The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


Sweet, bit embarrassed at reading the entire thread and missing that mention. Anyway yah, that’s awesome. So for communications with other seed ships, will there be any sort of coordination or resource or knowledge sharing?
I’m thinking some sort of military unity, although two races meeting each other may be…problematic. Though I’d be interested to see if two engineered races ever meet each other


There will be Knowledge sharing, as mentioned each other Seed ship captain will have a template that determines their skill set as well as a template for their personality. so they can offer or ask for help dealing with specific issues. I’m going to be tracking this as it will come into play in the last three chapters when your race is in space and meets their “cousins”

However, resource sharing will be very limited, since humanity doesn’t have what you’d call a practical FTL drive, merely a functional one. :slight_smile:. so any “Trade” between systems would take decades or more, besides which there is the ever present threat of the Machines picking up traces of them (if they are even still looking) and sending ships to check it out. So you’d probably not risk it unless your need is dire, but not urgent.

I think I have a list of victory and loss scenarios, But your races conquering all the others was on it. as well as it getting killed or conquered by another race engineered or not.


So how has a change from the convoluted life path system. Your car still has a career until they randomly get recruited into the Phoenix project or when the war breaks out. And if we are on a military path how much will conflict affect us.


You still have a Career until you get recruited:slight_smile:
On the military side, it’s more about preparedness.
You get more opportunities to develop your combat skills and gain specialties then you get Science or Social skills.
While as an independent you get more opportunities to develop your social skills over your Science or Combat skills.
Or you can go to school and get a doctorate or masters (at this point I’m thinking getting a specialty gives you a +1 in the base skill too. so going to school for a Doctorate in Geology gives you a +1 Physics or +1 Chemistry depending on the school as well as the specialty, Geology.) But this take a year or more to do… so if you only have say 10 years… spending 5 years in school to boost your science stats and get all the specialties (provided you graduate) means you only have 5 years more before the Machines show up.


I’m going to make General in 10 years damn!!


So the martial skills are divided into 3 categories with subcategories as well?


Yes it follows the same format as the science now. But more changes are in the work

For the Sciences
Physics has high energy physics , quantum physics, orbital physics

Chemistry has geology, biochemistry, catalyst chemistry.

Biology has genetics, macro biology, micro biology

For combat there are
Offence skill has ranged, melee, shipboard

Defense skill has mobility, armor, stealth

Awareness has tactics, stratagy, history

For social skills
Charm has fast talk, debate, reason

Intimate has beaker, show of force,( needs one more?)

Observe has perception, intuition, logic

A new category
Technical skills.
Computer has programming. Hacking. Hardware

Pilot, atmospheric, orbitals, capital class

R&D, research, development, engineering


Sounds awesome 20 words


A small Update

I needed to choose a date for the machines Arrival in the Sol system.

Therefor I have chosen the day August 20, 5480 as the Offical date of arrival (this will be modified by a number -6 to 6 Months)

Why I chose this date? because of the Battle of Thermopylae
I thought it would be approprate :slight_smile:


Here is a question for you guys

I’ve been writing the code in any way for testing but would you as a player like to have access to the many variables that make up the “Random” elements of the game? For example, the range in which the Arrival happens is currently 6 would you like to be able to change that at the start of the game? by Default, it starts hidden, but I’ve made it so you can see what it is through the testing center page.

Also, I’m incorporating a Hints system for Chapter 1 and maybe more that you can turn off in the testing center, this is intended mostly for those people who want to help me debug. I currently plan on leaving the Option in for the final product.


I say leaving in there robs some of the mystery of the game


Then, Hidden, it stays. :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on the first part of my character gen. which is the part before you are an adult.

Chapter one starts when you finish building your childhood. The following is a list of all the things you take care of before you enter the “Workforce”

This sets up when you start you are 21 at the start so haveing an earlier birthdate means more turns.

If you look at my list you get to chose your gender a second time before the end. This is my way of dealing with the transgender issue in what I consider a realistic fashion, you can be born one gender and then even before the game starts become another, or even just chose different pronouns, it’s my nod to the LGBT community.

Much like your birth Gender above you can choose a new name before you officially become an “Adult” this is more of a nod towards what I believe will become the norm in the future. I would rather be known by my online tag then my given name most days.

PlanetOrigin <===== Currently where I am at.
There are Eight worlds which you can be from in the setting, each gives a unique family and area origin as well as 4 “Skill points” one in each of the four skill groups above. except for Saturn which has all three sciences and R&D. This is age 0 - 12

This is where you chose your family structure, multi-parent, two parents, one parent, no parent. it gets chosen here, along with what profession they held by your birth location.

This is if the planet/system in question has more than areas you could be from. Mercury has only one since there is the only Habitat there, but Earth will have multiple as will places like Mars and Jupiter.

This is what kind of school you went to, and will provide 3 points spread out in a single skill group, Science School, Boot Prep School, Social School, or Technical School. this is mainly age 12 to 16

This is what Training battalion you signed up for or was signed up for when you finished school, this is age 16 to 2. there are many types of Battalions that basically fulfill specific low ranking jobs, like Motercore, means traveling around the solar system supplying stations and other ships, while Science Support, is more about doing grunt work out at the Saturn Labs, or closer to home. Each Battalion will give you 6 skill points in the appropriate skills, and the Specialization you start with. Each Battalion will also have entrance skill requirements.

The Training Event is the Biggest event that happened while part of the Training Battalion. generally, you get a single skill boost of two to one skill or a specialization as a reward. It will also be the first pass/fail check in the game.

Much like it sound like you are given the option of changing your name in accordance with Sol Republic law.

Much like it sound like you are given the option of changing your gender in accordance with Sol Republic law.


I like it alot my friend it’s quite fantastic!!


sounds super good (20 words)


Ok so update I was going to post a link to a bare bones of chapter 1 when I realised I made a coding error that would allow you to get infinite stats by going back and changing your background so if not tomarow hopefully ill have it up some time this weekend.


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Ok just finished pulling out the Old code that was causing my issue, put in the new subroutine that builds your stats based on different origin codes, and heading for testing tonight. doesn’t look like I’ll be posting the link tomorrow as planned. so look here on Sunday, either I’ll update on my progress or there will be a shiny blue clickable link for you guys.

And I Really want it to be a clickable blue link… :slight_smile:


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