The creepy house theories. And your creepy house mysteries


I was watching Minx and Krism play Grandma and they discussed a house they found d while house hunting and the circumstances have me fascinated.

  1. The road to the house was the smallest road ever to squeeze a car down.

  2. There were two abandoned cars out front

  3. The previous owner vanished.

  4. There was a annex covered in mold

  5. There was a room you kinda can see into but was bricked off from the inside. With a wardrobe against the door and no other way in.

  6. There was a room with six children’s passports brand new.

  7. There was another room with mold And (possibly) bloodstains.

  8. The house looked abandoned mid renovations including leaving full paint cans.

What do you think happened? And do you have a similar story?


Nope not really if you really dig a house history you will find everything comes inside reality, no supernatural


Not the answer I was looking for was hoping for more a theory on what happened in the house. But I appreciate you posting


Perhaps it was meant for something like jrefory Odom mer a murder house and he got killed in his own trap


Human traffickers tuft war? The passports for children might hint at a family. But 6 children? If they left the new passports behind that meant they must have left early bit anyone with a family that large wouldn’t be able ti run from anything. So my theory is its a hideout for a human trafficking ops, but some rival gang came and busted the place up. It’s plausible.


Old abandoned house in the middle of no where is a great spot for someone who doesn’t want to be disturbed.

6 passports 2 vehicles and blood.

It was either a smuggling operation or a fake passport ring.

( ** highly unlikely unless total newbies were trying this ** )Smuggling operation - the kids being smuggled managed to free themselves from their captors and escaped ( probably by fighting as that would explain blood ) ( they could be immigrants because if they were legal residents then they’ll surely would have requested help from police and police would have dealt with those passports ) but bodies ? Hmm it all depends if the passports were hidden because if they were then the bodies would have been taken care of by the gang and they might forget about the passports

Or a family was hiding from some people, they managed to get hold of 6 passports to get out of country but their pursuers caught up to them, there was some violence and at last they took care of the family ( either took them with them or buried them near the house )

Everything else depends as of which country were the passports, did they had any visa, how old were cars standing there and how old was paint if the cars and paint was of around same time then its just a place where someone decided to do exchange of some kind.
If the paint is older then it could have belonged to the first owner and probably dosent matter much )

That’s all I could come up with this info.