The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


My body…my soul is ready!!


Ok so update.

Unfortunately I made a mistake some where that I’m still tracking down. When I wrote the new code for adding up your stats it’s missing a step some where and coming up short or adding in a bonus twice. So unless I can find and fix the issue I won’t be posting a link tonight. Hopfuly I can find it tonight.


This indeed sounds like such an interesting story! I cannot wait for it to be finished! I salute you nimbian on daring to create such a novel!


So update time

I’d like to apologize to those waiting for my demo.
I some how managed to contract pneumonia so i havent had the energy to work on it

So again sorry will post again when I’m better


Take your time. Go at your own pace. It just means the demo is up to your standards and that’s a good thing.


Ok Sorry, its taken so long but I’m finally out of the hospital and plan on starting work on the game again in a few days.

It still feels like I’m drowning when I lay down, but I can move around without pain now, we’ll see how it goes.

I hope you guys are all doing well and thanks for the support.


We miss your passion brother!!


Don’t worry about it! You were literally in the hospital. Take your time, get better, if you get flashes of inspiration maybe jot down a note or too.
Hydrate, rest, and eat some chicken noodle soup or a chicken burrito…which is my sick food (weird right?)


Let’s hope you’re feeling much better soon! This game has great potential. I can’t wait!


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