever is the highest is how people took your speech overall. The mixed tone message is if it is a tie between two or more of them.

I have fixed the typos, and also added a save feature in Dashingdon. Thanks for reading, and have no worries, Pat will show up soon!


Will pregnancy come up in this? As a royal couple, I just imagine heirs becoming a thing eventually…?

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Good question! I would say yes, but could not say yet if it would happen during the story itself or just as a part of certain endgame states.


Parenting Simulator: Royal Edition :grin:


Soo excited to read this, as I’ve adored The Parenting Simulator, even if at some points it made me cry!


Okay, but actuallllllly…

Because I had way too much fun feeding my maternal instincts during the Parenting Simulator. lol.


Will there be an option to kill the prince or trying to take over the throne?

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