The crown - WIP UPDATED- 5th of April 2021

The effect of the speech is determined by your respect, while choosing good things to say will increase your chances of delivering a good speech, at the end it comes down to the amount of respect that you have, which is determined by your previous choices.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hold court, since it is based on modern monarchies, however, you will be able to open parliament.

What did you want to test?

That’s a great idea! I will see if I can add a train option in the next update.

Small update - fixed a few bugs, added new travel option during the tour and started working on interactions with the PM


I am surprised I just now found this. Cant wait to see more

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Are the only choices of staying a monarchy either an absolute one or a ceremonial? We could also have a system similar to Jordan or kuwait where the king and the representative of the parliament have almost equal power while the prime minister is stronger than the MPs

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Every time I restart the the game. It goes to the page you choose to go on a tour or not instead of starting at the beginning

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That’s sounds interesting, I will take it into consideration.

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Thanks for letting me know. It should work now.

How about adding police and court features as mentioned earlier?
Also, how about adding other things related to judicial powers and system design, such as amnesty, prisons and the death penalty?

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yeah okay its not named court then :slight_smile:

but can you talk to your advisor? even a modern monarch have something like that.

i wanted to test 1 ofical interaction with the parlament. 1 moment of power if you want to get a picture

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You will have your personal guard, so, there is no need to have police. Also, like mentioned before, you won’t be able to hold court, since it is based on modern monarchies, however, you will be able to open parliament.

As per the legal side, I will consider adding things like the ability to give pardons or delegating that power to a pardon board. And laws may be presented to you regarding the death penalty among other things, if they pass parliament, and you will be expected to sign them, however, you could refuse, which won’t look good.


Advisors will be added, but they will have their own agenda, so, you will have to decide who to trust. Interactions with parliament will also be added soon, when interacting with parliament regarding a bill, there will be two main options, either confront them directly or use your wealth to lobby them.

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So corruption is an Option then :slight_smile:

It sounds promising so far but I have to wait.

I wish I could help you a bit with better feedback
But I have high hopes for this project :smiley:

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Thank you for seriously considering my proposal. However, police can help with perimeter security even in the presence of personal bodyguards. It will also help solve the crime problem of the general public. (If the player has a deep interest in national stability and people’s lives)
Also, in many monarchies, at least the Supreme Court’s ruling is in the name of the monarch. There are also courts in Europe, such as the House of Peers and the Privy Council of England, where the royal assent is actually made. From this, it seems reasonable to be able to influence the court’s decision in this game as well.

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It would be nice if you could stage a coup and turn the regime into an Absolute Monarchy