The crown - WIP ( UPDATED- 8 of November



I will take into consideration your points when writing about the RO’s.


Im before you can marry ypur stepsister like a targyrarean


Well if you look at it that way. But aside from fiction, Human history is full of such things. Which may disgust some people. Like in Pakistan and other middle Eastern countries marriages between first cousins are very much encouraged. Now just imagine… We live in weird world my dear. Do you know what happened to Spanish royal family? Or the Romanov family of Russia.(lot’s of inbreeding)


My parents pakistani so i can explain the cousin marriage thing. It’s usually because since the guy is a cousin the parents would know what kind of a person he is or not so they trust family more to make a better match. Thats the reason my parents told me. One reason which i think is because since females arent allowed to be with anyone man who isnt part of the family cousins are allowed to meet each other and then the laws of attraction take place.


Okay some things that would be cool in this book or a sequel.
1: Private (possibly secret army) what I mean is at least 500 soldiers who only answer to me.
2: Ability to start a coup that allows me to size complete control of the country.
3: Activitly manage a nation, and army. For example send general B with army a to river c and engage legion e.
4: Be able to be on the front lines of a battle.
5: Secretly poison minsters, senators etc.


I like the way you think. lol


If you make it never ending this WIP will never end and that would be tiring for the author


You will not be able to lead wars becouse the game is based in the 21st century. I might add the option to influence people from the background.

The game can’t be never ending if you want a good game because if I make it never ending then it will become boring and repetitive. You can always play it again.


I need suggestions for the name of the country.


Is the country coastal or inland?


It is up to ur imagination


Nice reply :wink:


game updated


Shall we eventually be able to mend our relationship with Juanita? Or will she always, inevitably hate us?


time will tell…


No last names?


@The_king That’s a promising start, I love the start.

Furthermore, there is a lot of potential. You are also very rapidly that must be appreciated and supported :cherry_blossom:


monarchs don’t use their last names