The Consequences of dealing with your local witch

Witches ain’t nothin’ but tricks****
In my game, Of Dungeons and Dragons, you the MC are a monster and the main key concept of the game is to keep your identity a secret or you’ll be killed. The game will be focused on building trust with your party so that hopefully whether you choose to reveal your identity or not they won’t kill you,
Going back to the topic, there are different ways to hide your identity. 1. Use a disguise whether made up of makeup or one of your skills. 2. Use a potion that you made yourself. 3 Use your own magic on yourself. 4. Go to your local forest witch and strike a deal that she will either make a potion or use her magic on you.
For the fourth option, you the MC won’t cost money or your skills or energy. However, you do have to pay the price for the witch.
Unfortunately, that’s where I hit writer’s block, I am unsure as to what could be the setback for making the deal. If anyone has any witch experience or what you want to see from a witch please let me know. Any and all help is great.

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