The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


@Vman, I did not think of that, so I’ll make a note for that to be a choice, I was assuming that you’d be using Robotic or Biological tools (puppetry) to fill those rolls… it also means I have to come up with rules for determining the type of religion (if they or you go that way)

Thanks for the Excellent Suggestion


Thanks, I’m a huge fan of the ME universe and games, so having my work compared to them is awesome!. In fact I’ll probably be disappearing in a black hole sometime in March you know near the 21…


Is their a way for you to make a book for the religion you create like a code to live by for your alien species


Any possibility of “holy” relic? Like a plain looking staff to give to an important individual that doubles as a flamethrower



At this point, it’s a possibility since I haven’t finished working on the religion mechanics. (or even started on them at this point), But if I do it will likely have a corruption factor attached, as times change so does the language and interpretation of the book. Hmm might be a good way to impose a race personality early on.


Yes! there is I’ve already had plans for “magic” Items which you can give you race contact I’m calling Items of Power :slight_smile:


Its cool to see that you consider social evolutions too. I saw way too many space civilisation that just end up beind 2D because they represent ideals more than a whole specie.

I was recently really interested into space again and I found out about Methane and ammoniac based worlds and life. I’m not absolutely certain of how exact this article is but its an interesting read.

Mineral based life could be a really interesting thing to explore!



It would be awesome to find some!

and I did briefly consider including them. however, it came down to a very simple issue… I don’t think I would be able to write an interesting and realistic story, that has so many random elements… much like my decision not to include aquatic life, the world would be so different that it would necessitate a completely different set of stories.


My friend this is a random question here but what stops are character from advancing their knowledge and skill to superhuman levels. Since when they’re not monitoring the race they’re going to have a lot of spare time. If you’re going to be existing for 10000 year and you’re going to know about everything of human knowledge and history by the end of it. And then initially with that knowledge you can probably advance that understanding to even tenfold. Literally are character could become a polymath just for the sake of time and then come up with thanks saying Concepts to build and modify their ship or alternative and Humanity in ways the Phoenix project never expected.


While that is certainly possible, they would be limited in many ways, the ship isn’t designed for most large scale experimentations. and while you could possibly equip your ship with the necessary refineries and mining equipment, to build a number of facilities your character would face issues with how to overcome errors. in science today, a scientist doesn’t advance by himself, he makes a paper or an experiment, draws some conclusions and moves on to something else. Little ways down the road someone else picks up his work and makes a connection to another person work and moves a little further. Science moves faster today because communication is reality quick and easy so sharing is relatively quick and easy. Once the MC exhausts what he knows and can learn from the Data stored on the ship, he would only be able to go so far before running into a problem or issue that he can’t see a solution to. and without peer review, any erroneous assumptions wouldn’t get corrected until several centuries down to the road.

Also there is another consideration which I make use of… A person enduring solitude for hundreds of years is going to be taking hits to their sanity. (I have a sanity stat in game)

So while they will have a chance to spend time after the crisis is over, spending too much time out of cryo could lead to insanity. which surprisingly enough won’t end the game since the AI keeps a backup and will wake the back up if the “primary” starts behaving oddly… which means you would “lose” all the stats you worked towards and now have to deal with an insane version of yourslef…


I finally got my random companion code worked out. so I can move forward with Chapter 1 writing and coding. I just thought you would like to see one of the companions that the code kicked up so far.

Companion 3:
Name: Janie Takahashi
Gender: Woman
Race: Neo-canine
Archetype: Robotics
Distance: 1.99ly
Rules Race: Dhowishmi


could we invisited in VR system the buffer the sanity.


Technically there is a VR system in place. Its part of the communication system. And while you may be able to reduce the hits to your sanity you would never be able to completely eliminate it. At least thats my opinion. Because if you started to spend more and more time in the VR than are you really still sane? Or does the VR world become your reality?


Can you create a holy site for your religion


That’s a very good question. and one that will need to be answered… eventually :slight_smile:

The Answer is most likely yes. The issue I’m having is that there have been many excellent suggestions lately so much so it’s calling into question some of my planning.

I initially was going to leave a lot of room for what kind of beliefs your race has, and leave it up to the reader to fill in the blanks with their imagination.

So I’ll mark this down along with your Religious text idea as part of the religion mechanic.

The question would be what kind of bonuses would a Holy site have?


Civil unrest if destroyed and bonus unity/morale/happiness while active?


I think a “trust” penalty is what is needed here since if you as their God had for some reason withdrew your potection. Or because your avatar or “magic” protections failed they would think you were beet by a bigger god.

I think it should provide a bonus to your spying. Since its easier to spy on some one in a prepared position. And to your control since your religion is now centralized.

Also this works within my existing framework so that’s nice


I mean literally you can be completely on active at all with your seed race or you can be coming in like you’re at the blood wrath of God


What are really like to is how the creation of the character throughout the chapters really shows the mundane aspects of your character’s humanity and in their way this Ascension to perspective of Godhood


So I’ve hit a bit of a snag and have to restart my writing.

So while I’m at it. I was thinking of giving the players even more control over the starting situation in the Sol system. by letting them choose during their choices (their jobs and such) which leaders and somewhat what events happen.

What do you think?


Are you certain you wouldnt be overextending yourself? It was already a big project before.


Maybe but I had already decided to store some names a variables anyway so making those variables useful in a way that isn’t just my being lazy while writing would be nice :slight_smile:

I think for the most part it would come down to the leader which ever is selected provides a specific module for free