The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


I like it so could you still hypothetically become a general of space marine :grinning:


I didn’t read through all of the comments and posts for this but from the handful I read it’s a very interesting concept, I like it and am very eagerly awaiting the demo. That said don’t rush it or put undue stress on yourself on my account.


Thanks I am slowly working on this as time permits so hopefully I’ll have more the an outline to show soon


A Bit of a clarification since I’ve been asked a number of questions about how the new chapter 1 will work.

The Various paths listed above will be present as “unlockable” stories. Each story will have certain requirements to start, things like location, resources, and sometimes whether or not something else has happened. (like other parts of the Story). the MC now has a lot more choice. you can take your company (if you go independent) and do more then just follow one path.

You can go and be a gas miner for a while before settling in building ships, and then get recruited.
just as easily you can start building ships for a while before settling in as a gas miner.
just as easily you can start a gas miner and go into “solar” farming.

Your end resources will be used for your ship. Sometimes the connection will be obvious, like an Astroid miner having already found the perfect “Rock” to use for his/her ship, while others won’t be, like gas mining leading to the development of a new battery… or something…:slight_smile:

I’m planning for each story should take about 12 turns (including any travel time) to work through.
But because of this, you can work part way through a story then start a new story before coming back and finishing both.

The Recruitment event happens after 36 months because someone thinks you are special and qualified as a seed ship captain. Another one will happen when you reach tier five of any of the stories (there are six tiers), and one will happen anytime you directly aid the Phoenix Project. There are other conditions but all are rejectable. there will also be one where you find out about the Project but they do not know it. at this point you can approach them at any time and ask to join.


Could you give us an example of the career path of a character? Also a character can jump around depending on her stats in their careers


Looks like you are making a Mass Effect rip off lol.


Need I remind you what mass effect is? Mass effect is not a game about creating aliens or anything really no you are saving them by gathering them or were you unable to complete the game and unable to find out if so you are forgiven…


Just because it’s in the science fiction genre. Does Mass Effect have a lifepath character creation process is it about saving Humanity bybecoming a de facto God? I’m side topic how old are you? Because this is an incredibly rude comment


No, it’s not a Mass Effect rip off, although it does share some themes with the games. Ancient machines bent on the apparent destruction of all life.

Civil Evolution is about creating new life to defend the old. its scope is measured in thousands of years and sees you give birth to an entire civilization.

Mass Effect is about the victory and importance of accepting the differences of others and fighting those that world end that. In the Mass Effect Trilogy, the Reapers were Harvesting all Races, turning them into more reapers. In Mass Effect Andromeda, the Kett more or less do the same.

Now that said I actually view the comment by Kurvo as a compliment. the Mass Effect series is highly successful and has much to recommend it. to Say that my work even comes close to the work of a corporation of hundreds, and one of the best RPG game companies around, is amazing.

So Thank you!


It feels way different from mass effect and that’s a good thing. It shouldn’t be too similar otherwise it’s like playing the same game and I want to play your game, the game you made that’s different from mass effect but is just so happens to be similar in the case of it being set in the future.


Why is everyone being such mean to me? I just like Mass Effect and this game is a good game…


Really? You can’t work it out here Nimbian is creating a godly game of epic proportions and you come along and say its a mass effect rip off!! And now you want to play the victim card


Kurvo my friend it come off like you are trolling when say it a ME rip off because that comment enough itself has a lot of negative implications.


So update time.

I’ve made a lot of progress in the form of an outline for the first 4 chapters or as I’m calling them the Human chapters.

However I realized that my current skill system won’t work in terms of making the story flow. For example if I have 8 skills for science then I need to use at least 4 in any given choice that used the science skills. So instead I thought about reducing the number of skills. And focusing more on the “approaches” to solving a problem rather then the solutions to said problems meeting an arbitrary number of skills.

Now there are three science skills. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In place of the other sciences are specialities. Geology for example is available after you gain a number of ranks in physics or chemistry. Once unlocked you then gain access to the associated responses. This is more or less all it does (currently) also most responces will be acessessable if you have high enough in the base skill.

I also plan to apply this to both the Martial skills and to social skills. I think having only 9 skills vs the 20 or so I had is going to make the game more interesting while making it easier to write and code on my end


You could simplify it down to I don’t know, molelecular sciences (call them biology and chemistry) and maybe physical sciences? (Biology physics etc) or applicable, theoretical, and mechanical
Applicable could be biology and chemistry, mechanics would be engineering, robotics, and computing, and theoretical could be geology, physics, etc. I get those aren’t accurate terms describing those fields, but you get the idea.


Actually, that’s why I’m using just Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

When I was in High School those were the three Science classes Available and any other science (Specialties) can fall under one of those as a specialty.

Geology? Physics and Chemistry

Bio-Chem? Chemistry and Biology

Kinesiology? Biology And Physics

The Different Fields will be Specialities that you can get things like Degrees and masters in. Like a Masters in Robotics, or a PHD in Geology.

also, the Specialties are what determine what responses you have access to while the base Science skill (Physics, Chemistry or Biology) determines the success (if there is a Roll) since there is a random factor.

Specialties also determine what modules you can use on your ship, once you start building it.


Oh, nice something like the class system in Daria then? But with specific degrees?


lol Currently Working on them actually

But current Science specialties are
Geology, Macro-Robotics, Engineering, Genetics, Nano-Robotics, Bio-Chemistry, High-Energy Physics, Quantum Theory, Astro-Engineering. AI-edititing, Computer Science.

Martial Skills are:
Personal Combat, Specialties are Gun, Sword, Martial Arts.
Armor Tech, Specialties are Light, Heavy, Powered.
Awareness. Specialties are Stealth, Strategy, Tactics, History.

Social Skills are:
Charm, Specialties are Fast Talk, (interested in suggestions here? :slight_smile: )
Intimidation, Specialties are ? (None interested in suggestions here? :slight_smile: )
Observation, Specialties are Intuition, Memory, Good Listener.


I would add linguistic studies, and some sort of sociology. Mostly because your interacting with an entire culture and when they create language it probably won’t be English. Also, being able to pick up on worrying trends in the Race’s culture or history would be a valuable skill. Imagine if when the Human race was developing some random space alien systematically eliminated slavery. That would have been awesome.
Funnily enough, I would also add drama or theatre. I mean being a fake prophet or god or something would probably require some theatrics. Depending on if you just talk with just the one contact for an entire planets worth of sentients


lol Actually they are in already
Xeno-Sociology and Xeno-Biology are the two skills you get that REPLACE your social skills (but not the specialties) and Combat skills. Its kinda buried near the top there, but I’ve already mentioned that the skills are going to be useless for interacting with the population of your new world since every thing we know may not apply so you will have to relearn how to interact with them.

Xeno-Biology replaces the Combat skill because of its the specific study of their anatomy, biological needs and how on a biological level they interact with the world around them. Shooting them in the Chest does nothing when their Heart anoluge is actually located in their knees.

Xeno-Sociology is the study of their Society and Language and how they have changed. It would let you know how you could “Fast Talk” them if you had the specialty.

Also mentioned above, there will be an AI on board your ship that is responsible for monitoring the race below, and waking you up to deal with the issues that happen (since you will sleep through the “Boring” parts), it will keep track of changes in language and such to make sure you are up to date. But by design is not smart enough to make any decisions about what to do.