The Civil Evolution (Title and Game WIP)


Dude its fine bro :smile:


I never had the heart to finish the first mass of efffect. I should just suck it up and do it one of these days that’s going to be my summer mission I will beat all of them.


Based on the information you have given, is it feasible for me to play as a cybernetic master strategist who utilizes AI in combat? This may sound silly but I always play as the brain’s rather then the brawn.


I do the same thing, I don’t think it’s that strange :grinning:


Short answer yep!

It’s in the plan since you will start every scenario as the strategist. it will be your choice when and if your decide to intervene and also how you intervene,


Just wondering, is this book still alive?


Yes I’m still here actually working on chapter 4 right now… :laughing:


Great, can’t wait for the demo.


So an update.

I was struggling while working in chapter 1 because so many of the variables were “empty” because they primary connect to actions in chapters 3 and 4.

So I’m I decided to skip ahead to chapter 4 and start working backwards for a bit so I can lock down my mechanics. I worked in a small testing station into chapter one so when I finish all the mechanics I can jump around and test them.

I’m also contemplating a some what major rewrite of chapter 1.

I’m not happy with they way it starts. Or how you make the choices about your MC. More on this when I get home… :laughing:


So what I’m thinking for chapter one, is instead of the MC/player knowing that the world is going to end at the start of the chapter. I think having a slower build up to it would make more sense. Also, one friend pointed out to me that having close to a thousand independent “actors” be more of less conscripted and then expect them to keep a secret for a few years… would be more or less impossible no matter what incentives they used.

The New beginning sees a slower build up as you go through childhood and enter the workforce (as an independent corporation). The Earth Government lets everyone know that the Machines are coming but informs them that the Fleet is up to the challange, (its not) and that the Solar Laser Project will go through to add a solar system sized laser to humanities arsenal (Its not, its the Sun destroying Hyperdrive catapult) after the second round of the Job scenario plays out you start seeing a recruitment offer to join the seed ship project. (Join early get a larger asteroid to work with, for longer, but less overall resources and connections to make it work, you have options to improve your skills, but “work” will net better skill rewards then working on the seed ships early)

The Arrival of the machines will be random with a plus or minus 1 year to six months from the predicted date. (they might even arrive on time too… :slight_smile: )

I think this solves a lot of my lingering issues of old vs young and lets the player/MC explore the world a bit more. Leaving it more as a shock when the Sun goes nova to send off these seed ships.


Sounds great 20 words


Job scenario and Path are still there :slight_smile:


Yes, they Are, as I previously indicated I’ve dropped most of the paths in favor of the “independent” path.

Actually, I’m writing in a scenario around tier three of all the paths where you actually help with the construction of the seed ships or Hyperspace Catapult, you won’t find out until later that you helped the Project out.

at the end of each tier, you’ll get a chance to join the project. Earlier adopters get a better chance of a larger ship (Astroid) and can spend more time directly preparing for the mission (like building modules). Middle adopters still have a chance for the largest sized asteroid, and they will have more side income to work on their ship. but time is becoming a factor. Late Adopters have next to no chance for the largest sized ship, but they have the best side income and skills for the best modules, but they only have a year maybe two before the machines show, some modules may be incomplete.

Planet origins are family are still important and are in the game.

As are the special interests groups to get the better gear.

The Date of the arrival of the machines is random and unknown by the player. you’ll get a one-year warning when they are incoming since the government can’t hide their preparations. And can join the project then if you’re aware of it. if not you enter the “Making the last Stand” Scenario, I’m writing in “making a last stand” if you miss the last recruitment message (which will happen at the T-2 year mark) Survival is impossible but it makes for a good “Failure Story”

Scenario resolution will, for the most part, be handled as segments of months. so at the one year mark, you have 12 actions left.


So longer all different career paths like one before? Aww or are still possible The random warning of the machines


I like the concept, when could we potentially expect a beta test (preferably open).


Hey if you allready have a demo can you send me a pm so I can access it, since the braillenote touch can’t get through all of those posts and that.


Same here, I would love to see a demo soon for it’s a really good idea.


Lol good to see there is still a lot of interest here. I don’t have a date because my kids take up lot of my spare time when work doesn’t call me in but I’ve been able to set aside at least an hour a day to work on this project.

Usually turns into 3h or 4h if I’m having problems sleeping… :laughing:


Hey take your time. No rush. Get it out when you feel ready. I might not comment here offen(or at all lately) but it’s still a very interesting idea. Keep doing what you’re doing.


So a Light update.

I was looking for my paper notes for the Civil Evolution since most of my digital notes were on my phone. and I came across another project of mine, an X-com Like boardgame, so I’ve started working on that again, I may even turn it into a Choice script game depending on where my interests take me.

I’ve also been asked to make a Character Generator for the Pen and Paper RPG Fading Suns, by Holistic Design. I’m using Choice Script to help teach myself how to do complicated scripts, I may post it here if It works out.

Last, I’ve decided to make some more changes to chapter one, Going with what I already posted.

The Machine invasion Arrival date will be random as previously stated. But the start date will be chose-able. more in the Vein of Easy Medium and Hard. you can choose any year between the Easy (that is the earliest year) to the Hardest (that is the latest year, only five years before the invasion give or take six months) or having a random starting year.

Each year is divided into 12 turns each, so at Hard, you have between just 66 to 54 months before the Invasion. with a Min of 36 months before your recruitment. At Hard, it is possible to fail to be recruited, and even if you are recruited its possible your ship isn’t ready when they arrive.

At Easy you will have around 186 to 174 turns before the Invasion.
At Medium you should have around 126 to 114 turns before the Invasion.

What is a Turn you ask?
Its a Month, and everything you can do in a month at least Gamewise. Travel from Area to Area will require a Month, so from the Inner System to the Jovian system takes a month. This is also true if you go from the Saturn System to the Inner System or Jovian system. Its somewhat arbitrary I know, but it makes for a good average should we be using things like Fusion drives and EM Drives to get around the system. Things you do in each area can (and will) trigger events that will require some problem solving, to fix. The Early game will acknowledge that the Machines are coming but propaganda will dismiss the threat. so the Main thrust of Chapter one is making a successful business in your chosen field(s). This will serve as a platform to help you build up your ship and unlocking some technologies and modules for your ship. Also, at least two events are of a political nature (Elections) and who gets elected makes a big
difference on the funding you get for your ship and the access to certain modules.