The crown - WIP ( UPDATED- 8 of November



You will be able to adjust your security but I will not use numbers. It will cost money to increase the security and some people might not like it.


Well i would like max security please.

  • walks into tavern with half the army *


Sounds like me.


I hope you can afford it. If you too much money you might be forced to step down.


I would like a regiment of highly trained assassins, so that when some noble tries to be smart… Off with their head. And nobody will have evidence against me.


DUDE does no one understand this is modern day, Look at the UK for a good example of a Constitutional Monarchy.


The game is based on the modern world.

You might be able to kill your enemies


Oh right hahaha


Looks fun, please give us the option do develop a good or bad relationship with our step sister, and give us more details in the future ( i know you just started so good luck) :slight_smile:


You mean Half Sister.


Thanks, You will be able to develop a good relationship but it will be difficult because of her mother.


Great concept buddy, I am hopeful that we will all enjoy it




I want a band of assasins :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice idea and I like the demo so far.

What should we expect in terms of ROs?


And this my friend is something to look forward to. Hoping to see more of your work. :blush:


I haven’t started to plan about the ROs. Feel free to share any ideas/suggestions.


It’s present day, a super hot actress wouldn’t be out of question right? And other than that there are many other monarchies and royal families. Or maybe cousins? It has been never been a taboo in royal families. Or maybe some other girl from your college life. But whatever you choose my dear, relationships are a big deal for royal so they must have Pros and cones.


Yeah I would suggest of variety of ROs, both for casual and serious romance.

Like the serious ones would be like the daughter/son of another monarch or powerful political figure. Or an influential celebrity or something.

Casual could just be like affairs with a servant, other married monarchs/political figures, or maybe even like a taboo thing with your cousin like @Zalak_Baloch said.

This variety of serious political marriages and casual affairs could add a realistic and interesting element to the game.