The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


looks like a cool game wish I had the money to pick it up :slight_smile:


This game sounds like so much fun! I am following this thread with interest. :slight_smile:


If you know history you can try to get a transfer of the units that we’re going to see the most combat. Otherwise you’re gonna have a very uneventful career. Go through your entire Napoleonic career only things seeing the locational skirmishes.


Are you able to like mutant your alien species


I can bet money that we yes we just have to go and swim down at the moment is incredibly complex character creation process, which is a game with itself.


Will there be a chance to split evolution like in the movie The Time Machine? One half the species crazy strong with a love of smashing doors, and the other intellectually developed? But would probably lead to genecide of one or the other… That may be too much…

Will there be any interaction with non-species wildlife? Like increasing intelligence or behavioral conditioning? Give your species a domesticated animal, similar to help early humans domesticated cats and dogs.



Thanks! I hope it works out like I am planning. Heck I can’t wait to play it…:slight_smile:


It depends on a large number of factors the largest of which are your Biology stat and specific equipment onboard the ship. If you have the right equipment you can introduce a virus (or analog) to change the DNA of your race (Thus modifying them). But this can backfire in a few ways if it fails and at least two ways if it succeeds. Modifying your “Tribe” only, or even just specific members to give them better abilities is also on the books, but again there are risks associated with that action. (since this is just a bonus on some actions)


Yes, It seems Chapter 1 has ballooned out into a massive chapter.


Split evolution, No it’s not currently on the plan. The Plan calls for around fifty-ish variables to be tracked for the race, to have spit evolution would mean over a hundred Variables for very little gain, since planning for and making stories for a split Evolution would have to start early on in chapter 5.

This is in the plan. there are several planned events that involve randomly generated wildlife. and I have planned events that include domestication in several categories. Food (like Cows, Chickens, Pigs.), Protection (Dogs), Vermin Control (Cats), and Companion (Cats and/or Dogs). The MC can also suggest this as a solution to some problems.


Brother this is a massive but in comparison to how the race. Can you change depending on different variables, I will make this look like a cakewalk.


A though although we are just starting out with human DNA then adding more traits on is it possible for say a tainted sample to also be thrown in this could lead to wildly unpredictable changes instead of you’re controlled changes while it could still be possible to avoid like you slot the sample in bit the ships AI detects a abnormality in the sample so you change it to a normal one


We are pretty much creating a human hybrid race that supposed to be equipped to handle the machines. I want sauce on the other ships get the spacefaring race together they can handle the machines and then finally we can start colonizing humanity again with the DNA samples. But are good writers hinting that we could end up doing it too well and they’re going to be far more technologically advanced with us after certain point if we actually do it to but are good writers hinting that we could end up doing it too well and they’re going to be far more technologically advanced with us after certain point if we actually do it to well. We’ll go from alien space God to primitive ancestor.


It is your Fate your end result…

The Machines always win. Always.:smirk:



You aren’t using Human DNA to get things started at all. You are using animal DNA and a Randomizer and any alien DNA/RNA/XNA you come across to make your new race. Although some Special Funding sources may offer additional sources as well as restricting some sources. (It’s mostly Cosmetic thou.) The ability to make something Sentient is well understood by the beginning of the Settings time.

Once deployed the ships AI will be the one monitoring life on the planet below. It will seek to encourage mutations that offer benefits (as determined either by the Mission planners or your life selection plan) Once a species and the biosphere gets to a point the AI will “Wake” you up and let you tinker further with the race (making it sentient for one)

I think that was what you were saying. :slight_smile:


There is a few endings I’m working towards

  1. Race Wins partners with humanity to colonize the stars

  2. Race Plus friends win, partner with Humanity to colonize the stars

  3. Race Wins, enslaves all others, including Humanity

  4. Race Wins, Humans are pets.

  5. Race Wins, Revives Humanity as gods.

  6. Race Wins, Prevents Humanity’s rebirth.

  7. Race Loses, Phoenix Project 2.0, Humanity rises elsewhere

  8. Race Loses, but you escape. Humanity rises elsewhere

  9. Race Loses, You and your ship lost. Humanity rises elsewhere

  10. Machines Win… All life gone… No hope… All is lost… so on and so forth…


Kotor, and HK was awsome!


And there is more endings oh my!!


Bow down to the machines


Can you become a machine


Well Technically you ARE a Machine after the ship launches.

An AI copy of the person you were. since even if you gain a new body from cloning or by building an android body the computer retains a copy of your mind (in case something bad happens to your body)


Speaking of the clones are you going to deal with the incredibly at the stench from moment one of them starts running loose with your memory now there is literally two of you and that is a deep philosophical question.


I actually have two scenarios in mind.

The First I call: Going Native.

Essentially you “Wake” up to find your last clone or Android body has decided to leave it all behind and live on the planet, either with your contact or at some remote area.

you then have to make some decisions on how to handle it.

The other I’m calling: God Complex.

and this is where you’re alternate has decided to institute direct rule on the planet. and you find “Yourself” ruling from a temple as a god-king. and this you have to put down.


Hmm…ruling from a temple only see on tiny flaw with “yourself” doing that either it should be yourselves or just me me
Doing the right thing is so hard…:sob: Ok topple the bad me it is


Does going native realize that there are you ? Or both malfunction clones?