The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


Don’t worry about it believe it or not one of benefits of being a story lover is our endless patient’s but is always nice to be informed so thanks for the heads up


That fine it just means it Will one the honest game to come out next year on CoG. This community has hard on for option. how are you going to focus on the commercial career path?


There are Three Academic Paths (basically the three universities.) I intend for all 8 of the sciences listed to have a branch here.

Generally speaking, it will progress from Batchelor’s to Masters, to Doctorate, to Tenure, to “Science” Directorship (which is the highest Academic rank a person can obtain, in my setting, as it is essentially a seat on the “Science Council” that advises the Republic on technological progress and funding of said research.)

the Commercial side will be much more … chaotic… since nearly every level/step up in rank will be interchangeable. generally, the third tier is a form of upper middle management. (Captian of a freighter, or Administrator of a Facility)
There will also be a split for each type into three, Independent (Start their own Company), Corporate (Work for a Mega-Corporation), Public (Work for a Mega-Corperation owned and operated by the Republic). So the MC could even have the chance to build their on “little” business before the end.

Also, the Player can choose to at any time they go back to select a new “job” or to continue their old one, select to Join the Phoenix Project, at which point Chapter 2 starts.


Is it possible to switch between careers?


Yes, you can begin any “Job” that you meet the prerequisites for.

Almost all of the Military positions require you to move up the ranks. (excepting the Science Corps, there you can join at any time provided you have the appropriate science rank)

The same goes for the Academic paths more or less, I MAY include a way to get your Batchelor’s or Masters as part of another career but I’m not certain at this point

The easiest to make the Prerequisites for are the Commercial paths since they only require skill (although the Independent path will require you to start from the beginning, Doesn’t make sense for you to jump careers and suddenly have a 8 year old company to your name.)


Here’s a question for you guys while I’m coding this it would make more sense if I added the If Statements now instead of later.

What’s your opinion, Should I show your Stat Gains as you make your choices?
This makes it perfectly clear what your reward is for whatever section you are doing, but breaks immersion. I know I could simply put a vague line in there about "you’re Personal AI tells you: you knowledge of Science X just got better!"
but I feel like that’s a slap in the face of those who are actively trying to RP (which is what I usually do)

  • Hide the Stats?
  • Player Choice, Show Stats or not?
  • Always Show the Stats?

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I say show the stat gains


Looks like the odds are overwhelmingly to players choice to hide or shoe stats


Can we give our alien race some of the technology we have on our ship


If it will be over such a long period, could we create an autonomous Shipyard from a hollowed-out moon or astroid? Keep it hidden on the inside until your race enters the Space Age, and then gift it to help start fleet creation.

Probably require some Advanced engineering and Robotics skills to accomplish on your own over a long period of time. Construction Force a supply of dumb bots program to follow simple directions


Looks like I have to go back and add a host of if statements. :laughing:


Yes at any time after official contact you can share some technology directly at least that’s the plan.

Also, some Events as you progress through the Ages are based on technology in which case Engineering and Chemistry are likely the two most important if you want to help out your races advancement.

I haven’t written too much detail on what those chapters will entail.



Its quite probable that you can.

However, as a limiting factor, I’m thinking of including Machine Patrols, and Machine Probe as a possible “Interlude” events. It could mean that some actions will carry additional risks during times when the Machines are active in your area of space.

Also because you can select the direction relative to earth and the Galactic Core that you ship heads it may mean greater or lesser chances.


That could be a good way to show us how soon the machines will arrive. More patrol would mean they are closer and a race with the right skills/tools/whatev could last longer before an all out attack.


Here is the Free Mind Map I said I would make of all the “Jobs” in Chapter 1

Wait I Just realized that the Gas minner Job is incomplete I’ll repost tomorrow after I complete it.

you can Download the Freemind File Here


And they all are going to have different stories each one of those jobs ranks are going to have event, how many events is each job level have ? Regardless congratulation on the Herculean feat. Now can you go right into your independent entrepreneur once you do your military term or do you need to work in the private sector longer.


There is going to be four parts, Intro, Event, Risk, and Conclusion.

This is not to say that some “stories” won’t be very similar to each other. Like the Universities can be more or less formula. Yet other will need completely different writeups since their locations have different issues to deal with. For example, ships and stations in orbit of Earth will need armoring comparable to those operating in the Belt, due to thousands of years of “pollution” from Illegal garbage dumping, broken satellites, and other such space depris.


Ok So I have updated the FreeMind map and image in the above post.

but now I’m thinking of slashing around half the paths.

with the introduction of the Independent Enterprise path, Most of the commercial path seems redundant, since they are all replicated within the Independent path anyway.

and From MP down to Shipyard doesn’t seem all that well important, especially since I can add one-off “Jobs” at various levels on the Civilian side to still have the better stories…

the Universities still work in the new plan. as does pilot, Officer and Marine.


One part of me is like noooooo! But I do understand for the sake of your sanity and plus you can always add it later In update :slight_smile:


Well, thats my thought as well.

So my Map will now look more like this

I’m hoping by cutting down on things a bit I can spend more time at each Path and really focus on the story. As much as I like a Strategy RPG, Choicescript isn’t the language to do it in.

So now that those decitions are done I can get back to actual writing agian :slight_smile:

#163[quote=“Nimbian, post:162, topic:22949, full:true”]
Well, thats my thought as well.

So my Map will now look more like this

I’m hoping by cutting down on things a bit I can spend more time at each Path and really focus on the story. As much as I like a Strategy RPG, Choicescript isn’t the language to do it in.

So now that those decitions are done I can get back to actual writing agian :slight_smile:

Legion of honor is a game you can ravage some ideas from a lease for the military career it’s very interesting. Because your card you can end up in different units and depending where the unit is is if they see action but also they have Garrison time in combat time which is something I could come in handy. And I can tell you from being in the military myself there’s times when you’re in Garrison and the next time you’re on deployment. So as a very nice ranking system.