The crown - WIP UPDATED- 18 May



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Game updated

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That was quick


No romance. D:


I will add romance but not now.


You do understand that it’s just the beginning.

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If we can’t be in battle then let us command the army, for example send x amount of men to location b to hold line ab.

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It’s in modern era, so if you have formal military education I don’t think that is wise. That is why countries have experienced generals for.

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This story is interesting, looking forward for a next update


There are still leaders who personally lead there army’s and i would always lead my men.

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It’s working now.


Spoilers Ahead

@The_king Your concept is interesting. But there are a few things which need to be corrected. These are my suggestion if you don’t mind

  1. Your choice of political modern fantasy was interesting but I felt like it would be more appropriate few this takes place in the medieval world. But I might be wrong.

  2. I felt like I was thrown directly into the game without any background. So kindly fix it.

  3. Plus I felt it would be nice if you had added a scene with MC’s half-sibling and stepmother before the coronation.

  4. I think first you have to add the part where you manage your castle/estate before meeting the president if another country.

  5. The demo is too short still many more things could be added even before meeting the president of another country.

  6. The stats are good and I didn’t find any bugs.

  7. It would be nice if you could describe your world (Other countries, ruling system etc) in upcoming updates.

  8. There is an error here. I couldn’t really understand the last option. Plus I think the statement above should be ‘You kept thinking about’. Please, correct it.

I know adding everything I said is not possible. But still, these are my suggestion after my first playthrough. Your game has very high potential so looking forward to future updates.


Thank you for your feedback. I will take it into consideration in the next update.

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My idea is that you have few games in modern politics that are not in the Middle Ages, so I think it is better to keep the time setting modern.


I agree with the above comment. I think the modern setting really makes the story unique, and it was what drew my attention in the first place. There are already so many games set in the medieval era and it’s really refreshing to see a story with a different take on the idea of monarchy. It might be a little harder to pull off, but I say if this is the story you want to write then go for it.


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