The crown - WIP ( UPDATED- 8 of November


I’ve begun work on my new game The crown. In it, you play as a modern monarch heir to throne and the king/queen after the death of your father. Your main goal is to make sure that your country stays a constitutional monarchy and you don’t lose power by any means necessary. You will be able to marry and produce an heir to make sure that your family stays in power. You will be able to manage your finances and reputation. Will you lose the throne or implement an absolute monarchy where the control of your country is in your hands? Will you marry for money, power, love? Or stay single? Will you rule from the shadows or will you risk your reputation and do as you wish? Can you rebuild the prestige and power that your family once had?

To play the demo, go here:

Currently the demo is very short because I am learning and this is my first game please be patient

How would you like to start

  • King/Queen
  • Prince/Princess

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Things to add
  • Romance and marriage options
  • Secret lovers
  • Ability to have children
  • Grant titles
  • Receive diplomats
  • Declare wars
  • Fire prime minister
  • Parliament laws
  • Royal scandals
  • Improve castle
  • Ability to manage money and properties.
  • Option to abdicate
  • Hire/fire servants
  • Manage household
  • Public appearances
  • bugs fixed.
  • Option to have a King/Queen consort.
  • Can select a country name.
  • Added coronation event.
  • Added name, title and gender.


You need to upload your files to in order for others to play your game :slight_smile:

If you need help with the website, you can check out its forum topic here.



Nice concept mate looking forward to read the WIP.



can you use it now?






I am currently planning an learning how to use the script. In the next update you will be able:
Chose a gender
Chose a name
Interact more
There will be more stats
More political activity
If I have extra time I will add romance options



Will you be adding some sort of prologue or a little background? Being thrown right into managing the kingdom from the get-go felt a little strange. I understand that it is the point of this story, but I feel like it would be great if we could get some backstory at least (not asking for an infodump, though).

Good luck on your WiP!



Okay thanks, I would try to add something



I don’t know.
I think that I will add the option to have lovers of different sexes but you will only be able to marry someone of the opposite sex so you can get a heir.

You will not be able to go to war, you can only declare war or peace and manage some of the things from your castle regardless of your gender.



Can i invent my own Royal guard that would be amazing.



What do you mean by invent my own royal guard?
You will be able to manage your staff if that is what you are asking.



No i mean have your own private guards a bit like having your own private army they are loyal only to you.



Yes you will but it will cost money to hire guards, servants and things like that. I think that I will replace the wealth percentage and add numbers so it is easy to keep track of your finances.



I think he means something like the kingsguard from game of thrones or something like that… I think

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Will you be able to set the level of tax? Like high tax earns more money but decreases how much you are liked?

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Yes numbers would be much better, but I think for personal royal guard there should be some customisation allowed, like how many. Or their armour and other such stuff. As well as their training, if they will be most loyal knights, young brainwashed recruits. Will there councilors or ministers available to MC? Like finance, defence, education and spying/foreign affairs ministers.



That is the job of parliament, but you can influence the parliament to increase the money you receive.

You will have a number of trusted advisors and family members but some of them might want to harm you.

You will have guards and the head guard will be your personal bodyguard.



Cool, sorry if this was answered but, is this going to be a fully realistic world, or will it have fantasy elements?



Can i have 10 bodyguards with me at all times.



It will be realistic but I might include some fantasy if it gets boring.