The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


I like the idea as long as it’s done in a smooth way. Like helping someone increase their Rank through your career, or covering up an incident to save someone’s political career. That ways it’s more of a returned favor. Adds a nice addition of messy human politics.

Just afraid of a story of ultimate protagonist, where they control anything and everything. Working in a set story or conditions makes choices that much more meaningfull.

Been a bit since I have posted here. Still sounds like it will be amazing! Whatever you decide will be the best choice.


Can your race kill themselves by world war 3



That’s pretty much what I was thinking

Also the reason I want players to have so much control initially is as they progress in the story they get less and less control over what happens. In the beginning the player is a god among primitives but by the end they may be a primitive compared to them.


Simply yes! :slight_smile:
There is two events where they may trigger a artificial ice age like nuclear winter


So does it have career path borrowing from Traveller you set up. Now you’re making intense with little flavor detail. Also I love the ancient alien God to look down right primitive to are creation.


Thanks! I hope I meet most people’s expectations.


So more out of curiosity what kinds of openings do you guys like?

I have a new plan of mine but I’m curious on what kind of openers you guys like?


Maybe you start when earth is being destroyed but then you flash back about your life for the start



Actually, I like that… a lot might just take it if you’ll give me permission. :slight_smile:


You can take the idea from me I don’t really care


If you use it you just need to give me credit but otherwise I don’t care if you take the idea


Thanks and I planned on giving credit to ever one that posted here.


I can only imagine story time with you at home must be a fantastic endeavor


I do try my best to make things interesting… but only up to a point… I do want them to sleep after all… : smile:


[b]Special Thanks to:[/b]

From the Choice of Games Forums:


Its in the code now… :slight_smile:


I can go on to the next plane existence a little happier now


Haha did not see that until now all i did was give a little advice and my opinions but that thanks

[b]Chapter 1: In the Beginning[/b]

It is written in one of the many holy books of old Earth that a creation deity said "Let there be light" and there was.

You rest inside a computer now, watching as the Sun goes nova, and begins to consume the solar system and Earth along with it.
You watch with some interest as the first wave of radiation washes over the ship, your former body disintegrating as the intense
radiation permeates the ship. Only here protected in the heart of the Gene Vault are you protected, and then only as data.

You turn your attention back to the exterior of the ship. You see the Supernova's energy crackling along the FTL grid surrounding you
and another thousand ships. A Mere six years of preparation for this day. Humanity last hope now rests on you and these ships, and an untested
 FTL drive powered by ....

The Supernova.

A Supernova of Human creation.

*page_break As the Sun's light dims Humanity became like those old gods.....

[i]Whats left of Us[/i] you think bitterly to yourself

All to launch a last ditch effort to stave off extinction.

[i]And today our home is no more. and this time it will never and can never be again.[/i] you think sadly.

Humanity, or Mankind if you include all the Uplifted sub-species, Never knew why the Machines attacked, only that they did, and that they sought out Humans
with a dedication only a computer could match. It was clear they were some sort of Vun Numan Machines, but wither they were Alien in origin or made by a
insane colony of Mankind no one knew.

Trillions and more were dead, a thousand colonies around a thousand suns snuffed out one after another.

Three hundred Years was all it took.

Three hundred years was all it took to reverse two thousand six hundred and twenty two years of space colonization.

For a time we thought we could beat them.

For a time we thought we could save a cluster of stars.

For a time we thought we could hold them.

For a time we thought we could even save Sol.

You were born in that time.

Officaly started… working throu all the variations in character creation now. :slight_smile:


…that opening is hotter Helen of Troy!


Sounds very awesome and thanks for the special thanks


It looks awesome good work


For those who are still following me here. I’ve finished what I thought would be the first half of character creation. Turns out it was more like one fifth probably a lot less. So it’s taking me longer then I anticipated getting the Char Gen portion done.

For the Military paths, I have 54 different “Stories” to write. since each position is slightly different. Each Story contains four parts, Intro, Event, Risk, Conclusion. The Event and Risk portions are particularly heavy on choices.

This means I have to write 216 “Pages” of story for the military’s Carrer Paths.

I have yet to even touch the Civilian paths yet, in terms of planning or in writing.

so Sorry this isn’t much of an Update, other then I’ll hopefully be posting a Freemind Map some times this weekend of the careers so you guys and gals can take a look (and point out the obvious flaws that I somehow missed)