The crown - WIP ( UPDATED- 8 of November



Is this supposed to be the end of the demo?



Or just let the player choose the name



Stepmother / stepsister may be possibilities

I mean this is a monarchy

(We are the Targaryens)


Where is the country located?
Is it in Europe?
Do nobles have power in our country or it is just ceremonial?


I need to fix that


the country doesn’t exist in reality but the function of the monarchy is based on the current monarchies in Europe and there are a few people with titles. (only ceremonial)


Well I would disagree, the titles in IRL Kingdoms are not just Ceremonial, they have functions, and allowances for them.


the game is based in the 21st century and the majority of the people that have titles don’t have any privileges or duties except from the royal family.


Thats true but the ones that do have old titles, have a lot of power and wealth. One more question, is the sister, a half sister or step sister?


I think she’s a step sister


But why does she have a claim on the Kingdom then?


Because she is your father’s daughter. Only way a king’s child can’t claim inheritance is if he/she is illegitimate, which isn’t the case here.


That makes her a half sister, not step sister. Which is what I’m trying to ask.


she is your half sister, I was in a rush when I wrote that part. I will edit it when I update the game.


My English is weak. But I can tell you that MC’s mother died after sometime. And his father married another woman, this sister is her daughter and she’s also alive… Your sister is second in line, in case your MC is dead she will inherit the thrown. Simple as that, now if she is step sister or half sister or even a quarter sister doesn’t matter. Hope that answers the question.:cherry_blossom:


Does that mean she’ll be trying to kill us :hushed:


I hope not. An evil stepmother and an evil stepsister would be very clichéd. I sincerely hope there are ways to salvage our relationship with either, if not both of them.


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